Girls soccer 0-2 in Juneau

Crist Carlson
Staff Writer

The Kayhi girls soccer team (0-4-1) fell 3-1 Friday night to Thunder Mountain and 8-0 to JD Saturday. The Lady Kings struggled to keep the ball off their side of the field this weekend. Senior Aleks Bolshakoff is very proud of how teammate goalie Ezrie Anderson performed this weekend.
“Ezrie was definitely the MVP in both of our games,” said Bolshakoff. “We would have lost by a lot more if it wasn’t for her amazing goalie work. She was taking so many shots right after each other and it really showed her athleticism.”

Kings fall to Juneau

Crist Carlson
Staff Writer

The Kayhi boys soccer team (0-5-1) lost 2-1 to Thunder Mountain on Friday and 2-1 to Juneau-Douglas on Saturday. Even though the boys were unable to win in Juneau they felt like they worked better as a team this weekend then they have all year.
Senior defender Jake Taylor said the competition was close in Juneau.
“The games were so close and intense,” said Taylor. “We were going as hard as we could setting up plays and opportunities but JD and Thunder Mountain were answering right back every time.”
The boys will head back to Juneau on Monday to play both teams again in hope to return victorious over JD and Thunder Mountain.

Kings sweep Petersburg at first home stand

Kayhi swept Petersburg this weekend at home, bringing their overall record to 8-2-2. “This weekend was a good way to kick off our conference schedule,” Senior Wyatt Barajas said. “We got the opportunity to show what we can do in front of our home crowd.”

Game 1
Kayhi pitcher Wyatt Barajas pitched a seven innings complete game shutout, with 15 strikeouts. The Kings took the lead 2-0 early, and then doubled their lead to 4-0 on a Cody Kemble 2 RBI double. Kayhi scored a few more runs late, pushing their lead to 7-0, and won.
Game 2
Kings starting pitcher Cody Kemble tossed a five inning complete game, giving up four hits and striking out 11. Petersburg’s Thomas Durkin took Kemble deep to right field in the first inning to give Petersburg a 1-0 lead. RBIs by Gavin Salazar and Wyatt Barajas in the third inning took the lead for Kayhi, 2-1. Kayhi then scored five in the fourth inning, and pushed across four more in the fifth to end the game due to the 10 run rule.
Game 3
Kayhi exploded for 16 runs in the first inning on 10 hits. Petersburg scored two runs in the third but Kayhi scored three more, pushing their lead to 19-2. The game was called after 3 ½ innings due to the 15 run rule.  

Lady kings 1-1 in conference

Cody Kemble
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings went 2-1 against the defending state champions, Thunder Mountain, this weekend. Kayhi won the first game 10-5, lost the second 11-7, and won the final game 7-4.

Game 1

In the first inning Kayloni Bermudez lined a bases clearing double to take a 3-0 lead. Kiara Hodges hit an infield single in the second to push the Kayhi lead to 4-0. After three innings Kayhi lead the Falcons 8-3, and tacked one more run on in the fourth. Kayhi held on and won 10-5.

K. Hodges- 1-4
E. Rauwolf- 1-3, RBI
M. Parker- 0-1
J. Miller- 0-4
G. Clark- 0-2
J. Schultz- 1-3
L. Guevarra- 1-3
K. Bermudez- 3-4, 6 RBI
D.Borer- 2-3

Game 2

Thunder Mountain jumped out to a quick 1-0 lead to start the game. Kayhi responded with a run of their own in the second, but the Falcons scored again making it 2-1. In the bottom the the fourth Kayhi tied things up, but in the top of the fifth Thunder Mountain took the lead, 5-3. The Falcons put up 5 more runs in the sixth and another in the seventh. Kayhi rallied in the bottom of the seventh, plating four runs, but fell short, losing 11-7.

K. Hodges- 1-3, RB
E. Rauwolf- 0-2
B. Gentry- 0-3
J. Miller- 1-4
H. Moody- 1-2
G. Clark- 1-2, 2 RB
J. Schultz- 3-4
L.Guevarra- 0-2
K. Bermudez- 1-4, RBI
D. Borer- 1-2, RBI

Game 3

Kayhi got the scoring going in the first inning with three runs, and scored another three runs in the second to take a 6-0 lead. In the fourth, they added another run the their lead bringing the score to 7-0. After five innings the Thunder Mountain pulled closer 7-4, but Kayhi held on and won by that score.

K. Hodges- 1-4
E. Rauwolf- 0-3
B. Gentry- 3-4, 2RBI
J. Miller- 1-2
M. Parker- 0-1, BB
H. Moody- 0-1
G. Clark- 0-1
J. Schultz- 2-4, 2RBI
L- Guevarra- 0-1
K. Bermudez- 0-1

Staff Pick

What’s your favorite sign of spring?

