Juneau beats kayhi on senior night

By Jake Smith
Sports Writer

Kayhi football lost at home 48-30 officially diminishing a playoff hope for the Kings, and continuing a long drought of missed postseasons. Kayhi got down early 27-0, and showed some resilience for a bit in the second half, cutting it down. But, the Crimson Bears finally shut down the revolt, and pulled away.
Nate Fousel, Brian McClennan, Jayce Carlson, and Kyle Schnur all celebrated senior day before the game.
Freshman QB Brendan Wong completed 13 of 32 passes, with 131 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions. Trevor Ortiz had a good rushing day, running downhill most of the game, and scoring on a 10-yard rush. Schnur was targeted most by QB Brendan Wong, and connected on an 18-yard touchdown pass.
“We played played pretty hard,” Fousel said. “Closest game we have had with Juneau.”
Football travels to Juneau to play TMHS on Sept. 19.


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