New teachers hitting stride

By Gabby Clark
Staff Writer

This fall Ketchikan High school has four new faces and one familiar one in the classrooms.
Kayhi vice principal Mike Rath said he is pleased with the new hires so far.
“The new teachers seem to be doing pretty well,” said Rath.
Linnaea Troina is back at Kayhi for her tenth year.  She taught at Kayhi for nine years then took a break and now she’s back teaching again.
“I love teaching here,” Troina said.
Jeff Shelton is the new shop teacher at Kayhi. He’s married to Shayla Shelton who also teaches at Kayhi.  He was born in Salt Lake City Utah.
“I love it here,” Mr. Shelton said. “I get my own big shop. I’m in heaven.”
Mrs. Shelton is the new careers teacher. Mrs. Shelton was born in Idaho Falls.  She taught in Point Hope Alaska and Skagway.
“I love it here,” Mrs. Shelton said. “The kids are awesome.”
Todd Henke is the new yearbook and welding teacher. Henke was born in Cache Valley, Utah. He taught in Barrow for five years before moving to Ketchikan.
“I have Mr. Henke for welding, he’s a pretty cool guy – great teacher,” said junior Jayce Carlson.
Jeff Lund is a new English teacher.  Lund was born in Colorado and moved to Klawock when he was five. Lund taught at East Union High school in Manteca, California until last fall. He taught sophomore English, yearbook, journalism and he coached a basketball team.
“I like it here, a lot of technology available,” Lund said. “The student body seems interested in education and staff has been welcoming and helpful.”

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