Boys basketball takes 5th in O’Brady Invitational

The Kayhi Kings (8-4) went 1-3 this last weekend in Anchorage. Two of the losses came to East Anchorage (Wednesday and Friday). The other to South Anchorage for the third place match.  The Kayhi Kings started the O’Brady’s tournament with a win against Service High 59-49. Kayhi put up a good fight but fell to East 77-49 in their second game against East. Kayhi played the South Anchorage Wolverines for third place on Saturday. At the end of the half, Kayhi trailed by 2 behind a strong 10 point half by junior Kristian Phil. Gavin Salazar hit a long three pointer at the end of the third quarter to tie up the game 37-37. Kayhi came up short again and lost 64-54, taking fifth overall in the tournament.

Girls basketball falls to JD

Cody Kemble
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings struggled to get their offense going in the 1st, getting outscored 13-2. At the start of the 2nd Kayhi scored a quick five points, and then help JDHS scoreless until 3:45 left. The defensive effort cut the deficit to 3 at halftime with a score of 20-17. Shots stopped falling in the 4th quarter and the Lady Kings fell 50-35.

Scoring Line:
Kayhi: Lianne Guevarra, 11; Nadire Zhuta, 9; Dyllan Borer, 5; Ashley Huffine, 3; Paige Boehlert, 2; Emmie Smith, 2; Shaye Skillings, 2.
Juneau-Douglas: Caitlin Pusich, 17; Alyxn Bohulano, 9; Kiana Potter, 6; Jenae Pusich, 6; Sadie Tucker, 4; Skylar Hickok, 4; Rebecca Grube, 2.

The Lady Kings started the 1st quarter better than the previous night, but still down 12-8. They carried a 20-19 lead into halftime. Kayhi’s defense didn’t allow JDHS to score until 1:22 left in the third. JDHS senior Caitlin Pusich hit 2 threes and went 4-6 from the line late in the game to carry JD to a 43-41 victory.

Scoring Line:
Kayhi: Ashley Huffine, 15; Lianne Guevarra, 14; Emmie Smith, 8; Jenae Rhoads, 2; Nadire Zhuta, 2.
Juneau-Douglas: Caitlin Pusich, 14; Sadie Tuckwood, 12; Alyxn Bohulano, 7; Kiana Potter, 4; Jenae Pusich, 3; Skylar Hickok, 2.

Is the door to my room closed?

Illustration by Isabella Schreckhise

Jared Valentine
Staff Writer

A year or so ago, I would spend 15 minutes of every morning running in circles around my room touching different objects chasing this feeling that everything could be “just right”. No matter how hard I tried, I could never seem to catch it. I have OCD.
If you’ve ever heard anyone say ‘I’m a bit OCD’ or ‘I think I have OCD’ then trust me they’re not – and they don’t.
It’s fun to joke around about how clean your room is, or how you like to double check that the stove is off, but the real disorder is absolute torment.
Say I leave my house. Any regular person would have no problem just grabbing their keys and going to wherever they need to go. I, however, and millions of other people in the US alone will instead be bombarded and almost irresistibly compelled to act on thoughts like:
Did I REALLY turn the stove off?
Is the door to my room closed?
Are all the lights off?
Did I check the TV?
Is the drier off?
Is it still warm? Could it catch fire if it’s still warm?
What about the washing machine?
I checked the washing machine yesterday so I must check it again today or else…
Is the back door locked?
Did I check?
Should you check again just in case the key didn’t work properly?
And so on…
The same severity can be applied to other mental disorders like depression. It’s fun to ironically say you want to die or your depressed, but living with the real deal is no easy task.
It can be hard to explain how depression feels to someone who has not experienced it. One of the common misunderstandings about depression is that it’s similar to feeling sad or down.
Although many people with depression feel sadness, it feels much more severe than emotions that come and go in response to life events.
The symptoms of depression can last for months or years and can make it difficult or impossible to carry on with daily life. It can disrupt careers, relationships, and daily tasks such as self-care and housework.
While I personally do not and have not had depression, it comes with a variety of difficulties including these: There’s no pleasure or joy in life. Concentration or focus becomes harder. Everything feels hopeless, and there’s no way to feel better. Self-esteem is often absent. Sleeping may be problematic. Energy levels are low to nonexistent. Food may not seem appetizing. Food may be used as a comfort or coping tool. Aches and pains may be present.
These are just two of the variety of mental disorders that cause unimaginable problems from those suffering and are nothing to be joked about.
If you do genuinely or even slightly believe your might be one of those suffering it’s important to seek help immediately; however, if you aren’t have a little more respect, offer more support, and pay more attention to the daily struggles of those who are.

IT Fundamentals

Logan Ohmer
Staff Writer

Kayhi recently announced that there will be a new zero hour class introduced called “IT Fundamentals”, which is available for any student to take. Matt Beimler will be teaching the class.
“IT Fundamentals (Information Technology) is going to be a basic overview of computers and the information technology field,” said Beimler. “Students will be able to learn things like maintaining, repairing, and upgrading a computer, a well as being able to apply the techniques to real life scenarios.”
The class has a total of 11 students joining. Student and KGBSD Tech Intern Eli Bright is one of the students taking the class.
“I think it’s about time we had classes like this, because I believe that the world of computer technology isn’t dying out anytime soon,” said Bright. “The great thing is that this could be a hobby or a full on career, and that is a pretty appealing quality of technology.”
The IT Fundamentals class starts today, as part of the new semester.


Rivalry Renewed

Photo by Kayhi yearbook

Brandon Wieber and Sullivan Schulz
Staff Writers

The Lady Kings will host the Juneau-Douglas Bears tonight at 7:15 p.m.
Kayhi has won 3 straight after a 1-3 start, but it will be difficult to keep that streak alive. Kayhi will be without starters senior Payton Simmons (knee) and junior Madison Rose (concussion). JD is 6-2, with losses to Bartlett (57-54) and East Anchorage (57-55). The Bears return their best two defenders and their top offensive player. The Lady Kings are 7-3 in their last ten match-ups against JD and have won the region championship over the Bears for the past four seasons.

2018 Results
Kayhi 52 JD 42 Region V Championship
Kayhi 59 JD 50 Region V Tournament
Kayhi 35 JD 41 @JD
Kayhi 42 JD 46 @JD
Kayhi 75 JD 62 Home
Kayhi 46 JD 31 Home

Keys to the game:
Kayhi will have to take care of the basketball and hit open shots while keeping 2x All- Conference player Caitlin Pusich in check. Pusich can score off the dribble as well as hit contested 3-pointers. Sadie Tuckwood is one of the fastest girls in the state and, along with senior Alyxn Bohulano, will pressure the Lady Kings.

4:00 p.m. C
5:30 p.m. JV
7:15 p.m. Varsity

4:00 p.m. C
5:30 p.m. JV
7:15 p.m. Varsity


Boys basketball loses to East

It hasn’t been getting leads that is the problem for the Kings, it’s been keeping the lead after the first period. Kayhi (7-3) led East Anchorage (8-0) 16-10 after the first, but trailed by five at the half and eventually lost 64-52 yesterday. Kayhi has led at the end of the first quarter in all three losses, but trailed by halftime.
Chris Lee was the leading scorer with 15 points, followed by Marcus Lee (13) and Kristian Pihl (11).
Kayhi will look to bounce back today at 3 p.m. against Service (6-2) in the first round of the O’Brady’s tournament.

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