Short attends All State Choir

Dametre Williams-Martin
Staff Writer

Making All-State Choir is an impressive feat, and for senior Andrea Short, this will be her second time having gone. Her first being her junior year.
“Last year I was in women’s choir,” said Short “ This year I’m in mixed choir.”
Andrea being part of band and choir knows the amount of work it takes to make good music.
“Everyone is striving for perfection,” said Short. “We all  want to create music.”
All-State for both band and choir is auditioned for, because not everybody makes it in due to its competitive nature.
“You have the best from around the state,” said Short.“ They are all working together to make gorgeous music.”
According to Short, All-State Choir isn’t about looking good and proving your one of the best.
“I want to create good music,” said Short. “All-State is just another step towards that.”
All-State for both band and choir is held in Anchorage. There will be two days of prep time (Thursday and Friday) with a performance on Saturday

Staff Pick

When do you think the first snowfall is going to be?

Olivia Kinunen: I have a feeling that it is not going to snow this year, and if it does it’s probably going to be really late in the season. So far it has been pretty dry but lately we have been having some super rainy and stormy days. It still hasn’t gotten very cold yet, though, and there isn’t even any snow on the mountain tops yet. So I don’t really think it is going to snow more than a couple inches this year, but I’m hoping to see a little bit of snow, especially during Christmas break!

Tarrant Sasser: I believe that we will get our first snowfall in the middle of December. Ketchikan is still in the season of fall and has not stopped with the wind and the rain. It has not been very cold so far and our weather shows no signs of snow anytime soon. Even if it does snow in December it probably will not stay for long. Hopefully it snows in time for Christmas because it brightens the Christmas spirit.

Crist Carlson: I think the first snowfall is going to happen during the first week of December, or so I hope. It’s starting to get colder and colder and I think by December 2nd the mountain tops will have some snow. It’s been raining and storming really hard the past couple of weeks so I don’t think it will snow the rest of November. I’m hoping that we get a lot of snow this year because it makes the winter months so much more enjoyable. Without snow I just feel like winter is 10 times longer and the days get so repetitive. I’m looking forward to the first week of December to see if i’m right.

Jenna Miller: My guess is no where in the next ten days, and that’s not just because I looked on my weather app on my phone and noticed there’s no chance of snow for a while. Considering how well of a summer we had this year i think it’s going to snow pretty early and last for a good four or five months. So all you snow loving freaks better get ready to embrace the winter because I have a feeling we are going to get dumped on this year. For the rest of you who despise it, I suggest you lock your doors and don’t come out until the end of April.


Alumni Update: Joey Karlik

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 1.47.02 PM
Karlik enjoys watching college football. No.15 Texas (7-3) was ranked as high as No.6. He  was 1 of 103,507 in attendance for Texas’s 37- 14 win over No. 22 USC on 9/15/18.

Micah Britt
Staff Writer

Alumni Joey Karlik (2018) is closing in on the end of his first semester at the University of Texas. Karlik is majoring in Radio-Film Television and Journalism.
Karlik participates in Longhorn Late Nights, which are live skits and shows done by students at UT. This show is completely run by students. The skits are written, acted, and practiced all by members. The workload is much larger than high school and the difficulty increases drastically.
“The workload is bigger but you have more time to do it,” Karlik said. “The difficulty is amped up a ton. In high school, you memorize and apply your knowledge. College is not only that, but also creating and explaining as well.”
Overall the jump for Karlik has been very different from high school. The surroundings, classes and work is all new. Karlik thinks college is very different from high school, and it may even be better than high school.
“College is definitely a new experience. Personally I think everyone should have it,” Karlik said. “You do have all the adult experiences but with some help and guidance. I’ve only been here for half a semester and I can already tell that it’s gonna be something better than anything I have experienced.”

Watch Long Horn Late Night 8:00pm Alaska time on Tuesdays:

National Honor Society Induction

The National Honor Society inducted 20 new members the Kayhi Auditorium on Tuesday night.  The new inductees were chosen by a committee of anonymous staff and teachers, based on a series of questions they answered and their involvement in the school as well as in the community.
Senior Maya Parker is a 2nd year member and is excited about inducting new people.
“It’s awesome to get a new group of students in,” said Parker. “The new inductees are great and I know they’ll be a great addition to the society.”

2018 Inductees:
Donald Rayner
Acacia Sexton
Ezrie Anderson
John Luke Calderon
RJ Danao
Olivia Kinunen
Gavin Salazar
Angela May Rodriguez
Grant Dulay
Joshua Nutt
Nadire Zhuta
Dearly Villaflor
Caity Pearson
Bailey Fousel
Laura Sherrill
Ruvelen Correa
Kaelyn Cadiente
Emma Campbell
Bryce Mattson
Preston McLaren



Game Models Real Life

Olivia Kinunen
Staff Writer

Seniors will be participating in the Financial Reality Fair during school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Principal Bob Marshall said the fair is supposed to model what the real world is going to be like financially after high school.
“At one point in the game people are spinning a wheel to see what’s going to happen to them,” said Marshall. “It’s kind of like the Game of Life. Things will pop up unexpectedly that are going to cost you money.”
This will be Kayhi’s second year of having it and Principal Marshall is hoping it will be just as successful as the previous year.
“Last year we did it for the first time,” said Marshall. “All the students said it was one of the best things they were involved with that actually helped them with some real life stuff.”
Senior Chanell Browne said it was a reality check and helped her realize what she needs to do in the future.
“I think it was pretty helpful because it gave us an idea of reality, and what the real world is like,” said Browne. “It helped us learn what we will have to deal with soon enough, and to start planning and saving soon for a better future.”


Staff Pick

Midterm elections were held Nov. 6. Alaskans had the opportunity to choose a new governor and Lt. governor and United States representative. 


Alex Malouf: Voting is important. It is your duty and right as a citizen of the United States. Get out and vote for what you believe in and stay true to your opinions. Don’t stand for slogans. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the midterms, but specifically the Alaska elections. With multiple strong candidates throughout all levels of elections, this election should be a good one to follow.

Olivia Kinunen: Voting is a very valuable privilege that us Americans have. We are blessed to be able to participate in a direct democracy, and to be able to choose who our representatives are. It is disappointing to me that the voter turnout is not very high, especially in young voters and minorities, but that means my own vote would count even more. Since voting is very important to me, when I turn 18 registering to vote will be one of the first things that I will do.

Crist Carlson: Now that I’m 18 and paying attention to the news and finding my political identity I’m realizing the importance of voting. Voting is very important to me and our country. Voting gives the people a voice and the opportunity for the people to speak and stand up for who and what they want. Knowing that the voter turnout is very low in my community and country really motivates me to get out and make sure I cast my vote and try to make a change. This election is really important for our state because it decides who our governor is going to be for the next 4 years and the direction of the state.

Cody Kemble: Is important to our country. We have to opportunity to participate in direct democracy, which means that we get to choose who represents us and runs our government. Americans must educate themselves and vote on candidates they believe will best serve their community, state and country. America is of the people, by the people, and for the people, so we should participate in voting.

Brandon Wieber: is important and shapes how America and our states are prepared in a way. Even though a lot of high schoolers cannot vote it still is important the ones that can do. I will vote once I’m able to because every vote counts. It is kinda ironic though that a lot of adults say it is important to vote even though this years midterms elections only had a 54% turnout of voters. So where exactly is the other 46%? Do they not care or do they not understand politics?


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