Baseball and boys soccer out of state

The Kayhi baseball team will begin its season on the road this week when it travels to Phoenix, Arizona for the Coach Bob Invitational Tournament. Kayhi will play three teams in the Open Division – Joy Christian on Thursday at 3:30 p.m., Goldwater on Friday at 3:30 p.m., and Willow Canyon on Saturday at 12 p.m.

The Kayhi Boys Soccer Team, with last year’s record of (2-8-2, 2-4-2), will be getting the 2016 season started this weekend as they travel down to Washington for their first official matches. The Kings will be playing three games in the Port Townsend area over three days. The team will be facing off against Port Townsend at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Sequim at 4 p.m. on Friday, and Port Angeles at 12:45 on Saturday.

Lady Kings 3rd at State, boys 5th

Lady Kings
The Kayhi girls (25-3, 8-0) finished third at the state tournament last week. Third is the highest placement of any team in the Lady Kings history
The No. 3 seeded Lady Kings beat Chugiak 46-30 in the first round to set up a rematch with No. 2 Dimond.  Kayhi held an early lead but a 9-0 run to close the first half put the Lynx in the lead for  good. Kayhi pulled to within one point with a few minutes remaining in the game, but lost 44-38.
The Lady Kings then bounced back against West Valley in the third place game. The four seniors all scored in double-figures in their last game, a 64-55 win. Senior Lexi Biggerstaff guarded 3-time Gatorade player of the year Ruthy Hebard.
“Individually it helped me build confidence guarding someone like that,” said Biggerstaff. “You really have to work harder and it made the win more important for the team”
Biggerstaff and senior Eliah Anderson were on the third team All- State Basketball team. Biggerstaff and  Anderson were selected to the All-Tournament team.

The Kings (22-8, 6-2)  won the sportsmanship award and finished off the 2016 season by placing 5th at the state tournament last week. The Kings went 1-2, both losses off buzzer beaters by the opposing teams Juneau Douglas and East Anchorage.
Kayhi went into the tournament seeded 5th, and Thursday they played Wasilla (seeded 4th), and won 71-50. Jason James was named the player of the game and was the top scorer with 23 points.
Friday’s game was a matchup between longtime rival Juneau Douglas. The Kings were looking for redemption from the 64-61 loss during the Region V Tournament, but couldn’t find it as they fell 42-40, as JD’s Kaleb Tompkins made a buzzer beater shot. Senior Isaac Johnson was named Kayhi’s player of the game, and Matthew Standley was top scorer with nine.
This loss put Kayhi into the 3rd place game early Saturday morning against East Anchorage, who they played last December and beat 80-59. East led throughout the first half of the game, but Kayhi caught up in the second half. With only eight seconds of the game left Standley tied the score with a three, but East’s Daon Jone’s sealed the win for East by making a three at the buzzer.
Senior Mo Bullock was named the player of the game for Saturday, and junior Jake Smith was top scorer with 16 points.
James was on the second team of the 4A All-State Basketball Team, and Bullock was on the third team. Johnson was named to the all tournament team.


Mathews wins Alaskan Distinguished Young Women

By Bernie Franulovich
Staff Writer

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.59.19 AM.png

Front Row (left to right): Megan Daugherty, Faithe Gray, Marie Nakada
Back Row (left to right): Madison Pope, Alyssa Hampton, Cheyenne Mathews, Talia Bowles, Kiana Wood, Anika Mudge, Brenna Rollman

Kayhi senior Cheyenne Mathews won the annual Distinguished Young Women competition last week in Ketchikan. Three Ketchikan seniors participated in the competition, Madison Pope, Megan Daugherty, and Mathews along with six other girls from around Alaska.
The Distinguished Young Women Program is more than a pageant, with emphasis on academics, confidence, leadership, and talents. The candidates competed in five categories: interview, self expression, talent, scholastics, and fitness. There are also two additional $500 essay scholarships from Rotary 2000 on the topic ‘Service above Self’ and from PEO Chapter A&H ‘Be Your Best Self’, and another $500 scholarship from GCI for whichever candidate best embodies DYW’s ‘Be Your Best Self’ Spirit.
Cheyenne Mathews won the overall competition as well as the interview, self expression, talent, and scholastics portions. The awards for winning the overall competition include a 2-year tuition scholarship to any University of Alaska campus and a $1,250 cash scholarship, as well as $500 for every category that she won. Mathew’s overall cash scholarships from the event totaled $3,250.
Mathews’ is involved in numerous activities around Kayhi including being the Student Body Association President and a Co-Chair of the Youth Advisory Committee to the Forest Service.
She is planning on attending the University of Alaska Anchorage next year to major in journalism and political science, as well as participate in the Seawolf Debate Program. Madison Pope won a $500 scholarship for winning the fitness portion of the competition, as well as being the 2nd runner up and winning $750.
Pope is also very active at Kayhi, she’s on the Kayhi Dance Team, President of Pep Club, and is in National Honor Society. Pope hopes to attend University of Portland to pursue a communications and a dance career.
Alyssa Hampton, who attends Dimond High School, was the 1st runner up winning $1,000, and won the spirit portion of the competition taking away $1,500 from the event. Hampton plans on becoming a neuropathologist in her future.
Anika Mudge, from Nenana, was 3rd runner up winning $500 and the ‘Be Your Best Self’ Essay, with a total scholarship of $1,000. Mudge also hopes to attend UAA and pursue music education.
Hutchison’s Kiana Wood won the ‘Service Above Self’ essay ($500), and hopes to attend George Fox University for nursing.
Last year’s winner was Maire Nakada from Anchorage, won both the state and national competition. The last winners from Ketchikan were Emma Scott in 2013, and Aimee McClory in 2007.
Mathews will be traveling to Mobile, Alabama in June to compete for more scholarships at the national level.

