Semester finals next week

By Eliah Anderson
Staff Writer

After two weeks of Christmas dinner leftovers, Star Wars and sleeping in, Kayhi students returned to school in time for finals week.
Starting Dec. 28 and ending Jan.1, Winter Break allows students to rest and spend time with family and friends over the holiday season. However, finals start Jan. 13 and leave students a little over a week to revive lost brain cells.
In the Anchorage School District on Jan. 9 students return from Winter Break greeted by the first day of the new semester. The Ketchikan School District starts later in the fall than the Anchorage School District. Consequently requiring finals two weeks after Winter Break.
Administrator Lorelie Richardson has been at Kayhi for 21 years and remembers a time when finals were before winter break. She said that it all depends on how the semester is calculated and that Kayhi used to start earlier allowing finals to occur sooner.
“If finals are before break then what do you with students? How do you keep them coming to class for the next two weeks,” Richardson said.
Their was a time when finals were stricter. Every teacher was required to give a final and every student was required to take a final with the only exception being a doctor’s note.
“I think it is fine [having finals after break]. It gives everybody a break. You guys don’t have to study so hard before Christmas break because finals aren’t as mandatory as they once were,” she said.

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