Kevin Johnson Takes Over HEad Coach Position

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

Kayhi volleyball is on its third coach in four years, but the coaching carousel might just stop with Kevin Johnson. 
Johnson was hired in June after previous coach of two years Beth Sandefur left to go coach the Schoenbar Middle School volleyball team. 
Kayhi last won a Region V title in 2015, that team was lead by Kevin Johnson’s daughter, Kreylyn Johnson who was a junior, but it seems longer after four near winless seasons.  
Johnson wanted to coach because he thought the team needed to reach their full potential as well as putting in the effort that it takes while having fun.
“The program needed a coach who had some energy and that could get our girls to a higher level of playing,” said Johnson. “It’s to get the kids committed to understanding you have to work to win you can’t just show up and get lucky and I think the other part to that is that I want our kids to leave with a good experience”
Johnson has coached both boys and girls in basketball and volleyball and it’s his twenty third year of coaching. 
“I’ve coached both this is my twenty-third year as a coach so I’ve been at it for a while, I’ve coached both genders,” said Johnson. “Girls you know you can coach hard, you can coach girls hard, you can push them you can drive them you can do all those things but the difference between males and females in coaching them is their ability to deal with what they internalize. With girls its a building progress but once they get there it’s over,” emphasized Johnson. 
Senior Captain, Mackenzie Merrill has had three different coaches her four years of high school volleyball. Not having the same coach for more than two years has taken its toll on Merrill. 
“It is definitely one of the biggest downfalls I struggled with as a player. Not being able to make a true connection with a coach was really hard,” said Merril. 
Merril said that the team has had big leaps from last season to this season with Kevin Johnson.
“The biggest shift from last year to this year would probably be bringing in a new coach who wants to change the volleyball community in Ketchikan. He’s not only here to keep volleyball going but to make it a great program,” said Merril.
Merril thinks that the team connects perfectly with Kevin Johnson. 
“I think we fit right in with Kevin Johnson. He is a coach who pushes and pushes until we reach our full potential. Even if that’s us slowly gaining progress or us losing our confidence he is right there to pick us up and show us what a team is,” said Merril. 
Merrill is confident in what Kevin Johnson and the team can accomplish in the future. 
“I know for a fact Kevin Johnson is going to lead this team to a region win and possibly a state win,” said Merril.

Lady Kings Split with Misschiefs

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings won their first home game in 2 years over the past weekend. On Friday night the Lady Kings lost (3-2) and Saturday night the Kings won (3-1). Senior Erika Rauwolf was proud of how the seniors played this weekend.
“It was a good weekend of games. I thought I did pretty good of locking into the game and being focused, Mady had an amazing weekend of hitting and Mackenzie did a great job setting for us,” said Rauwolf. “It feels good to have two wins in our back pocket, it’s a couple more wins than we’ve had in the past couple years.” 
Kayhi JV2 and JV also played this weekend. 

(L) Kayhi JV2 vs Met JV (25-22 (Kayhi), 25-18 (Met), 15-12 (Met))(W) Kayhi JV vs Met JV (25-10 (Kayhi), 25-14 (Kayhi), 25-10 (Kayhi))
(L) Kayhi V vs Met V ( 25-19 (Met), 26-24 (Met), 25-20 (Kayhi),
25-15 (Kayhi), 15-14 (Met))

(W) Kayhi V vs Met V (25-19 (Met), 25-15 (Kayhi), 25-19 (Kayhi),
27-25 (Kayhi))

COnferences This Week

Tyler Slick
Staff Writer

Parent teacher conferences are Tuesday and Wednesday this week. 

Parents will be able to ask the teachers any questions they want to know about their child and teachers will be able to give feedback to the parents on their child’s academic success. 

Last October, 297 students (49%) were represented at parent teacher conferences.

“I think parents should go it is very important,” said administrative assistant Phaedra Painter. “You should show your child that you care about them and their grades, so go talk to all of their teachers.” 

Kayhi principal Jason House says the setup for the conferences is going to be the same as it has been in previous years and that he hopes to bring more enjoyment to it. 

“I think parents teacher conferences are important because it helps my parents get to know the teacher and that gives them a more personal outlook on my education, “ said junior Cade McAllister. “Every teacher has a unique style of grading and it helps me out when my parent understand each teacher’s method.”

Due to parent teacher conferences there will be no school this Friday.   

Political involvement is necessary at a young age

Leah Call
Staff Writer

Election results were posted the day after voting took place on Oct. 1 in the city of Ketchikan. Candidates ran for borough mayor, borough assembly, school board, and city council. As a student participating in government class and a newly eighteen year old local, politics have become very apparent to me, very quickly. 

