Weekend Sports Preview

CC to Regionals
Spots at the state cross country meet are at stake this weekend at the Region V meet in Juneau.
The Kings’ best chances to qualify for state are freshman Mickey Lapinski and sophomore Morgan Elerding.
Lapinski finished 6th among 4A runners (12th overall) last week and will try to crack the top 10 and qualify for state. Lapinski said he is going to develop a game plan to put himself in the best position to have a strong race.“I’m going to learn the Juneau course to know how to pace myself,” said Lapinski.
Elerding finished 9th among the 4A runners last week and will try to keep her spot there to qualify.
“I need to stay with the three JD girls and hope to out sprint them at the end,” said Elerding. “They’re all 10 seconds within my time.”  

Football to Barrow
Kayhi Kings football (4-1) will travel 1,300 miles north to take on the Barrow Whalers (3-3) Saturday in their last away game of the regular season. The Kings are coming off a victory at Homer 48-12, and have averaged 51.6 points this season, while the Whalers have an average of 18.8 points.
Senior Tarrant Sasser said he is excited for this weekend’s trip up to the North slope.
“Our defense has been doing great forcing punts,” said Sasser. “And they have been putting the offense in great positions.”

Volleyball to Prince of Wales
The Kayhi girls volleyball team (1-7) will play the Craig Panthers Friday and Saturday with C team starting at 4:30 p.m. both nights.

Teachers change it up

Photo by Jared Valentine

Jared Valentine
Staff Writer

Unbeknownst to students, teachers change up their regular teaching habits yearly in order to make learning easier. All of them, however, take different approaches. High school science teacher Julie Landwehr incorporated exercises from her reading list.
“This past summer I read a book called Factfullness by Hans Rosling,” said Landwehr. “It’s about our pitfalls as humans in actually understanding the actuality of what’s going on around us and the instinctual obstacles we have to seeing facts.”
Every Friday this school year Mrs. Landwehr is creating scenarios that represent one of the ten things that we struggle with as humans. After completing the scenarios, she and the class have a discussion about what they learned.
“My goal is to have people be mindful of how they are thinking about data and facts for science,” said Landwehr.
She believes that the importance of switching things up lies in engaging the ones learning.
“It is really important for what I present to be interesting because it really is hard to be motivated if you’re not interested in what you are learning,” Landwehr said. “I plan on changing things every year.”
High school English teacher Rebecca Bowlen had her own literal take on exercise when she stumbled across a pop up on her Facebook page. Her plan was to incorporate physical exercise into regular activities to improve performance.
“My idea to make things more interesting and change things up is based on something I saw this past spring on an education website called Fitlit,” said Bowlen. “I want to incorporate that into English 1 by adding some type of physical activity into it.”
Over the last three weeks, she has yet to receive negative feedback.
“We’ve done a few practices like a hike outside when we had some reflective writing. We stopped in various spots to talk about where we are and do some writing before going to on our next little spot,” said Bowlen.
History teacher Michael Cron had his own slower approach to spicing things up in the classroom. He only changes things up as necessary to adapt to his classes.
“I like to wait and see before I make adjustments,” said Cron. “Each class is a little bit different, I have to get to know the class first before I decide what adjustments I’m going to make. Some classes need more energy and others not so much- they get hyperactive and stop paying attention. As a teacher, you always have to ask yourself, are the students actually learning. If they aren’t learning you have to do something until they do.”
As for the reasoning behind this Cron believes that it is the only way to be an effective teacher.
“It’s important because learning and education at its core is a social act, it’s something that happens between people. It’s why a physical teacher in the room is still way more effective than a computer,” Cron said. “you need to make these adjustments based on how people are responding, sometimes that means you need to spice things up but other times that means that people need more structure even if they don’t want it.”


National Peace Day

Photo by Sarah Campbell

Madison Rose
Staff Writer

How can one make the world a more peaceful place? How about starting by promoting National Peace Day. Imagine a place of no violence and troubling disputes between one another. A utopia of safety, kindness and love. It is great to think of such a wonderful place, but as humans we are not perfect. Does that make peace an impossible thing to acquire? I believe peace can be attained through a single person, with a simple act.
Here are three things anyone can do to help.
1. Be nice. (Seems pretty self explanatory that peace and kindness accompany each other, which is exactly why people should be.)
2. Spread the love. (Exposing others to being treated with grace and love is part of creating peace)
3. Give. (Giving is a representation and example of how to show peace.)
Everyone is aware and understands what peace can do for society. But now it’s time to take charge and put peace into action. Being friendly is an easy task and requires minimal amount of effort. Even if you’re not feeling your best, it’s important to remain considerate of others. Often times we become absorbed in our own problems and forget how our behavior can cause a ripple effect. Bad events and negative things can be a drop of poison, destroying all things beautiful. But, an act of kindness or an example of peace, can restore good and maybe create something that wasn’t there before.
I have seen the impact that peace can do and hope it continues to grow throughout the world. Peace can be applied to any situation, whether its investing in the world or to your inner self, it can make a more positive and happier atmosphere.
Honoring Sept. 21 as National Peace Day was the first step the United Nations took in realizing the need for peace. But why have just one day when everyday can be peace day. This is how you spread the love and get the message across to others. Softening your hearts towards one another and doing good deeds will not only create a better world, but also a more superior life of living. This is why people should part take in Peace Day. In attempt to motivate others and find refuge.
Peace can be described as many things, one of which “giving” plays a big role in. For instance; Instead of thinking about your next shopping spree for the latest fashion, perhaps save that money for a cause or donation. Same thing goes when it comes to spending your free time. Maybe instead of watching the news about dramatic events that drain you, direct your attention to healthy living and ways you can enhance your life. If you’re a very enthusiastic (outgoing)  person, I highly suggest investing your energy towards acts of peace. Point being that giving doesn’t have to be something extravagant, and it can easily be applied to your lifestyle. It’s the impact that giving has to offer and how it’s a step towards making a difference.
People go wherever the light goes, and if one person stands then soon others will follow seeking to reach the light. If people can come as one and express gestures of tranquility, then to me the world will build its way into a better place.


