KTB Nutcracker performance tonight at 7:30

By Haley Hanna
Managing Editor

The opening night of the Ketchikan Theatre Ballet’s annual Nutcracker is Friday Dec. 4 at 7:30 and Saturday Dec. 5 at 4:00 in the Kayhi auditorium. The cost is $12 for students and $18 for adults.
Senior Clara Stanton is playing the Dew Drop Fairy and encourages families to come and experience the magic.
“It’s a good family show, kids and adults can enjoy it,” said Stanton. “You get to enjoy the experience of learning the story.”
This is also Stanton’s last Nutcracker performance with KTB.
“I hope that I can perform my best so that I can be happy with my last Nutcracker performance.” said Stanton.
Senior Mac Hancock is playing a father and Arabian and is excited for his first performance on the stage.
“I’m getting to perform in front of people for the first time,” said Hancock. “I’m most excited for the finale because we get to leap.”
Hancock has been attending the Nutcracker for years, and being able to finally participate in it is the perfect Christmas present.
“As to why you should come and watch it,” Hancock said “it’s a good way to get into the Christmas spirit.”
Senior Rudy Pankow is playing a father and Arabian as well and he is looking forward to watching the seniors perform their solos.
“I’m excited to see what happens when lifting Avery [lead Arabian],” said Pankow. “I’m also excited to see the seniors do their dances.”
Senior Natasha Bolshakoff is playing the Snow Queen and despite this being her last year she is excited for people to come watch.
“I’ve been doing this forever and then it’s just going to end,” Bolshakoff said. “It tells a story, people can relate to it because it’s a fairy tale.”
Junior Spencer Landis plays many roles including the Guardian fairy, feels like time is flying by.
“It already feels like it’s over,” said Landis. “But I’m just excited to perform.”


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