Lady Kings Host TM for Pink Night, Senior night

The Kayhi Lady Kings will play the Thunder Mountain Falcons at home today and Saturday. Kayhi has beat the Falcons 14 times in a row with a win average of 23.5 points, but the steadily improving Falcons will pose a threat to Kayhi.
Earlier this month in the second meeting between the two teams, Thunder Mountain held Kayhi to 5 first quarter points and lead 12-5 before Kayhi opened up a lead with a 17-2 run. Still, the Falcons would not go away and Kayhi needed a 17-3 run in the second half to secure the win after TM pulled to within 2.
Friday’s game will be the annual Pink Night, to support breast cancer awareness. Saturday night is Senior Night and the last regular-season games for Brittany Slick and Hannah Maxwell.
Two wins will give the Lady Kings the No. 1 seed at the Region V tournament next month. Senior Brittany Slick has many emotions knowing that it will be her last regular season game for Kayhi ever.
“It’s exciting but also sad,” said Slick. “ It will be the end to a sport that’s been a huge part of my life, but ending it on my home floor with my team is really exciting. It is also a huge moment of gratitude realizing how many people helped me to get to where I am today. I couldn’t have done it without my team, family, and coaches.
Senior Captain Hannah Maxwell is very sad knowing that her high school career is coming to an end.
“I’m definitely going to cry,” said Maxwell. “Basketball has been a part of my life since I could walk, and now it almost over. This weekend will be one to remember.”


Lee Reaches 1000-Point MileStone

Junior Marcus Lee scored his 1000th point in an 81-69 win over Juneau Douglas. Lee was the Kings high scorer with 35 points followed by Chris Lee with 12.
Kayhi will now play the second half of a 4-game road trip. The Kings will play Thunder Mountain tonight and tomorrow. Kayhi split in their previous games, Kings winning the first game 54-48 and losing the second 77-67.
Kayhi (3-3) is one game behind Thunder Mountain (4-2) in the race for the top seed in the Region V tournament.
Thunder Mountain is No. 10 in the WPI rankings released on Wednesday. Kayhi is sitting at No. 9, followed by Juneau at No. 13.

Staff Pick

Should the U.S. implement stricter gun laws? Would stricter laws prevent school shootings?

Largim Zhuta:
The same question comes every time following the events of a mass shooting. Stricter laws won’t prevent school shootings, one would have to be extremely naive to believe that. The only thing implementing stricter gun laws would do is grant people a false sense of security. One thing that an overwhelming majority of citizens (both Democrats and Republicans) can agree on is having universal background checks for purchasing guns.
That being said, stopping guns won’t stop the problem, even with the universal background checks. The Las Vegas shooter was a perfectly normal, law-abiding citizen on paper, no check would have weeded him out. Guns haven’t changed considerably in the past two decades, but something regarding mentally deranged people has. Some aspect of our society is unknowingly creating more unstable individuals who believe it is ok to act out in such manners.

Chanell Browne:
The U.S has had an excessive amount of shootings, not only in schools but at concerts, live events, celebrations, and all sorts of events and places. So should the U.S implement stricter gun laws? My answer is yes, absolutely. It would reduce the amount of people who have access to guns. Which obviously, would be a smart idea. In my opinion I think that stricter laws would prevent not only school shootings, but other shootings as well. People shouldn’t just be allowed to just go and buy a gun without having a background check or any other resources to prove they aren’t a threat.
Nobody really understands why someone would be so cruel to shoot at a crowd full of people or a school. And there’s no way to prevent those sick minds from having those thoughts and ideas. But preventing the freedom of having easy access to guns can be changed. And at this point, it needs to be.

Rosie K:
Not only guns are to blame for the plethora of mass shootings the U.S. has had this year. I think that even if we implemented stricter gun laws, mentally unstable people would find another way to cause harm. That being said, guns are far more capable of causing mass-destruction than a knife. I think that background checks should be required of everyone purchasing a gun, and there should definitely be legislature passed banning bump stocks and other alterations to make guns able to hurt more people. There isn’t a way to completely get rid of people using guns to hurt people – but there are measures that can be taken to help prevent it. Any decision Congress makes will upset one group or the other, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and safety comes first. No one really knows what needs to happen, but at this point anything is better than nothing.

