Kings head to Sitka to start the season

Staff Writer/Dyllan Borer

The Kayhi Kings baseball team will kick off their season this weekend in Sitka in their annual southeast pre-season tournament. This will be the first games for the Kings since 2019.

The Kings are down four pitchers going into a five game weekend.

Coach Andy Bernston said they are using this tournament to see where we are at as a team and figure out the best lineup for our conference games.

“We haven’t seen live pitching in almost two years,” said Coach Bernston. “We just need game reps.” 

Senior Tyler Slick can’t wait to get out there and play after missing last season. 

“I’m excited that I get to play with this group of guys again in a kayhi uniform after having to take almost two years off,” said Slick.

Five of Kayhi’s players played on Gamers baseball based in Anchorage over their high school career. While baseball is only a spring sport in Ketchikan, they got to travel to Florida and play a couple times a year. 

Junior Dylan Nedzwecky said he’s grateful to have had the opportunity to get better and play competitive ball in the off season with some of his high school teammates. 

“I expect us to be really good,” said Nedzwecky. “We have a good team full of upperclassmen that have been here and played together for a long time and a lot of talent.”


2:45 p.m.- Juneau Douglas

5:00 p.m. – Thunder Mountain


12:15p.m. – Sitka

2:30 p.m. – Juneau Douglas

7:00 p.m. – Thunder Mountain

Softball gets Canceled

Staff writer/Dylan Nedzwecky

Due to the heavy snowfall Thursday afternoon, the Lady Kings preseason tournament in Sitka was cut off before they could even make it to town.

Senior Dyllan Borer was very disappointed about the outcome of the trip. 

“It sucks not getting to play any games before going into conference games at home, especially when I haven’t played in two year,” Borer said.

According to Borer, the result of the tournament has made Kayhi’s season wonkier than COVID-19 has already made it.

“Ever since I’ve been in high school we’ve always had a preseason sort of thing,” Borer said.

With a team of brand new faces, Borer is let down by the fact they will not be able to play together until the games that really matter.

“It is a totally new team, and it just sucks not getting to play together before the games that count towards regions,” said Borer.

Nonetheless, Borer is open minded about the games to come.

“I guess we will see what happens,” Borer said.

Kayhi softball will play their first pair of games when they host the Thunder Mountain Falcons at home on April 23 and 24.

Wrestling Returns From Wrangell Lockdown

Staff Writer/OliviaBerg

The Kayhi Wrestling Team travelled to Wrangell last Friday to wrestle against Wrangell, Juneau, Sitka, Mt. Edgecumbe, Petersberg and Craig. 

Rick Collins, the Kayhi wrestling coach said the results of this tournament were mostly good.

“We lost a couple that I felt like we should have won,” said Coach Collins. “For the most part we did pretty good, considering this is only our second tournament.”

Coach Collins said that some of his mainline wrestlers did well this weekend.

“Kai Biagi (Junior)  wrestled very well this weekend. He took down a third place state wrestler,” said Coach Collins. “Brock Thomas (Junior)  had a great Friday and wrestled hard, and Charlie Blair (Senior) had a bunch of good wins.”

Charlie Blair, a fourth year member of the wrestling team said that he won all 6 of his matches this weekend.

“Some were closer than others and went into the third period,” said Blair. “The others I took down my opponent quickly.” 

Coach Collins said his team was on lockdown and could only travel to and from the hotel and school, meaning they had to bring all their own food to Wrangell.

“It seemed like everyone did good with bringing their own food,” said coach Collins. “Some kids were overpacked like Seniors Charlie Blair and Andy Collins, but I bought everyone a breakfast sandwich on Saturday morning to make sure they all had energy to wrestle hard.”

Coach Collins said that his team is smaller this year and they have a lot of younger wrestlers on the team. 

“They are improving but it’s a long process,” said Coach Collins. “I believe in coaching in the moment. Once they step off the mat we go through some things they did well or things they need to work on. The goal by the end of the season is to see dramatic improvement.”

Wrestling to Wrangell

Olivia Berg/Staff Writer

The Kayhi wrestling team will be traveling to Wrangell this weekend. Kayhi will be competing against Wrangell, Juneau, Sitka, Mt. Edgecumbe, Petersberg and Craig. 

Prior to traveling, Wrangell requires that the teams receive negative covid tests due to wrestling being a high contact sport. 

“We will be taking rapid covid tests here at Kayhi ahead of time to be cleared for travel,” said coach Collins. “But this week we had to take covid tests at the airport on Tuesday night after practice.”

Coach Collins said there was some confusion about where they were going to stay in Wrangell and if they would be allowed to leave the school or not. 

“We will be staying in a hotel, but they don’t want us walking around town or going to any stores,” said coach Collins “We will be taking food so that we don’t have to go to the grocery store.” 

Andy Collins, a senior on the Kayhi wrestling team has prepared for this tournament with some meal prepping. 

“I precooked some steak and chicken for protein, and packed some sandwich stuff for long lasting energy,” said Andy Collins. “I will also be bringing gatorade for hydration as well as some fruit, protein bars, and nuts.”

