Selective hearing

What to look for when choosing headphones

By Connor Bird
Staff Writer

When you’re going to buy a new pair of headphones, there’s a lot to consider – prices, style, color and quality all play into the decision.
Senior Douglas Cook said he looks for a specific sound.
“With headphones I look for strong bass,” said Cook. “As long as the sound quality is crystal clear, then I’m good.”
If style is more important than money, Beats would be your best choice, ranging from a low of $170, to the high of Special Edition for $600 (along with a range of colors) With the title of “Beats by Dre,” attached, many spend top dollar on the headphones due to the celebrity endorsement. Dr. Dre is a Hip Hop icon who revolutionized the music genre in the 90’s, and is now a well known producer. Senior Nathaniel Day said he was excited when he got his first pair.
“It was the first expensive pair of headphones that I bought,” said Day. “But I wasn’t sure if it was the money that made them sound so good.”
If you’re looking for something less fancy, and focusing on quality, then Bose is a good choice; with a price range of $100-$400, Bose captures many different levels of sound quality. Careers Teacher Allegra Machado said Bose has a good reputation with her.
“Bose just has great sound, and they’re affordable,” said Machado. “They also have a great product replace warranty.”
In terms of less spendy headphones that capture a grand sound, Skullcandy ($70-$120) might be the best bargain buy and has more customization options than other brands. Skullcandy wearers can choose what they want down to the color of the cord. Junior Brandon Garton, said he likes the price.
“They’re cost effective,” said Garton. “And you don’t have to spend as much as you would on beats for the same quality.”
Finally, there are Turtle Beach headphones, which focus mainly on quality for video games; but considering the grand sound they provide, and the low down price range of $16-$300, why not make an investment for the music? With an identical look to regular over ear headphones, gamers are often the only ones who will notice the difference in what you’re wearing. Senior Owen Tarpey said he enjoys the quality.
“They’re really clear, and every part of every song is audible,” said Tarpey. “You get to hear what you’re intended to hear.”
Though there are many other brands of headphone manufacturers, it’s all up to you to choose the best pair, and the ones that fit you. So do some research before you spend, and you could save yourself lots of money, and still get what you’re looking for.

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