Track impresses in Washington meets

By Jake Smith
Staff Writer

Kayhi track competed at the C2B meet and Al McKee Invitational last week. It was their first meets of the season, and it took place in Washington.
“I thinks it’s good to go down there, and see different competition,” senior sprinter Bernadette Franulovich said. “It is kinda like going to state, you don’t really know how fast times are, or how high they jump. It also helps with being prepared, like warming up before race, resting before a race, hydrating, wearing sunscreen.”
Kayhi looks to keep the momentum going with a home meet this weekend featuring Juneau Douglas, Thunder Mountain, Petersburg, Sitka, and Thorne Bay.

Meet Results

C2B Meet
Galat Tut 1st in 200m and 400m, 8th in the 100m
Erika Rodanhisler 1st in 1600m, 3rd in the 800m
Edric Tiamzon 1st in 300m hurdles
Trevor Ortiz 2nd in long jump, 7th in 100m 

Bernadette Franulovich 2nd in the 200m, 3rd in the 100m
Brian McClennan 2nd in 1.6 KG discus, 4th in the 12 lb. shot put
Dallas Dillard 3rd in the 3200m
Trent Rodanhisler 4th in the 800m, 7th in the 400m
Sage Atkinson 4th in high jump

Al McKee
Bernie Franulovich 1st in the 100m and 200m
Galat Tut 1st in the 400m, 2nd in the 100m and 200m
Trevor Ortiz 1st in long jump

Erika Rodanhisler 1st in the 1600m
Trent Rodanhisler 3rd in the 1600m
Edric Tiamzon 6th in the 300m hurdles
Joey Rhoads 6th in discus
Brian McClennan 7th in 12 lb shot put and 11th in discus.

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