Opinion: I thought senior year was supposed to be fun

Connor Bird
Connor Bird

By Catey Mendoza
Design Chief

Even before the first day of school this year I could already feel the steam shooting out of my ears. I guess that’s what they try to warn you about all throughout high school, but it still doesn’t make senior year any easier. It’s all just a constant worry.
High school is supposed to be some of the best years of our lives, or that’s what everyone told us anyway. At this point, Talkeetna’s cat mayor makes more sense to me than that does. All the confusion, frustration, countless hours of no sleep, stressing and just being overwhelmed does not sound like the memories I want to remember from high school. Does it take away from the “high school experience” and leave you standing at graduation just remembering all those hard times? That’s where I disagree.
You see it may be hard now, but along the way we make friends, try new things, make memories with the people we’ve known for all these years. These are the memories that will make it all worth it in the end. But the journey is what matters now and let me tell you, the struggle is way more than real.
Some days I walk through the halls of Kayhi wondering, “where am I going to be in 4 years from now?” I have no idea. Sometimes I have to ask myself what the point is of going through all these years of school; why do I spend 6 hours of my day sitting in class? What am I ever going to use any of this for? I could be doing so many other things right now. In reality, we may never use any of this in our lives, but some of us might. High school is a time for preparation. It prepares us for what lies beyond the high school diplomas whether it be college, tech school, working, serving our country, or whatever we decide to do with our lives.
The hard part is getting there. And getting there means doing all your school work to keep grades up as well as applying for scholarships and schools. And being able to submit it all means meeting deadlines. And meeting deadlines means not procrastinating to get things done. But who really does that? Procrastination is stupid and we all regret it every time it happens, but that doesn’t stop anyone from doing it. Just like when we begin to grow up and everyone puts that off till the last minute. Who really wants to worry any more than we already are? Not me. But it’s inevitable.
The real question is what are we going to do with our lives? How are we going to be able to afford it? Everything now a days is way too expensive and college tuitions are always rising. This makes me want to give up on everything. How am I expected to just go out on my own after being with my parents and family for 18 years of my life? Do I really want to be that person with 3 jobs and no social life just to be able to afford to do what I want? But wait, what do I want again? There is so much to think about and consider and it’s completely overwhelming. Some days I’d love to just shut off and disengage. To run away and not have to worry about any of it.
In Jon Krakauer’s book Into the Wild, Chris McCandless tried this but unfortunately for him that didn’t work. He ran away from society to live by himself in the woods in Alaska to get away. Some days I feel like that would be a great idea, just to run away from it all. But if you read into McCandless’ story you would know that he died four months later.
Take it as a lesson that no matter how stressful senior year is, running away from our problems is never the solution. McCandless ran away to escape society and ended up dead. People now go visit the bus he died in for some deeper understanding or enlightenment. As nice as running away sounds, I can’t and I won’t. To persist and push through is most important. It doesn’t make it any easier, but it does make it worth it at the end to know that all that you have done is what got us here and it’s what will get us through senior year.

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