On the spot: Principal Bob Marshall

Principal Bob Marshall is in his first year at Kayhi.
Principal Bob Marshall is in his first year at Kayhi.

By Sage Acteson and Jacob Shay
Staff Writers

Current: What is your full name?
Marshall: Robert D. Marshall III.

Current: What is your favorite quote?
Marshall: “Bob, If no one else is laughing, it probably wasn’t funny.”- Robert Marshall II

Current: Any pet peeves?
Marshall: Dishonesty

Current: Favorite Movie?
Marshall: Tommy Boy

Current: What experience do you have in administration positions?
Marshall: This is my seventh year as an administrator.

Current: Where did you graduate?
Marshall: Clover Park High School, Lakewood, Washington

Current: Favorite book?
Marshall: Whichever book I’m reading currently.

Current: Do you have any kids?
Marshall: Yes, three. Lucas, 8, Sam, 4, and Piper, 2.

Current: Favorite color?
Marshall: Blue

Current: What college did you attend and what did you study?
Marshall: Pacific Lutheran University with a degree in Education and an endorsement in Social Studies.

Current: Favorite past time for out of school life?
Marshall: I enjoy spending time with my family, especially with my kids before they grow up.

Current: Where did you grow up?
Marshall: My father was an Air Force technician so we traveled a lot. I lived in Korea for two years, from 1980 to 1982, and spent some time in Canada.

Current: Favorite getaway?
Marshall: The living room.

Current: Favorite sport to watch?
Marshall: Football

Current: Favorite sport to play?
Marshall: Golf

Current: How often do you play golf?
Marshall: Six times a year maybe.

Current: Any experience coaching sports?
Marshall: I coached co-ed volleyball in Hooper Bay with my wife. We did okay.

Current: How long have you lived in Alaska?
Marshall: Nine years.

Current: Where were you born?
Marshall: Wabash, Indiana.

Current: Socks with sandals or are you a normal person?
Marshall: No way

Current: iPhone or Android?
Marshall: iPhone

Current: Pie or cake?
Marshall: Coconut cream pie.

Current: Are you right or left handed?
Marshall: Right handed

Current: Do you have any pets?
Marshall: A miniature Doxen named Mitzi, My wife insisted on a german name because it’s a german dog breed.

Current: Would you rather have a cat?
Marshall: Yes…

Current: What superpower would you have if you could have one?
Marshall: Wolverine’s combination of powers (healing and strength).

Current: If you could be any animal what would you be?
Marshall: An owl because I like to fly.

Current: Do you prefer the summer or winter olympics? Favorite event?
Marshall: Summer Olympics, handball and fencing.

Current: What countries have you traveled to?
Marshall: Korea and Canada.

Current: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you have and why?
Marshall: I would have my iPod for music, a Bible because my faith is important to me, and pictures of the people I love so I can have something physical to remember them by.

Current: What is the difference between a taco and a soft taco?
Marshall: The crunch. All about that crunch.

Current: Do you drink soda?
Marshall: I don’t drink soda, but if I had to, Coca Cola.  

Current: What is the weirdest food you’ve ever been offered?
Marshall: Either seal in seal oil, or muktuk.

Current: If you could travel anywhere where would you go and why?
Marshall: I would go to Australia. There are amazing animals, nice people, and it’s just generally appealing.

Current: Ethnic background?
Marshall: Caucasian, Scottish, Irish, and German.

Current: What is the hardest challenge you’ve faced and how’d you overcome it?
Marshall: My wife and I experienced a miscarriage. I just had to tell her how much I loved her, and did everything I could to be there and overcome it with her. Thankfully we were blessed with other children later on in life.

Current: What question do you hate to answer?
Marshall: I don’t hate any questions really.

Current: What do you think the most valuable thing in life is?
Marshall: The most valuable thing in life would be relationships, not necessarily just with your significant other, but everyone in your life.

Current: Would you rather live in the mountains or on the beach?
Marshall: Someplace like here, where they are both readily available.

Current: Would you rather travel by plane, train, boat, or car?
Marshall: By plane

Current: Worst injury you’ve ever had?
Marshall: I broke my leg when I was one, nobody knows how. That was the only significant injury.

Current: Favorite food?
Marshall: Teriyaki hot n’ spicy chicken. I can eat that all day long, but you have to go to the right teriyaki place to eat it. Every place does it differently.

Current: How do you like your steak?
Marshall: Medium Rare.

Current: How would you describe your humor?
Marshall: My wife describes my humor as “deadpan”. They can’t tell if I’m serious, and I have to let people in on the joke.

Current: Out of all the places you have lived which was your favorite and why?
Marshall: Massachusetts, there is so much history.

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