Government has never really had a large presence in my life, until now. The basic principles have been instilled in me since birth, but the intricate details of politics have always eluded me. My curiosity about the ins and outs of our local government happened to come up at the dinner table. My mom had plenty to say about the necessity of political involvement. 

“I proudly voted,̈  said Ketchikan local, Danielle Call. ¨I have expressed to you the importance of taking part in our elections and helping to shape our experiences on a local, state, and national level. It is a right and a privilege that I do not take lightly.¨

I attended the Candidate Meet and Greet the week prior along with my classmates, and was able to participate in a mock election and voted on the candidates I believed were capable, as well as some local issues and policies on the ballot. Though the votes didn’t technically count, it was a beneficial experience for when I will be eligible to vote next year.  

¨I think it’s awesome that our students are becoming more involved in the political issues of our city, state, and country,̈  Call said. ¨They are not too far off from being able to have their votes count and their voices heard.¨

I couldn’t agree more. 

Issues and policies on the ballot included the tobacco excise tax, onsite marijuana use, water line repair, and KPU revenue bonds. Students were briefed on each topic in class before the mock election. It is important to make your voice heard, especially at my age. This generation is the future of our country and being outspoken and involved is imperative in making a difference. 

Other students at Kayhi have also learned from our experiences in government the past couple weeks.  Senior, Nicole Embree, talks about how she felt learning about local politics in class. 

̈ Learning about our government was a very educational experience,̈  Embree said. ¨I learned that a candidate can look completely different on paper compared to in person.¨ 

Borough Mayor
Rodney Dial – 1,381 votes

Borough Assembly
Austin Otos – 1,438 votes 
David Landis – 1,470 votes

3 year term School Board
Bridget Mattson – 1,589 votes 
Jordan Tabb – 1,327 votes 

1 year term School Board
 Leslie Becker – 793 votes 

City Council
Judy Zenge – 861 votes 
Lew Williams – 843 votes 

Honor band and choir results

Mady Purcell
Staff Writer

Almost two dozen students from Kayhi made it into honor band and choir and will travel to perform in Juneau on Oct. 22.

All of these kids practiced their three part auditions, recorded, submitted and waited for the results, and most were successful. 

Senior Campbell Sande, who is third chair trombone this year, has been in honor band for 2 years now and loves the traveling experience.

“The trips are really fun,” Sande said. “You get to hang out with your friends who made it, as well as meeting new ones.”

Seniors know how long they can play music with a group without going crazy. Campbell Sande said that it gets tiring, but it has been fun traveling with the band director. 

“You spend all day playing your instrument,” Sande said. “You get very tired by the end of the day, but one of the best parts for me is getting to know the Deidra side of Ms. Nuss.” 

Honor Band

Evelyn Nutt – Second chair flute/piccolo
Jalina Williams – Fifth chair flute
Julia Spigai – Third chair clarinet
Meta Mulder – Seventh chair clarinet
Matthew Nutt – First chair bass clarinet
Madison Purcell – First chair bassoon
Josh Nutt – Second chair alto sax
Ella Stockhausen – Ninth chair trumpet
Anna Hout – Fourth chair horn
Campbell Sande – Third chair trombone
Sarah Short – First chair percussion
Phillip Smith – Sixth chair percussion

Honor Choir 
Jenna Alkhabi – Soprano I
Victoria Graham – Soprano II
Madisen Lundamo – Soprano II
Shay Ohmer – Soprano II
Lauren Olsen – Soprano II
Josh Ryan tenor I
Allen Pattison tenor II
Aurora Phelps alto I
Robert Cope-Powell bass I
Lukas Chernick  bass II
Connor Wodehouse bass II
Devyn Sader alternate alto II

Volleyball Hosts Klawock and Metlakatla

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings volleyball team is playing the Klawock Chieftains and the Metlakatla Lady Braves this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Although Klawock and Metlakatla are a 1A and 2A team, senior captain Erika Rauwolf does not think these games should be taken lightly.
“Klawock is a good team, they are a very put together team with talent, they play almost year round, same with Met.” Said Rauwolf. “We need to go into these games with a positive attitude looking for another win.” 

5:30 PM Kayhi V vs Klawock V 

5:00 PM Kayhi JV vs Met JV 
7:00 PM Kayhi V vs Met V 

11:00 AM Kayhi JV2 vs Met JV 
1:00 PM Kayhi V vs Met V

College Fair

Preston McLaren
Staff Writer

College Fair is back again as 51 colleges from around the US meet at Kayhi to promote their school today.
Representatives from these colleges will be at Kayhi for the duration of the day with stats, figures, and pamphlets to help students learn about their college and opportunities provided. 
All students have an opportunity to go to the fair during the day. It lasts from 10:30-11:50, and resumes from 12:30-1:50.

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