Smartphone Showdown


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The Case for Android

By Pablo Orta
Staff Writer

I shouldn’t really have to explain why Android is better than iPhone, but for those who have been blindly buying iPhones because they were the best thing out in 2007, here the top five reasons why Android beats iPhone:

1: Camera options and features.
Better lighting, brighter colors, and cooler features are just some of the comments that were made about the Galaxy Note 4’s picture quality when compared to the iPhone 6. In a side by side comparison the Note 4’s outdoor picture quality proved to be much better than that of the iPhone with nine out of ten people picking the Note 4 over the iPhone 6. Five people were iPhone users and five were android users and all picked the Note 4’s superior camera features over the iPhone 6’s. Android supplies customers with numerous amounts of camera features like 360 panorama, action shot, beauty shot, and animated photo while Apple restricts its users to slow mo and panorama.

2: Software.
Software is one of the biggest selling points of any and all phones on the market. The first thing most people do when buying a phone is comparing features and the sorts of cool things the phone can do. When it comes to cool features, Android takes the cake. For example, the ability to download/ use third party keyboards is a relatively new feature on iPhone that came out in 2014 with the iOS 8 update which allowed users to download Swift- key, which has been available on Android since 2010. From the time that the iPhone was first released till now, Apple’s only original features are Siri, Touch ID, and iMessage.

3: Design
Android has been able to completely beat out any and all competition when it comes to design by distributing its platform across hundreds of different devices. With Android you get to choose from a large variety of phones: phones with big screens, small screens, rug- ged phones, waterproof phones, basically any phone you can think of, Android’s got it. iPhone on the other hand has had a total of five designs over 12 phones, wow! What a wide selection of phones! Apple’s marketing logo for the iPhone 6s is “The only thing that’s changed is everything”, since when does “everything” mean adding an ‘s’ to the end of the name?

4: More storage for less money.
The iPhone has long been the most expensive smartphone on the market. Apple wants their customers to believe that this is because they are getting absolutely nothing but the best in every aspect of a phone. The truth is, Apple has been cheating you out of your money by skimping out in many categories most noticeably storage. According to T-Mobile, an off-contract 5.5 inch screen iPhone 6 plus with 64GB will run you $850 while an off-contract 5.5 inch screen OnePlus One Android smartphone with 64GB will only cost you $350, that’s $500 more just to get an Apple on the back of your phone.

5: Better Battery.
Always having to carry your iPhone charger around? Android has been able to improve battery life like no other operating system out there, with options like power saving mode and ultra power saving mode which can make your battery last for various days. Super fast charging is another benefit Android phones have, according to the iPhone 6 takes two hours to get fully charged while companies like Samsung and LG who have super fast charging, guarantee a full charge within an hour.

POSTSCRIPT; During the process of editing, my competitor’s iPhone froze due to an update that was sup- posed to “improve” the software….

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The Case for iPhone

By Jahlil Smith
Staff Writer

The competition between iPhones and the Android phone is a hot topic but we all know that the iPhone is clearly the best phone out today, from its central hardware system to the way the phone looks aesthetically. It tops the charts in a legion of categories. It’s hard to believe that there is a competition to determine which company has the better phone. This past year the iPhone grew three and a half times greater than the rest of the industry worldwide, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are the most popular phones in the world far above any other phone. The camera on the iPhone 6 is far more superior than any other phone out right now.

1: Camera
Yeah, you can pick the Android phones if you like the cool color sight of the pictures, but to get the best quality picture pick the iPhone, for its 8-megapixel iSight camera with 1.5u pixels, Autofocus with focus pixels, Auto image stabilization, and Hybrid IR filter. And oh my gosh the video recording is phenomenal, both the iPhone 6 and 6 plus use 1080p HD video recording (30 fps or 60 fps), True tone flash, Slo-mo video (120 fps or 240 fps), Cinematic autofocus video, and 3x zoom. (According to

2: Hardware
The hardware on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus is one of the most advanced technology out today, second only to the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. iPhone 6 and 6s runs on a A8 & M8 motion coprocessor.
The Voice assistant on the iPhone is slightly more exceptional, the Android’s voice assistant types as you talk and works off line, but Siri has a fun personality and understands natural languages a bit better than Android. (

3: Bloatware
Apple phones have minimal bloatware (
Bloatware is software whose usefulness is reduced because of the excessive disk space and memory it requires and unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer. Never having enough space on your phone is just a hassle and nobody likes when you’re trying to take a picture and it says, “Sorry needs more storage.”

