Bears top Kings twice

Staff Reports

The Juneau Douglas Crimson Bears boys soccer team handed the Ketchikan Kings their first two conference losses in Juneau May 8th 7-0 and 9th 2-1.
The Kings gave the Bears two goals on Friday from penalty kicks due to sloppy plays. The Kings lacked intensity on both sides of the ball, but adjusted. The Kings tweaked their formation a little by adding a defensive mid to pressure the ball. Going into the second game the Kings needed to give the Bears less space, maintain position and minimize mistakes, they did just that. The Kings only let 2 goals on Saturday. The Kings defence and goalkeeper junior Brennen Schulz played a major role in the Bears decrease in scoring. Schulz made over 10 saves on goal. The boys even put in one goal in the second half. Sophomore Radek Radzilowski tapped in a goal from a pass by junior Leif Svenson to make the score 2-1. This is the closest the Kings have come to defeating the Bears in 4 years. The boys will be playing Juneau in Ketchikan on May 22 and 23.

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