2016 Senior Prom Event Starts Saturday

In ten years the class of 2016 may not remember each other’s names, but they will remember the night of April 30 at the Sunny Point Conference Center for the Roarin’ 20’s Senior Prom. Starting at 8:00 pm the night includes dancing, a chocolate fountain, and students in their best dresses. Around 1:00 am prom will wind down and students will have the option to attend the after party at the Rec Center. Breakfast and the entertainment choices of swimming, roller skating, and ping pong will be provided. Once students check in they will not be allowed to leave and reenter.
The following day there will be a senior senior prom located at the Sunny Point Conference Center the event is from 2-4pm. It is open to all senior citizens in the community including those from the long term care unit and the Pioneer Home. The events emulates Prom for the senior citizens and seniors in attendance. The Senior Senior Prom is Mrs. Stone’s favorite senior activity.
“I’m proud of the seniors for hosting the event,” Stone said. “Many of the senior citizens have sweet memories of dances in younger years and they very much enjoy the event.”


Sports Previews

Kayhi varsity baseball is in Petersburg for three conference games this weekend. The team traveled to Petersburg for yesterday’s game which was a doubleheader. Thursday’s game begins at 4:30. JV leaves for Juneau Thursday for two games against JDHS.

Boys Soccer
The Kayhi Kings boys JV soccer team is traveling to Sitka this weekend for their first away games of the season. Kings JV (1-3) went 8-6-1 last season, with Payton Stewart leading the team with 9 goals. This year, freshman Brayden Linne leads the team with 4 goals. The Kings have games going Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 4 p.m

The Kayhi Lady Kings (3-3, 3-1) are headed to Juneau this weekend to compete in the Juneau-Douglas Invitational tournament. They will be playing against Sitka, Juneau-Douglas, Thunder Mountain and Homer. Kayhi went 2-1 against Thunder Mountain last weekend and is 1-2 against Sitka.


  • Thursday vs Homer 1 p.m.
  • Thursday vs JDHS 5 p.m. (conference)
  • Friday vs JDHS 5 p.m. (conference)
  • Friday vs JDHS 7 p.m. (non-conference)
  • Saturday vs JDHS 9:30 a.m. (non-conference)
  • Saturday vs TMHS 11:10 a.m. (conference)
  • Saturday vs Sitka 4:20 p.m. (conference)
  • Saturday vs Homer 5:30 p.m.


  • Thursday vs JDHS 3 pm
  • Friday vs Sitka 11 am
  • Friday vs JDHS 3 pm

Track will compete in Sitka this weekend. Kayhi had three top finishers last weekend, Bernadette Franulovich ran a 13.07 in the 100m dash, Erika Rodanhisler ran a 1:02.97 in the 400m, and Brian McClennan threw a 38-00 in the shot put. This weekend, they will be facing the same competition they saw in Ketchikan, excluding Petersburg and adding Haines. Since this is Prom weekend, Kayhi is sending their underclassmen and leaving behind the seniors.
“The team is expecting top performances from Erika Rodanhisler, Desiree De Mello, Edric Tiamzon. I think the jumpers will do well also,” senior Franulovich said. “This is the second meet for a lot of kids traveling, so they are in a position for good PR’s.”

Sports Recaps


This weekend the Kings finished 2-2 at Sitka.  Junior Noah King, came up big on Thursday against Sitka at the plate with a double, although the Kings lost 10-9. On Friday, they took home the win against Juneau Douglas 9-3. Following the win, they fell short to the defending state runner up, South Anchorage with a score of 2-1. Junior Jack Carson, pitched the entire final game on Saturday, leading the team to a 15-5 win over Juneau Douglas.

