Legit Knits is Kayhi’s New Club

By Tug Olson
Staff Writer

Legit Knits is Kayhi’s newest club and is open to students of all knitting skill levels.
“It’s a good service project opportunity and a valuable skill that you can learn,” said senior and co-founder of the group Sarah McClennan, “We are going to chose two programs to knit for a cause.”
Legit Knits will find two knitting causes, domestic and international, and knit items (for example, hats, blankets) and send them out.
“We’re all going to learn together,” said McClennan, “There’s quite a few teachers excited to teach us”
Legit Knits received all of their yarn from donations. Currently, there are approximately 15 members.The first meeting is on Thursday, Sept. 1 at lunchtime in room 224, Mrs. Bowlen’s room.

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