Kayhi’s finest at the annual wearable arts show

By Leif Svenson
Staff Writer

The Ted Ferry Civic Center was full of life this weekend as the Annual Wearable Art showcased strange costumes and creative dances with the theme of World Beat.
Ketchikan is actually the first place to have a Wearable Art Show and proudly continued its wacky tradition this year with some Kayhi’s own artists and models. In this years show, Bella Posey, Mrs.Whyte, Mrs. Karlick, and Gwen Ranniger all participated and were all models. But Posey wasn’t just a model, she was also the artist, creating her own costume.
“It is a bird,” said Posey, “there are multiple birds, the world beat, and wings beating was done by multiple artists universally.”
These costumes take plenty of time and are made by very talented artists.
“I got about 22 black trashbags and the inside is rainbow table clothes, many people went with a color there,” said Posey. “But I thought what looks good with black – everything!”
The backs of her wings took about 10 hours and the inside took about 5. Next years themes are still being debated but artists will definitely be ready to impress, just like every year.

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