Boys Soccer
The Kayhi boys soccer team lost both games to Juneau Douglas this weekend at home. Friday’s game was lost 3-0, and Saturday’s game was 1-0. Brennen Schultz, the goalkeeper, had a good performance on Friday, and Michael Gaugler, who plays right-defense, had an exceptional game on Saturday. Senior Rudy Pankow says that Kayhi played a lot better and more as a team for Saturday’s game.
“We were going for blood on Saturday, we got a lot more physical, and we played more offensively instead of defensively,” said Pankow

Girls Soccer
The Kayhi Lady Kings soccer team was swept this weekend by the Juneau-Douglas Crimson Bears. The Lady Kings (2-4-1) lost the Friday night game 2-0 and the Saturday night game 5-0.
“We didn’t play bad,” said head coach Neil Kinunen, “They just played better. A couple of the goals were pretty sloppy, but it is what it is.”
The Lady Kings get the upcoming weekend off before traveling to play Thunder Mountain in two weeks.

The Kayhi Lady Kings (3-3, 3-1) won both of their conference games in their first home series. They won the first game 6-5. In Friday’s game, Thunder Mountain took a 5-0 lead, but the Lady Kings responded in the bottom of the 5th, scoring 6 runs and getting the win. In the first game of the doubleheader Saturday, Kayhi dominated with a final score of 9-1. The final game of the series ended in a score of 11-8 in Thunder Mountain’s favor. The Lady Kings will be at the Juneau-Douglas invitational next weekend.

Kayhi track was home last weekend for the Ketchikan Invite. The invite included Juneau-Douglas, Thunder Mountain, Sitka, Petersburg, and Thorne Bay. Kayhi had three, first place finishers, Bernadette Franulovich in the 100m, Erika Rodanhisler in the 400m, and Brian McClennan in shot put. Kayhi took 4th overall for girls, and 5th for boys.



Living like Larry


By Avery Olson, Bernadette Franulovich, and Mey Tuinei
Staff Writers

You would think it’s the students that own these hallways even though they dream of the day they’ll be able to leave them. But the true ruler is the one and only Larry Mestas.
“Wow.. this has been my life, for the past 15-16 years.” said Mestas.
If there was a Custodian of the Decade award, it would go to Mestas… twice. He first came to Kayhi as a “temp” not knowing that in a couple months he’d be on full day shift thanks to the obvious potential he went on to fulfill. From just the basics to covering additional hands-on work, not only is maintenance going to miss a standard-excelling worker, but the high school body and staff are losing a longtime friend. He Served as not only a custodian, but also as a mentor and role model. A group of once-strangers now come to school with Larry Mestas T-Shirts to celebrate his birthdays, and now his departure.
“Kids love him, staff loves him, and it won’t be the same when he’s gone,” said Vice Principal Mike Rath. “He holds the record for the most kid friendly awards for any adult in the building. He has been a continuous and unwavering over-dedicated support presence for every kid and teacher in the building.”
Larry hasn’t failed to make an impact on students through the years. Just this past year, basketball star and motivational speaker Jesse Lebeau came back and proposed a big thanks to the janitor that never failed to motivate him to strive for his dreams. We’ll all remember Larry for different aspects and things he’s done for us going above and beyond. Being so devoted to our school and willing to put up with everyone’s shenanigans would put him in a high spot in anyone’s heart. Wheeling his motorcycle into the commons to pose for a simple reading poster only says the least of the lengths he’ll go for the interests of Kayhi.
“I’ve never heard him complain,” said office manager Lorelei Richardson. “He’s always willing and has an extraordinary personality and is always giving everyday.”
No one said the job was easy. From hard tasks to frustrating students who don’t know how to clean up after themselves, Larry has yet to lose the optimistic personality that makes him, him.
“I’ve had my dog for 12 years now, he’s grown up here. He knows this school like the back of his paws,”Mestas said. “When we walk through these doors he knows right where he goes. He’s an old dog now. We’ve both had fun here.”
Ketchikan High School is a place that stands to see the transitions of kids into adults, starts and ends of student-ran activities, and the preservation of age-old traditions. Mestas has seen all this and more. That one embarrassing time you thought no one was watching? Larry saw. That time you tripped on the stairs? Larry saw. Going down memory lane, he went on to touch on all his firsts of Kayhi: first paper toss, first cupcake war, first graduation, first visit from a graduate. He’s laid many miles on these grounds, proven by an oncoming knee surgery. 18 miles done on these tile floors became second nature for him. There’s been enough head-turning events at Kayhi to keep Larry on his toes these past generations. But his retiring doesn’t mean we’ll never see him walk the halls with his cane and good morning greetings again, you can always count on Larry.