Kings for Peace


Peace Week will conclude on Friday (International Peace Day) with an assembly from 1:10 p.m. to 1:58 p.m. in the auditorium.  

Kayhi English teacher Mrs. Sarah Campbell spearheaded the week, organizing many activities – including Wear White for Peace Wednesday and Fold a Crane for Peace Friday. National Honor Society is also sponsoring the events.

The assembly will include a performance from the Kayhi Jazz Choir, a speech from Ketchikan Borough Assembly member, Felix Wong, and other speeches about peace.  


Summer Jobs in Ketchikan

Jon Barron
Staff Writer

With Summer now ending and school beginning, high school students are ending their summer jobs and getting back to their school routine.Ketchikan has tons of job opportunities during the Summer within tourism. These jobs include working at restaurants, gift shops, outlet stores, and many more.

Junior Josateki McGoon worked at Annabelle’s Keg & Chowder House for half of the Summer. He made $1700 and nearly $800 of that was in tips.

“It was a pretty great experience,” said McGoon. “You make a lot of money just in tips if you do a good job and you can make more than on your regular paycheck.”

Junior Conner O’Bryan worked at the outlet store in the Salmon Landing.

“It’s not necessarily a fun job at all,” said junior Conner O’Bryan. “It’s a good job for learning how to deal with people but other than that it’s not a fun job.

Conner pulled in roughly $3000 in the course of three months which met his goal.

“My favorite part of the job was stocking because I didn’t have to deal with the tourists,” said O’Bryan. “My least favorite part was just being there.”

Senior Bailey Fousel worked for port security. She was interested in the job after hearing good things about it from other people.

“I would love to work for port security next year,” said Fousel. “I love working downtown whether it’s a slow or chaotic day, rain or shine.”

Her favorite part of the job was having real conversations with tourists. Fousel said she never had a financial goal but did end up making around $4500.

Not all jobs revolve around tourism. Senior Molly Stump worked at the local movie theatre for part of the Summer.

“I honestly disliked the hours so much,” said Stump. “Sometimes I would work 11 hour days with two two hour shifts.”

Stump pulled in about $550 in her time working there.

“It’s a good part time job to have during the winter,” said Stump. “My favorite part of the job was being with my coworkers. I couldn’t stand working there without them.”

Wrestling Season Preview

Carter Thomas
Staff Writer

Wrestling preseason is already in full swing for the 10-time defending Region V champs. Senior Patrick Rauwolf took 2nd in state last year and is looking for revenge.
“A few of us have gone to wrestling camps,” said Rauwolf. “We’ve also been in the weight room and on the mats a few times for pre season. A lot of the kids have been running to help keep their cardio up as well.”
Every Tuesday and Wednesday, the Kings meet at the high school to condition and practice with one another. Senior Brayden Linne was selected as the most outstanding wrestler at regionals last year, and 17 people qualified for the state competition. Matthew Rodriguez, who won state his sophomore year, did not perform up to his potential last year. As his senior year approaches, Rodriguez plans to win his second state title threw hard work and dedication.
“I want to give it my all. I’ve made some mistakes in past years, and want to make sure that doesn’t happen again,” said Rodriguez. “I am on a low carb diet, and am making sure I run at least 5 times a week. I currently weigh 140 and I’m going to be dropping down to the 125 weight class.”
Senior Brandon Wieber, a 2x region champion, is looking forward to the returning members competing for a state title.
“We have a bunch of seniors that I believe will place in state,” said Wieber. “Last year, we didn’t have a state champion, and I think this is the year for that to happen.”
The team also has some young guys joining the team, and are getting a nod from the older seniors.
“The season is looking good,” said Patrick Rauwolf. “A few freshmen that have come up have potential.”
The Kings first wrestling meet will be on the 12th and 13th of Oct. at Petersburg.


Weekend sports recap

Photo by Mindy Byron

The Kings outscored the Mariners 48-12 to improve to 4-1 on the season.
Kings quarterback Brendan Wong finished the game with five touchdown passes and 325 passing yards. He completed 11 passes.
Senior Brandon Wieber led the team in receiving with 3 touchdowns for 179 yards. CJ Jasper had a 52 yard receiving touchdown. Stevie Byron, Brendan Roof, and AJ Malouf all had rushing touchdowns.
The Kings will travel to Barrow this weekend for their last away game in regular season.

The Kayhi boys cross country team finished 3rd overall with 83 points. The Kings top finisher, freshman Mickey Lapinski finished 12th overall with a time of 17:38.
On the girls side, sophomore Morgan Elerding was the top finisher for Kayhi placing 11th overall with a time of 21:13. The Kayhi girls placed 4th overall with 91 points.

The Lady Kings volleyball team fell to Thunder Mountain over the weekend. Friday night Kayhi fell (13-25, 19-25, 15-25) and Saturday (12-25, 16-25, 8-25). The Lady Kings are now 1-7 on the season.



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