Charlie Blair, also a senior on the team, said that he and Andy worked together to get all their food together for Wrangell. 

“We cooked and packed our food together,” said Blair. “We have one big cooler with our snacks, and then a smaller one inside to make sure our meat stays cold.” 

Coach Collins said that his goal is to keep improving each tournament and that they are trying to get better and better throughout the season. 

“We were rusty last weekend,” said coach Collins. “Most kids have had over a year off from wrestling so it’s just a work in progress.”

Lady Kings softball head to Sitka

Dylan Nedzwecky/Staff Writer

Kayhi Lady Kings Softball start their season off this weekend in Sitka.  

They are scheduled to play Thunder Mountain, Juneau Douglas, and Sitka. This will be their first time playing as a team since 2019.

Senior Dyllan Borer said there will be a lot of safety precautions being used during play.

“Our hitters, runners, first basemen, and catchers will all be required to wear masks along with all the umps,” Borer said.

A lot of teams in the state will require their players to wear masks.  Besides the positions with close contact, Kayhi will not be mandating their players to wear them.

“Our team isn’t required to wear masks on the field, but if the other team does we will too,” said Borer.

With the outbreak suspending their 2020 season, there are a lot of new faces in the program. 

Borer can’t wait to lace up her cleats and play with a new group of girls.

“I am super excited to get on the field, it is going to be a little different with not playing with a lot of these girls yet but I am excited,” said Borer.

With the team they have, Borer is liking their chances this year.

“We have an opportunity to be great,” said Borer.

Game times for Lady Kings at Sitka Preseason Tournament-


12:20 – JDHS

3:00 – Sitka

4:20 – TMHS


11:00 – JDHS

3:00 – TMHS

5:40 – Sitka

Wrestling Returns From First Meet

Staff Writer/Olivia Berg

The Kayhi wrestling team went to Juneau this weekend and competed in their first tournament of the season. Petersburg, Wrangell, Sitka and Mount Edgecumbe also participated in Juneau. 

Rick Collins, the Kayhi wrestling coach said that the tournament went pretty well, considering they had a late start to their season and haven’t gotten as many practices in before this tournament as they would have in a normal year.

“We had some inexperienced guys wrestle pretty hard,” said coach Collins. “We have a lot of work ahead of us but it was a decent start.” 

Coach Collins said the wrestling team has a curriculum of techniques they go through every season, and they will continue to learn from mistakes as the season progresses. 

“We will analyze things we did wrong this weekend or areas that need more work,” said Collins. “Improve conditioning and build a solid foundation for the end of the season.” 

Andy Collins, a senior and fourth year member of the wrestling team had a rough first weekend of wrestling. 

Andy Collins cut nine pounds on friday to make it into his desired weight class of 152lbs which he said affected his abilities on the mat.

“I was super weak and had no energy,” said Collins. “By the second period I felt like I couldn’t lift my arms and then I got pinned.”

Andy Collins said even though he lost this weekend, he had to cut the weight and it’s all just practice for the state competition. 

“I’m learning from the mistakes I made in Juneau,” said Andy Collins. “I’m going to perfect them for next weekend and keep working hard.”

Wrestling to First Meet

Staff Writer/Carter Effenberger 

The Kayhi Kings will be wrestling at their first meet this year at Juneau starting on Friday. The team has had some challenges they are facing this year such as COVID, Masks, and distancing.

Coach Rick Collins said that wearing a mask has been a difficult challenge during wrestling.

“The biggest obstacle this year is having to wear a mask during practice and competition.” said Collins. “The mask is a big deal because it’s a very anaerobic sport, meaning that you just can’t get enough oxygen normally to do what you need to do in a wrestling match cause you get really really out of breath and it is super intense.

Senior Andy Collins said the masks will be extremely difficult to keep on.

“The Covid protocols for wrestling are unfair,” said Andy. “The masks make it very hard to breathe and perform for the best of our ability.” 

Other than the many articles this year, Coach Collins and the team are prepared and looking forward to the meet this weekend.

 “Yeah I definitely am looking forward to the meet this weekend” said Collins. “Other than The fact that there is going to be a lot different this year, we are definitely looking forward to it.”

“I feel prepared this weekend but I’m not in the shape I want to be in for the peak of the season.” said Andy.

News Briefs

Kayhi PEAKS schedule testing this week

Staff Writer/Sara Cummings

Kayhi freshmen and sophomores will be taking the PEAKS State testing this week. 
 Freshmen will be testing Tuesday and Thursday, Sophomores will be testing Wednesday. Juniors and seniors will be in their advisory classes while they are testing.

Tues/ Thurs                        
Testing          8:00-10:50
1st         11:00- 11:35
A Lunch     11:40-12:10
B Lunch    12:15-12:45
2nd         12:50-1:25
3rd         1:30-2:05
4th         2:10- 3:45

Testing         8:00- 9:50
1st         10:00- 10:50
2nd         10:55- 11:45
A Lunch    11:50- 12:20
B Lunch    12:25- 12:55
3rd         1:00- 1:50
4th         1:55- 2:45

Changes for Science Classes for the 2022/2023 Kayhi Class Schedules

Kayhi will not be offering Chemistry 2 or Biology 2 next year. Mr. Powell said that the schedule change is due to the administration’s decision to get more kids into AP classes.

