Three Kayhi students selected to northwest band

By Cheyenne Mathews
Editor in Chief

Juniors Hannah Crowder, Lora Starr and Amber Junker will be representing Kayhi at the All Northwest Honor Band in Spokane, Washington this year.
Starr plays the trumpet and said she was excited to be accepted.
“Everyone auditions and they pick the best to be in the band,” Starr said.” It’s an honor.”
Junker and Starr said that Kayhi band members were eligible for the honor band but only a few auditioned.
“Nuss [Mrs. Pagnotta], told the whole band they were eligible to audition if they wanted to,” said Starr, “but we [Junker, Crowder and Starr] were the ones who wanted to.”
Starr and Junker said that six states are featured at All Northwest Honor Band and the honor band lasts about three days.
Starr said that she is happy to being going to Spokane but worried about playing her instrument.
“[I’m] excited, I guess but nervous,” said Starr. “It’s intimidating because everyone will be really good at their instrument.”
Crowder said she was excited to make the honor band especially because she plays the bassoon.
All three students are part of a smaller sect of Northwest Honor Band called Wind Symphony. Wind symphony is for smaller schools with less than 1,000 students. Starr said that the Wind Symphony audition was not as hard as the North West Audition.
“For wind symphony it [ the audition] was really easy,” said Starr. “For all Northwest it was really challenging.”
Junker, Crowder, and Starr have all participated in other bands such as Southeast Honor Band and State Honor Band but All Northwest is the only one outside of Alaska.
Junker said that her experiences in other honor bands have made her a better trombone player.
“You always learn new things,” said Junker, “from playing under a new director.”
Starr said that she has also had good learning experiences in other honor bands and said that All Northwest will only further her abilities as a trumpet player.
“Being able to work with a professional director is a new experience,” said Starr. “And you also get to work with peers who are equally good or better, which is inspiring.”
Senior Tommy Varela is also going to All Northwest but instead of band he is going for choir.
In the past Kayhi has sent alumni Micah Long to All Northwest Choir.

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