Kayhi takes first at home debate

Staff Reports

Kayhi hosted and competed in the December DDF meet Dec. 12 and Dec. 13. Ketchikan Debate Drama and Forensics team competed against five other high schools from Southeast Alaska.
Debate team members Audrey Kistler and Cheyenne Mathews placed first in public forum debate. Kistler and Mathews won the final debate with a unanimous decision by a panel of three judges.
Kayhi debate coach Mrs. Woodward said that she was very happy with how the meet went.
“The Ketchikan home debate meet went very well,” Woodward said, “I was very proud of my students and all the time and effort they put forth.”
The resolve of the debate meet was ‘For-profit prisons should be banned.’ Kistler and Mathews debated the negation of the resolve in the final debate.
Woodward said that Kistler felt prepared and her efforts showed in the final debate.
“Before the debate even started Kistler told me she felt more prepared for this resolve than ever before. I guess she was right because with a 6-1 record her team with Mathews was on fire.” Woodward said.
Kayhi teams Kinani Halvorsen and Claire Landis along with Frances Barry and Anthony Joslyn also ranked within the top ten debate teams.
Mathews placed fourth in speaker points and Landis placed 11th.
In original oratory Kistler placed third with a speech on patience.
In extemporaneous speaking Mathews placed fourth and Joslyn took seventh.
Kayhi also placed high in Drama events. Sophomore Bella Posey took second place in solo acting and extemporaneous commentary. Posey took first in dramatic interpretation and did a command performance for the second time this season.
Woodward said that Posey impressed her with her performance in dramatic interpretation.
“Posey did an incredible job on her dramatic interpretation. She performed a compelling rendition of Edgar Allan Poe’s “A Tell Tale Heart.” She finished first place in both of the rooms she competed in and ended up 1st in finals as well.”
This meet was the first time Kayhi debate took first the entire season. There is one more Southeast meet in Juneau. DDF state is in February.

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