“By having both of us teach that course he, Mr. House, is taking us out of the schedule and he also feels that if we offer chemistry or biology as a single class entry then we’ll have more kids in the AP level course,” said Mr. Powell. 

By consolidating the classes, it will also make Mr. Powell and O’Brien available to teach other sections. Powell said many schools do not have two separate courses before an AP level course.

“As a matter of fact, according to the administration, Mr. House could not find a single school that met that criteria to have two different courses before taking an AP class in this state but in the lower 48 I know that there is many high schools to back up that criteria,” said Mr. Powell. 

Mr. Powell said there are still some question marks regarding potential requirements and enrollments which will only be answered once the new schedule starts.

“The AP courses could see a higher enrollment because kids will be given the opportunity to take it because the entry level to AP is now only a single course,” said Mr. Powell. “But it may become a requirement that in order to take AP Chem or Bio you would also have to take GenBio along with GenChem.”

Kayhi Band Spring Concert This Week

Kayhi’s band will be performing Thursday April 1st for their annual Spring concert from 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm. For viewers at home, the performance will be live streaming here. 

The Region V Music Festival Next Week

Music Fest this year will be virtual. Music Fest starts Thursday April 6. Honor band and choir students will each submit a video of themselves performing a piece of music chosen by their directors, the directors will put all the recordings together to make one video, and then submit the video to Petersburg High school’s Matt Hennard. Hennard will then submit the performances to the judges. Click here for the band performance. Click here for the choir performance.


The Saber-Toothed Salmons placed 5th in oral presentation, 6th in research project, 7th in Prelim Quiz Bowl, and 6th place overall. In the final elimination, Ketchikan placed 7th overall in the Alaska Tsunami Bowl, 5th in oral presentation, and 6th in the research project. Juneau-Douglas won overall in the Tsunami Bowl.

Coaches Wrestle with Two Sport Athletes

Staff Writer/Makena Johansen 

How are coaches adapting to athletes participating in two sports?

In a regular year coaches would only have to worry about athletes moving from the court to the field, now they have to add the mat.

Due to covid restrictions and determining if wrestling was even having a season, their start date was pushed back to March 15th. A normal year wrestling would have started September 28th.

Head Softball coach Kalea Allen said they’re used to athletes crossing over into softball while they’re still in their winter sports. Allen encourages her athletes to be involved in several sports, it keeps a good routine, physically and mentally. 

“Most normal years we have a solid month from when teams are picked to when our first conference games begin. This year we only have 9 practices together before our first games as a team and only 6 from when the basketball state tournament ends” said Allen.

Allen said off season/ preseason is crucial this year. Putting in your time, developing and improving their independent game.

“Building team chemistry and comradery is a must in team sports like softball.  We will be ready for when our winter sport athletes conclude their season and can join our softball program” said Allen.  

With times being more virtual Allen posts team workouts for those who cannot attend. The crossover athletes are putting in the work they can with their conflicting schedules and maintaining a strong time management and work ethic.

“We like to keep our players feeling like a team year round and encourage the diversity of interests to help build our athletes and get them ready for the next level in whatever it is they may want to achieve” said Allen.     

Head Wrestling coach Rick Collins said they are going to be as flexible as they can  with athletes doing multiple sports. 

“I would like for students to be able to do as much as they can, especially since our season is the one that’s kinda landed on the spring sports season” said Collins.

A big concern Collins had was mixing cohorts with the other teams.

“Because technically doing two sports would be mixing cohorts so i think it’s a discussion our whole athletic department should have” said Collins.

Kings at State Tournament

Dyllan Borer/Staff Writer

The Kings arrive in Anchorage to defend their state title winning two years prior in 2019.

The Kings first game in the state did not go as they planned in Palmer High School as they lost to Chugiak 60-52.

The Kings were not playing to their expectations being down 21 points going into half time. Coming out on fire to begin the 3rd quarter the Kings went on a run to be within 3 points with three minutes left in the 4th.

With all the fight to make a comeback the Kings could not get the job done to continue the journey to the state championship.

Leading scorer and player of the game was Tyler Slick scoring 17 points in the 8 point loss.

The next day the Kings went to Wasilla High School to play West Anchorage.

After their loss to Chugiak the Kings wanted to end their season on a positive note and show their community that they can be successful at the state tournament.

With a close game going into halftime the Kings pulled off the win with a 7 victory.

The 65-58 win was the last game played this season for the Kings, and the last dance in a Kayhi jersey for the three seniors (Kylar Charles, Tyler Slick, and Joshua Gentry).

The player of the game against West was Josh Rhoads scoring a double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds.

To end the state tournament for the Kings senior Tyler Slick won a place on the All-Tournament team.

Losing only three seniors this year the Kings have high hopes to compete and win at the state level next year for the 2021-2022 season.

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