Weekend sports recap

Kayhi Volleyball plays the Lady Braves over the weekend.  COURTNEE MCDOWELL- JONES
Kayhi Volleyball plays the Lady Braves over the weekend. COURTNEE MCDOWELL- JONES

The Lady Kings had a difficult time against the Lady Braves on Friday, Sept. 11. That day the Lady Kings went through all 5 sets with the Lady Braves and lost the battle, 3-2 with Kayhi only winning 2 sets.
“We were a little unorganized as a team,” said senior Kaia Michalsen
Saturday Sept. 12. The Lady Kings bounced back with 3 sets to none. The game scores include set 1: 25-23, set 2: 25-20, set 3: 25-15.
“I feel that we played really well against them, we won the second day because we played together and we were able to fix our mistakes,” said Michalsen.
Kassandra Montero

Cross Country
Ketchikan girls Cross Country team came in second place as a team in the meet last week in Wrangell. Erika Rodanhisler and Sarah Cool lead the way for the girls. Rodanhisler had a time of 19:53 and Cool had a time of 21:26.67. Leif Svenson was first for the Kayhi boys to cross the finish line and came in 11th place out of all the runners. Svenson’s time was 17:19.19. Kayhi boys team came in 4th place overall. Sitka came in first JDHS came in 2nd and TMHS came in 3rd.
“It’s hard finishing among the top runners you take a beating when you’re running and trying for the top spots,” said senior Captain Svenson.
“It feels good competing and challenging myself and knowing that I’m pushing other people to do their best,” said senior Captain Cool.
The Kayhi Cross Country team will be racing in Ketchikan this weekend.
-Mo Bullock

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