Kings cast first votes

By Cheyenne Mathews and Catey Mendoza
Staff Writers

Some Kayhi seniors exercised their right to vote Tuesday in the mid-term elections.
Senior Erika Wiberg said she voted because it was a part of turning 18.
“I voted because when I turned 18 it was a new privilege I was given and I want to experience everything I’m able to do… it’s our civil duty as the people of the United States to vote because this government is meant for us to control,” said Wiberg. “If we don’t vote how do we have a say in how our government runs?”
Other seniors like Savannah Scanlon also voted.
“I voted because it was my first time voting and my parents wanted me to see how the voting process works,” Scanlon said. “In my opinion voting can be important if you’re interested enough in everything that is going on in the elections.”
Some Kayhi seniors were old enough to vote but didn’t. Senior Luisa Orta said she didn’t vote but wished she had.
“I didn’t vote because I procrastinated and didn’t register to vote. I wish I would have because it would have been an opportunity to voice my opinion,” said Orta. “Now I won’t be able to do anything about the results whether I like them or not.”
Wiberg said it is important for those age eligible to be able to vote.
“I don’t believe seniors are too young to vote. When we turn 18 we step into the, “adult world” and should be able to make adult decisions,” said Wiberg. “For instance, If our government is willing to have 18 year olds get shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight for our American safety and beliefs, they should be able to have their voice apart of the voting tally.”

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