Ed the ace

Ed Klein poses for the last time in his office.
Ed Klein worked as AD for five years at Kayhi.

AD Ed Klein Retires

Bernadette Franulovich
Staff Writer

Ask any student who Ed Klein is, or what he does, and they’ll be able to tell you. Then ask Kayhi students what Klein’s favorite thing to do is and they’ll say golf.
That’s why most people know about Klein’s signature shirt: The Kayhi School Golfing Team. Of course Kayhi doesn’t have a golf team, but because, “golf is the purpose of life,” for Klein, he proudly wears it anyways. Because of Ketchikan’s lack of a golf course, Mr. Klein takes every opportunity to go golfing when he’s down south, or to goes to the course in Wrangell, or to his friend’s house who has a virtual golf simulation program.
Even though Ketchikan doesn’t have a golf course, Klein has lived here his entire life, except during his college education when he attended Brigham Young University. There he  earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Administration, and then began law school before he realized he wanted a different career.
Since then, Klein has worked as both a paraprofessional and the Athletic Director at Kayhi. His eccentric personality has allowed him to really connect with the students. Swim coach Megan Beattie has worked with Klein for many years, and she said he is one of the hardest working people she’s ever met.
“[Mr. Klein is] quirky, and he’s got a personality,” said Beattie.
Being the Athletic Director at Kayhi is a monumental task, but because of Klein’s hard working nature he still did an amazing job according to Beattie.
“He did awesome. He was here at school more than anyone should have to be. It’s like a 24/7 job, and when I coach I can always call him anytime of the day, and he’ll help out,” said Beattie. But, despite being super busy the job has its perks and combines two of Klein’s favorite things.
“You can be at a baseball game, screaming your guts out, and you’re at work,” said Klein. “I love sports, and I love dealing with kids.”
Klein doesn’t have any solid plans for what he’s going to do after his resignation, but he’s on the hunt for something awesome.
“I keep looking for a job that’s incredible that’s fascinating,” said Klein, “and I keep not finding it… this job [AD] has been the closest I’ve found to that.”
The reason for Klein’s resignation isn’t specific, but he said, “It was just time, it’s been five years, and like any job, it has its good parts and bad parts. It’s a lot of hours.”
Athletes here at Kayhi like Mo Bullock will definitely notice his absence.
“Ed is the kind of guy you can get inspiration from, and he’s awesome,” said Mo Bullock.

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