Richard S:
I definitely think the U.S. should implement stricter guns laws. There is no reason why any U.S. citizen would ever need to have an assault rifle such as the AR 15 that was used during the school shooting in Florida. The first step the government needs to take to prevent school shooting is to implement stricter gun laws and ban assault rifles. The government should  allow rifles for hunting only, and require background checks on anyone that wants to purchase a weapon, and no felons or people with past violent criminal records should be able to purchase a weapon.
Although there is no certain way to tell if someone is going to shoot up a school or a concert stricter gun laws would help prevent people from acquiring guns to do so.

Hannah Maxwell:
I don’t see any downsides to implementing stricter gun laws. I’m not naive enough to believe that requiring licenses and backgrounds checks for firearms will solve all of our problems but I do think it would be a step in the right direction. Honestly what civilian needs to own an AR or rounds and rounds of ammunition.
In order to stop school shootings we will have to do a lot more than ban the sale of certain guns or make them harder to obtain. It’s a systemic mental health issue that doesn’t have a black and white solution. We’ve all felt alone at one time or another and even then it’s impossible to imagine how bad you have to feel to resort to that kind of violence. Obviously they’re guilty of committing the crime but aren’t we all guilty of creating a society that causes people to feel this way.  


Kings Travel to Juneau

Kayhi boys (10-8, 2-2) will take on Juneau Douglas (9-12, 2-4) tonight and tomorrow at 8 p.m. The Kings will battle Thunder Mountain (12-9, 4-2) Friday and Saturday to close out the regular season.
The Kings have split the series with each Juneau team this season. Kayhi defeated Thunder Mountain 54-48 on Feb. 9 then lost 77-67 Feb. 10. The following weekend the Kings won the first game 69-64 over the Bears and lost the second game 54-46. Thunder Mountain is currently in first place for the region, but it’s still out for the taking.
“Last year we played 8 games in 10 days, so the back to back games aren’t new to us,” said Junior Marcus Lee. “These conference games are very important to win for our seeding.”


DDF Heads to Anchorage

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Drama Debate and Forensics team is headed to Anchorage tomorrow to compete at the state competition.
The team has been researching and preparing since the last meet for the state topic: abolishing the capital gains tax.
Co-captain Frances Barry  feels well-prepared for her final debate as a Kayhi King.
“I feel better prepared than the past, but it’s also the most complex resolve I have ever had to debate,” said Barry.
Coach David Mitchel said he is also aware of the difficulty of such an intricate topic.
“It’s a tough issue. There are a lot of angles to cover and it’s tough to say stuff that always makes sense, ” said Mitchel. “A lot of parents have joked about that students would ask them about capital gains tax, and they would have to look it up themselves.”
Regardless, Mitchel is confident in the team’s ability even with the difficult topic that will be debated.
“We have a really good group, and they have all deserved it,” said Mitchell. “They have been studying a lot. They are more prepared than we have been in the past.”


JD Sweeps Lady Kings

The Kayhi Lady Kings (12-9) were swept in two big rivalry games at Juneau Douglas Bears (6-16) 41-35 Friday and 50-40 Saturday.
The losses drop the Lady Kings into a tie for first in the region. Kayhi has the tie-breaker over JD thanks to two home wins by larger margins.
Both games were marked by large first half runs by the Bears. On Friday it was a 12-2 first half run that gave the Bears a 17-11 halftime lead. Saturday it was a 14-5 run that gave JD a 21-16 lead. Sophomore Nadire Zhuta kept Kayhi close hitting three of Kayhi’s four 3-pointers in the second quarter.
The Lady Kings trailed by as many as 8, but cut it to 4 with 4:12 left, however a turnover killed the rally. JD scored the next 4 points and put the game away.
Kayhi was outscored in transition both nights, 15-2 and 10-4.

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