Kayhi iLife movie hits YouTube

By Eliah Anderson
Staff Writer

After a two year break, Little Bill has returned. The revamped second movie in the series, Little Bill Stikes Back premiered Wednesday Feb. 10 in front of a room packed with Kayhi students and teachers. About 50-60 people attended the eagerly anticipated premiere.
Daniel Klose directed the movie and founded HothBrothers, the production company. His inspiration for film began in iLife, an elective class taught by Allegra Machado. The class has around 30 students and is an independent project class.
All the filming for the movie was done outside of class, however, Klose spent everyday of this last semester in iLife editing the footage. In total Klose put in over 100 hours on the project.
“For Dan it’s not only a hobby but a passion,” said Machado. “I am really proud of the hard work and effort that went into making a professional amature film. He plans to attend film school in Portland in the fall.”
The first movie of the installation, Little Bill’s Big Day was the first movie Klose had ever made. He wanted to make a second Little Bill movie to improve on the first film.
“The last one doesn’t make a lot of sense,” Klose said. “The new one is half sequel, half plot remake.”
Another change was the film editing software used, Final Cut Pro was used instead of iMovie.
“I was begging Machado to buy the new program [Final Cut Pro]. It made a big difference,” Klose added.
The extra work payed off as Little Bill Strikes Back had 685 views on YouTube after only a week on the web.

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