Good Kobe Bad Kobe

Jake Smith
Staff Writer

I was born in 1999, 3 years after Kobe’s rookie year. Before I knew anything about basketball, I had a love for him. He won his first title in the 1999-00 season. From then on I was hooked with showtime.
At five, what Kobe did on the court, I would practice on my NERF basketball door hoop. Every night, I watched Kobe on ESPN before I fell asleep. My dad (a Lakers fan) would sit there and tell me how amazing he was. Me (not a Lakers fan) would “hate” on Kobe because every year he beat my team, but he was still my favorite player. His five titles and two finals MVP awards, along with one league MVP and 18 all-star appearances is Hall of Fame worthy.
Kobe didn’t even go to college, coming right out of Lower Merion High School. He was the youngest NBA player to play in a regular season game, at the young age of 18. Now at age 37 after a torn rotator cuff, and torn Achilles Kobe is retiring. A true ambassador of the game to the world, the man that jumped over a pool of mambas and came straight from high school to the NBA, closes the book on his career.
Last night was Kobe’s final game. An emotional day for Laker fans, and former teammates of the Mamba. I have never ever met the man and probably never will, but I became just as emotional from my couch. I spent all day talking about him, his shoes, how much I want to be him, and saying his name every time I took a shot. I even took a selfie with my friend, both holding a pair of our Kobe’s. It wasn’t Wednesday yesterday, it was Mamba-day.
The man didn’t back down from a challenge even with all of America who hate the Golden State watching the game. He went off for a memorable night in his last hoorah. Kobe scored 60 points, including a comeback to defeat that was lead by the 20 year vet. This night is a record for most points scored in a player’s final game. The man scored 21 in the first half, and scored 39 in second- that is outrageous. He hit the shot that made it a one point game, the go ahead shot off the ball screen, and the sealing free throws to take down the Jazz.
Seeing Kobe walk off for the final time made me tear up, and left me feeling empty. I spent the rest of the night watching vintage Kobe highlights and reminiscing about his career. Kobe wasn’t just on the Lakers, he is the Lakers. With five titles in his 20 year career, a dunk contest champ, a 12 time all defensive team; he is the definition of the GOAT (Greatest of all Time).
Kobe is my childhood, he is in most of my basketball memories. I love Kobe, he had a wonderful career and an amazing run. Kobe Bryant, the black mamba, the GOAT, the ultimate Laker, the ultimate player.

Kobe Stats:
25.0 points per game for his career
5 time NBA champion
2 time finals MVP
1 league MVP
18 time NBA all-star
4 time all-star MVP
11 time first team all NBA
2 time NBA second team
2 time NBA third team
9 time NBA first team all-defensive
3 time NBA second team all defense
2 time NBA scoring champ
1997 NBA Slam dunk champ
NBA all-rookie team
LA Lakers all-time leading scorer
Naismith Prep Player of the Year
33,643 points for his career (3rd in NBA history)
2 time Olympic gold medalist.