4: iOS system
The features within the iOS system are some of the best features to have on a phone. With Apple pay to eliminate the use of a credit cards, the ability to configure with an Apple watch, now with the new iOS 9 update it adds a couple new like Airdrop, Wallet, News updated Siri, and multitasking. Some new apps that iOS 9 brings to the table is a news app to stay in touch with the world, an updated Notebook, the Notes app can now do more than just take your notes, it can be turned into a checklist, sketch your thoughts,and note with a photo.

5: The processor
The Apple A8 is a 64-bit ARM based system on a chip (SoC) designed by Apple inc. What can the A8 chip do? A8 processor is much faster, and the efficiency of the A8 chip is greatly upgraded, from the last generation.

POSTSCRIPT: When my phone works again it will be awesome.


Living with Lactose Intolerance In a World Full of Dairy

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By Eliah Anderson
Staff Writer

I come from Wisconsin the land of cows and milk, and I am lactose intolerant.
The real problem lies in that I love the taste of dairy- mac and cheese, ice cream, chocolate, or milk shakes.
You name it, I love it. As some might conclude this leads to some uncomfortable situations.
Lactose intolerance is defined as the reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy. According to a governmental study 65% of the human population is lactose intolerant. While most people are shy to admit their lack of significant enzymes, I will boldly proclaim that I am lactose intolerant, however, that doesn’t necessarily make the ailment any less pleasant.
Many have suggested I take a magical pill that allows me to digest dairy without the discomfort. Produced by Lactaid the “pill” provides fast acting support for lactose intolerants who want to indulge. What most people don’t realize is that the “pill” is not for everyone. Some of us (me included) must seek that freedom in less desirable ways.
For those unfortunate few who can’t take the “pill” I have devised another method for users to get those tastes. Ezrie, my little sister, happens to be a heavy consumer of dairy which means that not only do we always have a supply of dairy in our house but I have to regularly overcome the excruciating pain of watching her enjoy these products. I admit that I am not perfect. Sometimes the lure of dairy becomes too much and I succumb to the cravings.
Luckily, I devised the one bite rule. When I see Ezrie or another family member eating a dairy delicacy, I run to the kitchen, grab my utensil, and allow myself one bite of bliss. It is amazing how long one bite can last but, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Because of the one bite rule moments of weakness are no longer followed by extensive periods holed up in the bathroom.
I perhaps am lucky because when I was a baby my parents seemed aware of my insignificant digestive tract and kept me dairy free from the very beginning. My parents experimented by giving me soy baby formula which, for obvious reasons, helped my mood.
From Kindergarten to Fifth Grade I lived in Wisconsin-the land of dairy products. I grew up in a town whose local economy relied on dairy farms. The high school mascot was the cheesemakers, the local festival was named Cheese Days and the town housed a cheese museum. In Wisconsin cheese is a big deal. Growing up in such of a hostile environment taught me at an early age the power of saying no.
However hard I try there are times when my self control weakens and a period of overindulgence ensues. Though these times are a shameful part of my past, I consider them a necessary segment of my journey. For the sake of my personal pride I will not go into detail on these tragic moments of life. The details will stay between me and the bathroom.
The good news is that new dairy- free products are introduced regularly in my life. I’ve tried vegan cheese, coconut yogurt, soy butter, and cashew ice cream. These products are somewhat helpful. They’re better than nothing and with a little imagination I can almost pretend I’m eating the real deal.
My support system from my parents has been vital to keeping me (mostly) dairy free. In the world of vegan food, my mother is a saint. As a newly proclaimed vegan she still possess an optimistic approach to making dairy free products. Her latest concoction was a pumpkin ice cream alternative and it wasn’t half bad. It pleased both my stomach and taste buds. I excitedly tried to tell my dairy loving sister Ezrie how great this dessert was and how a void in my life was now filled but she wasn’t impressed and simply rolled her eyes at my state of euphoria. Nonetheless, I remained undeterred in my plight to discover a world without dairy and with every passing day, I get a little closer.

