AcDc travels to Craig

By Eliah Anderson
Staff Writer

This weekend the AcDc team is traveling to Craig for a tournament. The team is lead by seniors Liz Vossen, Sage Acteson, Jesalyn Cachero, Lora Starr and Adrian Antonio.
Craig AcDc has an Academic Decathlon class while students at Kayhi have to meet after school to study.
“Now that we’ve had the first meet I expect all my decathletes will be motivated to study more before we go to our second regional meet in Craig,” coach Peter Stanton said.
Starr said the team will do well if everyone studied.
“It’s all about taking tests and studying,” she said. “We have a three hour ferry ride and lots of free time so we can study then.”
Dec. 4 through 5 Kayhi hosted its only home meet of the year. According to Stanton regional AcDc meets don’t have an official winning team, but Craig did the best overall.
At the last meet Anna Warmuth placed third in music, Gabriel Canfield placed second in economics, Antonio placed second in math, Acteson placed 9th overall and was first place in math and science, Vossen placed third overall and first in interview, and Star placed fourth overall.


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