By Kenny Johnson
Staff Writer

I hate Kobe Bryant. Sure his last game was a new brand of epic and everyone is still buzzing, but that won’t erase his years of despicableness. I hate the way he put himself above his team, and the way he helped run Shaq and Dwight Howard out of L.A. The way the Lakers gave him $25 mil a year to hobble up-and-down the court while shooting 6% from field. I hate the way he’s put on a pedestal by Lakers’ fans.
He’s an over-glorified, self-obsessed jerk, but I respect parts of his legacy. The man competes, he shows up every game with the expectation to win. He relishes the big moment and has no fear of taking the final shot. You always know the level of play he’s going to bring. As a competitor, he’s legit. As a person, he’s awful.
He cheated on his wife and got a pass for it because he bought her a ring and got a tattoo. He was accused of rape and the victim was blamed for being a “fame hungry teenager.” He called an NBA official a gay slur and got a pass because he was “emotional.”
The man could commit murder and Lakers fans would cry self-defense. He practically got away with murder when he signed a 2-year, $50m contract with L.A. coming off of an achilles injury, effectively crippling the team financially and sending them to the gutter. It’s no coincidence that Kobe’s farewell season was also the Lakers worst season ever.
His competitiveness is unmatched in today’s NBA though, no other superstar wants to win as much as Kobe does. The man was drafted into the NBA at 17 years old and started his career on the most storied franchise in NBA history. He was put under immense pressure from the start, but he channeled all the criticism and hate and used it to fuel his game.
He was already one of the best, but he insisted on starting his pre-game routine four hours before the game. From putting up 800 shots at 4 a.m. to going all out at practice with a broken hand, he was never outworked.
Kobe is a baller, but he’s still severely overrated. Why is it that one of the “greats” never shot higher than 47% from the field or 38% from three? Why is it that he only has one MVP? Why does he only have the Finals MVP from 2 of his 5 championships? And how on earth does he have the most missed shots in NBA history despite not even being in the top 10 in games played? Because Kobe is an over-glorified shot-chucker.
Kobe has been babied his entire career by the Lakers, who consistently provided him with elite big men to clean up all of his misses and carry him when he’s cold. The seasons he had to lead a team without Shaq or Pau gave us a glimpse of Kobe’s true potential: big scoring numbers with a missed playoffs and two first-round exits.
There are a lot of reasons to love him, but even more reasons to hate him.

Kobe Stats:
14,431 missed field goals (1st in NBA history)
4,010 turnovers (3rd all-time)
29.7% FG in the clutch in the regular season
25% FG in the clutch in the playoffs
41% FG in the NBA Finals
Most missed game winners in NBA history
1 Alleged rape

Track impresses in Washington meets

By Jake Smith
Staff Writer

Kayhi track competed at the C2B meet and Al McKee Invitational last week. It was their first meets of the season, and it took place in Washington.
“I thinks it’s good to go down there, and see different competition,” senior sprinter Bernadette Franulovich said. “It is kinda like going to state, you don’t really know how fast times are, or how high they jump. It also helps with being prepared, like warming up before race, resting before a race, hydrating, wearing sunscreen.”
Kayhi looks to keep the momentum going with a home meet this weekend featuring Juneau Douglas, Thunder Mountain, Petersburg, Sitka, and Thorne Bay.

Meet Results

C2B Meet
Galat Tut 1st in 200m and 400m, 8th in the 100m
Erika Rodanhisler 1st in 1600m, 3rd in the 800m
Edric Tiamzon 1st in 300m hurdles
Trevor Ortiz 2nd in long jump, 7th in 100m 

Bernadette Franulovich 2nd in the 200m, 3rd in the 100m
Brian McClennan 2nd in 1.6 KG discus, 4th in the 12 lb. shot put
Dallas Dillard 3rd in the 3200m
Trent Rodanhisler 4th in the 800m, 7th in the 400m
Sage Atkinson 4th in high jump

Al McKee
Bernie Franulovich 1st in the 100m and 200m
Galat Tut 1st in the 400m, 2nd in the 100m and 200m
Trevor Ortiz 1st in long jump

Erika Rodanhisler 1st in the 1600m
Trent Rodanhisler 3rd in the 1600m
Edric Tiamzon 6th in the 300m hurdles
Joey Rhoads 6th in discus
Brian McClennan 7th in 12 lb shot put and 11th in discus.

Mathews Takes 3rd at National Competiton

Eliah Anderson
Staff Writer

Cheyenne Mathews continued her year of forensics success this past weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana where she placed third nationally at the American Legion Oratorical Constitutional Contest. Mathews won the local and state level earning her a trip to Indianapolis. Out of the pool of 54 competitors, Mathews was one of nine to move on to the semi finals. Mathews strategy was to focus on winning one round at a time.
“Going into the contest this year I did not have many expectations especially because last year I did not make it out of the quarter finals,” she said.
Alaska had never made it past the semi finals so Mathews once again made a name for herself in the record books. Her success garnered her a $15,500 scholarship which she will use next year at the University of Alaska where she will be competing on the Seawolf Debate Team.