Competitors in DYW:

  • Talia Bowles – West Anchorage High School
  • Alyssa Hampton – A.J. Dimond High School
  • Brenna Rollman – Eagle River High School
  • Kiana Wood – Hutchison High School
  • Anika Mudge – Nenana City Public High School
  • Faithe Fray – Metlakatla High School
  • Madison Pope – Ketchikan High School
  • Cheyenne Mathews – Ketchikan High School
  • Megan Daugherty – Ketchikan High School


Social media destroying the presidential image

By Kenny Johnson
Staff Writer

The 2016 presidential race is one of the most bizarre in recent memory (although my memory doesn’t go back too far in terms of presidential campaigns). The candidates are diverse in many ways, ways that many wouldn’t consider positive. No matter who ends up taking over office come late 2016, they will be a first: Donald Trump, the first POTUS to go straight from famous billionaire to commander-in-chief; Bernie Sanders, the first Jewish president; Hillary Clinton, the first female to lead the white house; Ted Cruz, the first (Canadian born?) Hispanic-American president. This campaign will represent a new era of presidential running’s, an era dominated not by foreign policy or empty promises, but by social media.
Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. We’re all familiar with these social tools, apps that let us communicate with our “friends” and family without actually having to socialize with them. Social media is where the ordinary can get famous and the famous get more famous. It was only a matter of time before political figures realized how beneficial their twitter profiles were. The candidates can get their ideas and opinions out to millions in seconds, they can describe very complex issues in 140 characters or less.That’s exactly what we want right? As a society we want info poured directly down our throats as quickly and easily as possible, with the least amount of thinking and research required.
Nobody watches the news and people will believe anything they see from a “reliable” Facebook source or an SNL skit. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen somebody retweet/share/repost a meme comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler or calling Bernie Sanders un-American/Socialist without any information to back up their claims. Social media involvement should have been beneficial for the runners, but the effect is backwards. Say anything controversial and it spreads like wildfire, the voters will pounce on the slightest sign of weakness and turn it into a viral joke. We have essentially turned the race into a war of comical attrition, where a candidate might end up being elected based solely off of irony.
One of the most popular Twitter presidential jokes is the claim that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer, even though the killer was at-large around the same time Cruz was born. The amount of jokes about Bernie Sanders making college free is monumental and Hillary Clinton is always being roasted for something. But worst of all, rather than ignoring Trump’s ridiculous comments, people have taken him as a joke, giving him increasingly more attention than he deserves. Turning even the most serious issues into something comical seems to be a common skill among U.S. youth, but it has gone too far. When we live in a time where we can’t even take the PRESIDENTIAL campaign seriously, something needs to change. And no, “better candidates” wouldn’t fix the problem.

Lady Kings win regions, boys fall

Lady Kings
Lady Kings (22-2, 10-0) swept the Region V tournament with wins over Thunder Mountain 58-42, and Juneau Douglas 37-27 for the championship for their third straight region title. The Kings are seeded No. 3 at the State tournament and will take on No. 6 Chugiak Thursday.
“Not only was it special winning it this year as a senior, it was winning it three times in a row and in all three places making history,” said senior Courtney Kemble. “It was special growing and bonding over the years all fighting for one goal, but Regions is only a stepping stone. We won’t stop there.”

Kayhi boys’ basketball came into the Region tournament as the No.1 seed for the boys’ 4A bracket but lost in Wednesday’s game against Juneau Douglas with a score of 64-61. On Friday, Kayhi faced Thunder Mountain and lost 71-68. Kayhi boys’ receive an at-large bid for the 4A State tournament through their WPI. The team is seated as the No. 5 seed and will play Wasilla at 8 a.m. on the first day of the tournament.

Boys and Girls basketball top seed at Regions

Lady Kings
The Kayhi Lady Kings (20-2,8-0) sealed the deal on senior night, earning the No.1 seed for the Region V  tournament next week.
Seniors scored 44 of Kayhi’s 60 points in a 34-point win over Juneau in their last home game Saturday night. Senior Lexi Biggerstaff led the way with 18 points in the 60-26 win.
With the win, the Lady Kings completed a perfect 8-0 conference record and will be the top seed at the regional tournament next weeks. Friday night, Kayhi started sluggish, but led 34-17 at the half en route to a 55-33 win.

The Kayhi boys varsity basketball team earned a split at Juneau over the weekend. Saturday, the Kings won 69-63, securing the No. 1 seed for the Region V Tournament. Senior Jason James was the top scorer on Saturday with 22. Kings added drama by losing Friday nights game 72-64. Junior Jake Smith led the way with 15 points.