Alex Malouf: My favorite sign of spring is the extended daylight. Spring is a good time for me to get caught up with winter projects that never got finished such as boat maintenance, and the extra daylight and improved weather provides some much needed motivation.

Cristopher Carlson:My favorite sign of spring is Easter. Spring doesnt really hit me until I start seeing random bunny and egg decorations around my house that my mom has put up. My family has always kept the same Easter traditions since I was little so thats how I recoginze that spring is finally here.

Micah Britt: My favorite sign of spring is the sun. When it’s bright outside in the morning, the birds are chirping, and there’s a light mist over the grass and trees, this is how I know it is spring. During the winter months it’s harder to get up and go to school, but when I wake up by a ray of sun peeking in through my window I tend to want to get up and go do things.

Jonathan Barron:There is one thing that sets spring different from the other seasons: the positive change in daylight hours. For me, I know spring’s arrived when my 6:30 a.m. alarm shudders me to the sight of sunshine beaming through the windows. In the winter, the lack of sun takes a toll on my mood whereas with the new abundance of natural light causes me to wake up immediately in a brighter mood and ready for the day. This new positive attitude only gets stronger as I peak at the budding trees and mostly sunny skies. Although the cold has only started to suppress, stepping into the fourty degree morning is rather refreshing, much different from winters’ horrid chilly thirty degrees.

Weekend Sports Previews

The first regular season games start off against Thunder Mountain High School. Tonight
JV plays at 3 p.m and varsity plays at 6 p.m. (conference). Lady Kings varsity also plays Saturday at 3 p.m. (conference) and 6 p.m. (non-conference).
Sophomore Dyllan Borer believes they have enough confidence to take the win, but they just need to mentally prepare.
“Im looking forward to see how we play at home and as a team. The hardest thing for us is going to be our mental game,” said Borer. “We have to have confidence in ourselves that we can hit off strong pitchers. We can do it, we just have to wrap our head around it sometimes.”


Track and Field will host their first home meet this weekend. Coming off a strong performance in two Washington meets, the Kings are eager to get after it again. Senior Cristopher Carlson expects the boys to win again after winning the Stevenson meet in Washington. “I think we are going to win,” said Carlson. “The boys are just really strong again this year.”
Carlson also gives high praise to rookie Ivan Credito who competed well in his first two meets.  “He is destroying his events in his first year,” said Carlson. “You can ask him to run any race and he will get top 3 easily.”

Last year stats
Thunder Mountain (145.5)
Ketchikan (101)
Sitka (100)

Thunder Mountain (186)
Petersburg (140)
Juneau Douglas (86)
Ketchikan (37)

Boys soccer tied 1-1 against Homer last night and will play Juneau Douglas and Thunder Mountain over the weekend. After the Kings rough start (0-3), they are hopeful to turn their season around. Junior Sullivan Schulz said they are making adjustments to become more competitive.
“We have changed our lineup a little bit, and will continue to move things to make the team better,” said Schulz. ““We have started to realize that we need to take more opportunities when we have them, so our offense has started to take more shots.”

Kayhi varsity baseball will face Petersburg varsity and JV will face Sitka JV Friday and Saturday. Games will be held at Norman Walker Field.
Game Times
Friday- JV @4:00 p.m., Varsity @7:00 p.m.
Saturday- JV @9:00 p.m. and 12:00 p.m., Varsity @4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Girls Face Homer, then to juneau

Crist Carlson
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings soccer team plays Homer on Thursday at 5:15 p.m. at Esther Shea Field. This will be the 3rd time Kayhi has faced off against Homer in the past two years (2-0) and is hoping to further that streak. Senior Jessilynn Sivertsen is excited to play Homer and is feeling confident that they can perform well before heading to Juneau.

“We have a good chance of beating Homer,” said Sivertsen. “The team has been improving and executing the past week. This game will warm us up for this weekend.”

The Lady Kings will be leaving Friday morning after the game to travel to Juneau where they will play both JD and Thunder Mountain. This will be the first game against Thunder Mountain this year and the second series against JD, Kayhi is 0-2 against JD.

Senior Captain Olivia Kinunen spoke on how the team has refined their skills since their last game against JD. “We have definitely grown as a team after seeing the way that we competed with JD at home,” said Kinunen. “So I’m hoping it helps our confidence when we compete in Juneau.”

Kinunen also talked about their chances of beating Thunder Mountain while in Juneau.

“We definitely have a better chance against Thunder Mountain, we are all excited to play them. When we play JD we play defense the whole game so we are looking forward to getting some action on offense going forward against Thunder Mountain.”

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