PA system fixed – for now

By Connor Bird
Staff Writer

After three weeks of issues , the Kayhi Public Address system is fixed. Over the summer, the school received an upgrade to the phone system through Ketchikan Public Utilities. But the upgrade, sending calls through the computer’s IP addresses, made the bells and phones incompatible.
Secretary Kelli Carlin-Auger said the problem arose during the announcements.
“Every time we would go to make an announcement, the bells would stop working,” said Carlin-Auger. “So we started to catch on, and sure enough, it was because of the new system.”
KPU made a temporary fix to the phone, but it won’t be for long. The current phone system relies on one analog phone that is the only phone capable of doing announcements (without shutting off the bells). Maintenance Foreman Tim Jensen said the issue was the age of the phone.
“That phone system is about twenty five years old,” said Jensen. “It’s going to be difficult trying to get new parts for it, since it’s been around for so long.”
Soon enough, all of the 80-100 phones will be updated, and compatible. Though it will not be cheap roughly $300 per phone.  KPU will also have to adjust every clock in the building.
The change has been on the budget for years, voted by the City and the Borough.

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