Kayhi implements new tardy policy

By Tug Olson
Staff Writer

Kayhi staff members have observed student tardiness and have implemented a new tardy policy. This issues a detention from every three tardies cyclically, discarding the previous protocol. Before this new approach, students would get four free tardies, but every single one after that would cost a detention. As the detention overseer, Mrs. Troina feels that the old policy fostered unfair outcomes and called for a change.
“It was a bit excessive,” said Mrs. Troina.“That being ten seconds late could lead to an hour of detention time”
For students who only acquire just a few tardies per semester, this policy may indicate unfairness, but for the majority that struggle with habitual tardiness, they do not have to serve as many detention. For example, 24 tardies would be eight detention periods, whereas before, those students would be dealing with 20.
“The old policy didn’t seem to be changing attendance issues for those who are habitually tardy,” Troina said.
Last semester, 25-30 students were attending every detention period due to their numerous tardies.
Detentions are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-4 p.m. in Mrs. Troina’s room (228). Additional days can be added if necessary.

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