Can you pass it? The Grayscale challenge

By Pablo Orta
Staff Writer

According to a video by The Atlantic, one of the newest ways to combat cell phone addiction is going gray…scale that is.
Research has shown that colors, specifically the color red, trigger responses in the brain. It’s no surprise that notifications on social media are red. To prevent this cranial reaction, putting the phone on grayscale should reduce amount of time someone is on their phone. To test this, six Kayhi students went grayscale to see how long they would last and if they noticed a drop in how much they used their phone.

Tug Olson: eight hours– “ It was really weird to check my phone because I didn’t have all the colors and brightness that I’m used to, I only lasted eight hours on grayscale because I thought all of my music was unsaved because the icon that indicates what songs are saved is green and with the grayscale  I couldn’t tell so I ended up undownloading them without knowing.”

Mo Bullock: all weekend– “ I couldn’t tell if anything on snapchat or instagram was filtered and it annoyed me and it also made me really tired to just look at my phone.”

Jahlil Smith: two days– “I lasted two days on grayscale. At first I really thought I could handle the grayscale challenge but as the hours ticked by it became harder and harder to enjoy my phone. Every time I would open up my phone and I didn’t see any colors just made me really frustrated so I turned it off.”

Jacob Smith: two class periods- “I lasted two periods on Friday. My experience was depressing. It just made me sad to look at my phone. I got a text and I didn’t respond because I didn’t want to look at my phone.”

Jacob Shay: four hours- “ I lasted about four hours. I liked it and hated it at the same time.  Good practice to get used to life without color in case I ever become color blind. I didn’t even realize it was off, and I still wonder how or when I turned grayscale off but it happened. Life without color is like pudding without flavor.”

Pablo Orta: one day– “I lasted for about a day because I had to restart my phone, and when it turned back on the grayscale had been turned off so I just decided to keep it normal. I didn’t really have a problem with the grayscale but I did notice that it just made everything seem so boring and dull, so I was kinda glad when I turned it off.”


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