Crossfit or weight lift?

The Case for Crossfit
By Shane Menzies and Zach Verney
Staff Writers

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 9.34.47 AM
The Ketchikan Crossfit gym- photo courtesy of Kevin Manabat

Many people at Kayhi have differing opinions on the most effective way to get in shape. Most people prefer to work out with Mr. Pader after school in the weightroom, some go to the Rec Center or Body Mechanics, we prefer Ketchikan Crossfit, here’s why:

More structured environment: At most gyms there is average equipment such as benches, squat racks, weight sets, and treadmills etc. But you don’t feel quite at home, and that’s what you want in a gym. If you are going to be there for hours at a time putting in your energy to achieve your goal, you want to be comfortable. At Crossfit we are a family, everyone knows each other, it’s not a competition, you work as a team to achieve your goals. Instead of competing against them or just completely ignoring you, everyone in the gym will work with you and cheer you on.
Less crowded: Say you had this urge to go in and PR your back squat but once you are all ready and pumped to finally hit 350, all the racks are taken. At Crossfit we have an online sign up so you know that there is enough room for people and enough equipment. So you will never have to wait half an hour for a squat rack.
More movements: It’s hard to perfect your movements when working out, usually you  work on back squats, bench press, and deadlifts but in a gym like Body Mechanics or Kayhi’s weight room there’s not much room to do more advanced movements such as clean and jerks, overhead squats, and snatches. At the Crossfit “box” there is enough room and qualified trainers do movements such as those. Many of these movements use muscles that are out of the average muscle groups worked out in weightlifting. Of course they will mostly use arms and legs while still working less traditional muscle groups.
The people: I’m not saying that the weight room at Kayhi is a bad environment, body mechanics isn’t either, but in my personal experience Crossfit is a friendlier environment to be in with more variety regarding who goes there. Because there are people from all different lines of work from all over town who all have their own unique experiences with Crossfit.

The Case for Weight Lifting
By David Willson
Staff Writer

There is general respect and friendly competition between the weight lifters and the Crossfitters. You will probably always hear something in the bodybuilding world joking about Crossfitters. Some students stay here at Kayhi and workout with Mr. Pader and/or Mr. Raber, some go to the Rec Center, and others go to Body Mechanics. However Crossfitters can generally be found at Ketchikan Crossfit.
All things considered, working out is working out, as long as someone is doing it, they’re fine. However, I prefer traditional weight training for many reasons:

The environment: When it comes to the environment, of course it depends on where you go. Here at Kayhi, Mr. Pader and Mr. Raber can help you with movements you’re not used to . The people at Kayhi, the Rec and Body Mechanics also could help you, even if you don’t know them. Generally, everyone at the gym is there to finish up and start new goals, this creates a friendly atmosphere.
The crowds: There are days when I stay after school or go down to Body Mechanics and there’s a large amount of people, and there are days when there are none. Depending on how long you’ve been hitting a gym you probably would have friends there on both occasions. Weight training, in consideration of amount of personal want and passion is an individual competition with yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to go alone. There are personal trainers, both professional or friends, that are more than willing to help you with your goals. So, if it’s crowded, double up at the bench press with a friend, that way you don’t have to worry about the wait.
The workouts: Every method of exercise requires work to be put in, sweat to drip, and my favorite, the blood to rush. Runners and Crossfitters get more of a “runner’s high” when they exercise after a certain point, blood circulates through their entire body and their cardiovascular system is happy for using it. But what about weight trainers? Some Crossfitters may get them, but are harder to feel. In the bodybuilding world, it’s known as the Pump. Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the best bodybuilders during the “golden era”,  said bodybuilders love talking about the Pump, either their experiences or stressing how important it is.
The method: Unlike Crossfit or running, traditional weight training isolates muscles, making muscle growth more efficient. In Crossfit, when you do workouts such as clean and jerks, you do have better movements and it does target smaller muscle groups often missed in traditional methods, but it also isn’t concentrated.
Overall, the progress: When it comes to exercising and working out, most people who want to get in shape often don’t think they need to lift weights. Some people do, but most people think running is the way to go. They can do what works, but my first few weeks of working out, I really showed improvement. My muscles grew and toned, I lost about 3 pounds by week 3, and I noticeably became stronger.
Weight training may butt heads with other methods of working out, but in all fairness, working out is working out.


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