Choir to perform Tuesday

By Kodi Goodman
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Choir will be preforming its first concert  at 7 pm Oct. 14 in the Kayhi Auditorium.
Director Trina Purcell said she hopes the hard work memorizing, rehearsing, and hitting pitches will pay off.
“I think it will go great,” she said. “In two different ways, one the group always pulls it off… and the other way I know it will be great is that the parents are going to love it no matter what.”
Junior Alanna McKee agrees.
“The most challenging part of the choir would be memorizing lyrics,” said McKee.
This is the first choir to have over a hundred students and the first ever women’s choir group. The songs that will be sung are ‘Babethandaza’ a South African song sung in the Zulu language, ‘Ubi Caritas’ sung in Latin, ‘Hark I Hear The Harps Eternal’, and also ‘We Are The Ones We Been Waiting For’ a South African song.

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