Athlete Profiles: Senior Nate Fousel


                                                                                                   Picture by Nathan Buendia

By Bernie Franulovich
Staff Writer

He’s the dude with a lot of water and super short shorts. During wrestling season he’s often seen looking continually bruised and beaten from practices and competitions. He scares off all competitors with his tough-guy appearance.
Nathaniel Fousel is the 2014 state champion of the 195 weight class for 1A/2A/3A school division, and just this year he won the 4A state competition for the 195 weight class. He’s wrestled for eight years, four of those on the Kayhi team. He’s also been on the varsity baseball and football teams at Kayhi since he was a freshman. In the summer of 2014 he attended the JRobb Intensive Camp at the University of Minnesota, which is a hardcore program for top-notch wrestlers across the nation.
Not only is Fousel an experienced and talented wrestler, but he is also a high achieving student, and is involved with his community. He’s a member of National Honor Society, and he has been a Captain on the wrestling team since his sophomore year. Balancing a busy practice schedule with tons of homework from his numerous advanced placement courses, as well as helping out in the community, is more than difficult, it’s nearly impossible. Wrestling head Coach Rick Collins says that Fousel’s work ethic is second to none, and his school and athletic records are great evidence of that.
“Being on top of your homework, bring it on trips, doing your homework everyday after practice, and getting it all done, no matter what,” Fousel said. “Time management is a big deal.”
Fousel is a senior this wrestling season, a year that his competition has no doubt been waiting for since he was a freshman.  He’s one of those athletes that competed so well as a freshman he could have passed as a senior. Fousel says he would like to continue wrestling in college, but is unsure of his college plans. Collins says that he has the ability to compete in wrestling at the collegiate level.
“Competing at college is definitely a big jump, but he has abilities, but yeah for sure he could,” said Collins.
Senior year is a crazy year, but Nate isn’t letting any of that get to him. He set the goal of defending his championship title and he accomplished this goal, this time at the 4A level, because Kayhi moved back into the large schools class. Fousel has also set the lofty goal of being an All-American Athlete, even a National Champion.
“[Senior year] is kind of sad, but I’m mostly just excited. I want to finish off by doing really well,” said Fousel earlier this year.
This year Fousel’s weight class was even more competitive than last year, with a combination of Kayhi moving into a bigger division, and other wrestlers moving weight classes, so Fousel definitely had a challenge.
“An athlete like Nate comes around about every 15 years or so at this size of high school, he’s really talented, a super nice guy, highly intelligent, works really hard, and he’s definitely a great wrestler,” said Collins.

Kings and Lady Kings play Juneau this weekend

The Kings (10-2) will play Juneau Douglas (9-2) in their first conference games this weekend at home. The boys are coming off a two tournament win with the Joe T Classic and the O’Brady Invitational.
The last time Kayhi played JD was February 2015, when the Kings beat them 46-44 and 56-51 earning the top seed for the Region Tournament.

Lady Kings
Lady Kings will be playing Juneau Douglas at Juneau this weekend. The Lady Kings haven’t lost to Juneau girls for two years in a row and they will be looking to make that three years. Kayhi senior Eliah Anderson is only 10 points away from hitting her 1,000 points mark.

Jerry Galley Jazz Concert tomorrow

By Eliah Anderson
Staff Writer

The 17th annual Jerry Galley Jazz Concert will be held Wednesday, Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. in the Kayhi auditorium. There is no admission but donations will be collected to benefit Kayhi seniors pursuing musical degrees in college.
The concert will feature performances by the Kayhi Jazz band, the Kayhi Vocal Jazz, the Schoenbar Jazz Band and the Dale Curtis Dixieland Band.
The Kayhi Jazz band will perform funk tune Arnge Drank- featuring Dale Curtis on trumpet and Beyond the Sea- featuring the vocal styling of Myra Kalbaugh.
The Kayhi Vocal Jazz will perform jazz standards.
Returning from last year, the Schoenbar Jazz Band will be performing C-Jam Blues by Duke Ellington.
The Dale Curtis Dixieland Band features many of Ketchikan’s music teachers.

Kings win O’Brady’s Invitational

By Bernie Franulovich
Staff Writer

The boys basketball team beat West Valley 70-61 Jan. 23 for the win at the O’Brady’s Invitational in Anchorage.  Senior Jason James was the top scorer with 28, and was named MVP of the tournament. Senior Matthew Standley was also on the all-tournament team.
James scored 19 points in the tournament opener, a 62-52 win over Kenai Central. Kayhi beat Bartlett 65-61. James was also the top scorer for this game, with 29.

Kayhi Lady Kings still undefeated (11-0)

By Mo Bullock
Staff Writer

The Kayhi girls remain undefeated after winning both of their games last weekend against Thunder Mountain. Senior Eliah Anderson led the way the first night with 14 points and beat the Lady Falcons 59-30. The Lady Kings struggled offensively the second night, only scoring 17 first half points. Kayhi used an 18-4 third quarter run to take control and get the win 49-38. Leading the way for the Kings was junior guard AJ Dela-Cruz with 12 points. The Lady Kings will play Juneau Douglas in Juneau this weekend.