151 years ago today Ketchikan was on Russian soil. Oct. 18th is the day Alaskans celebrate the $7.2 billion purchase. Today Alaskans celebrated the 150th anniversary of the transition.  Even though the United States purchased the land in March, the official lowering of the Russian flag and raising of the Stars and Stripes took place in Fort Sitka in October. Every year there is an Alaska day parade to celebrate.


Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

Nine of the Kayhi Drama, Debate, and Forensics members placed in the top three spots at the Juneau meet this past weekend.
“I think this was the highest we have scored regarding students’ speeches, drama pieces, and debate for a first meet, “ said coach Dave Mitchell. “I set the bar a little higher than usual, but we just have a very talented group of first year debaters. They learned a lot, had great attitudes and I was just very pleased.”
Arick Mattson, who took first place in overall speaking points was very pleased with the team’s performance as well.
“Kayhi dominated at this meet,“ said Mattson. “They [the first year members] did a lot better than everyone else in their first year. “

Speaker points
1st – Arick Mattson
3rd – Frances Barry
5th – Raevyn Goodson

Expository speaking
2nd – Sam Winburn
3rd – Dametre Williams-Martin
4th – Thomas Brooks

Extemporaneous commentary speaking
4th – Henry Clark
6th – Brandon Roof

Original Oration
1st – Piper Cooper
2nd – Raevyn Goodson
3rd – Madyson Traudt

Extemporaneous speaking
2nd – Piper Cooper
3rd (tie) – Frances Barry
3rd (tie) – Thomas Brooks
4th – Dametre Williams-Martin

Humorous interpretation
3rd – Arick Mattson

Readers Theatre
2nd – Arick Mattson, Seth Chernick, Meriel English, Henry Clark

Swim Ends Regular Season

Gabe Bowlen
Sports Editor

The Kayhi swim and dive team placed fourth overall in their last regular season meet in Sitka. The Kayhi girls’ team fell two points behind Juneau-Douglas with 316 points, and the Kayhi boys’ team finished 47 points behind Juneau-Douglas with 232 points. Kayhi will be traveling to Juneau on Oct. 27th for the Region V Swim and Dive Tournament

Men’s Scores Friday

  1. Thunder Mountain: 333
  2. Sitka High School: 283
  3. Juneau_douglas High School: 279
  4. Ketchikan High School: 232
  5. Petersburg High School: 189
  6. Craig High Schools: 57

Women’s Scores Friday

  1. Sitka High School: 495
  2. Thunder Mountain High School: 372
  3. Juneau-Douglas High School: 318
  4. Ketchikan High School: 316
  5. Petersburg High School: 206
  6. Craig High School: 23

Men’s Scores Saturday

  1. Thunder Mountain: 340
  2. Sitka High School: 289
  3. Juneau-Douglas High School: 259
  4. Ketchikan High School: 197
  5. Petersburg High School: 173
  6. Craig High School: 45

Women’s Scores Saturday

  1. Sitka High School: 437
  2. Thunder Mountain High School: 322
  3. Juneau-Douglas High School: 285
  4. Ketchikan High School: 251
  5. Petersburg High School: 212
  6. Craig High Schools: 24

Volleyball Third at J.I.V.E.

Collette Rhein
Staff Writer

The Kayhi volleyball team placed third in the silver bracket at the Juneau J.I.V.E. Volleyball Tournament over the weekend.
Kayhi lost their opening match to Craig, which put them into the silver bracket where they went 1-3 with a win over Metlakatla. Kayhi lost to Juneau-Douglas 3-0 in a conference game on Thursday, ending the weekend with a record of 2-13 in the tournament.

Wrestling First in Wrangell

Rosie Kacenas & Gavin Salazar
Staff Writers

The Kayhi wrestling team placed first in the Tom Sims Invitational in Wrangell last weekend.
“Overall it went really well,” said coach Rick Collins. “Especially for the beginning of the season.”
Five Kayhi wrestlers took first in their weight class, and four took second. The team won the tournament with 210 points, beating the closest team by almost 100 points.
Junior Patrick Rauwolf said the team’s first tournament was a success. “Wrestling up a weight class was nice because I didn’t have to cut weight,” said Rauwolf. “The weekend went well, I got first place, and overall the team did really good.”


1st Place
120 – Patrick Rauwolf
126 – Andy Collins
132 – Mark Jasper
138 – Brayden Linne
285 – Joey Rhoads

2nd Place
98/106 – Cassie Stout
126 – Charlie Blair
152 – Max Collins
170 – Brandon Weiber

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