Sports Previews


The Kayhi Kings (2-5, 0-2) will take on the North Pole Patriots (2-5, 1-1) in the final game of the season, tonight at 7 p.m.  The Kings are looking to redeem themselves after an 80-6 loss to Thunder Mountain, while last week North Pole beat Juneau Douglas, 48-6. Kayhi will be without three starters, seniors Zack Eichner and Larson Nebl along with junior Kody Malouf.

Cross Country
Six Kayhi cross country runners will be competing at the State race on Saturday at the Bartlett Running Trails in Anchorage. The girls will race at 12:45 p.m. and the boys at 2:15 p.m. Competing for the girls are senior Desiree De Mello (21:27), sophomore Elizabeth Knight (21:30), and senior Tori Seley (21:58). Representing the boys team are junior John Coss (17:39), sophomore Leif Stephens (17:50), and junior Paul Allmendinger (17:51).

The Kayhi Swim and Dive team will compete in a dual meet against Petersburg tonight at 6 p.m. and will continue on to Saturday at 11 a.m. Last time the two teams competed was at the Juneau Invite, both the Kayhi girls and boys team beat Petersburg by 10 points.

Staff Picks

Staff Picks: Who won the Presidential Debate?

Avery Olson: Who won the debate? Did anyone? After eliminating the zodiac killer and throw-money-towards-colleges Sanders, here we stand. When looking at the two, Hillary and Donald, (Yes, we’re on first name basis) we pick apart the pros and cons between both but looking at all of America… How the heck did we narrow it down to these two hypocrites. Right now media is more focused on making memes out of them than what’s best for us. Is this the future I’m supposed to look forward too?  

Kyra Welker:  I don’t recall watching a Presidential Debate, rather, I watched two grown children quarrel on live television. The majority of the time I truly believed I was watching a comedy show, but in reality these two, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, will have their names printed on every ballot across the United States by November. Thank you America for keeping these two in the running to lead our country. Instead… #FeelTheJohnson (Gary Johnson), and maybe then we could have a president who could lead us like a mature adult.

Jacob Smith: In God we DO NOT trust either candidate for president. This debate was pointless, and didn’t get me to lean either way. A debate is not supposed to be a roast, a debate is supposed to be an intellectual confrontation between two adults, not immature children yelling back and forth. Politicians were always thought of as noble people, with values. But this has taken a lot away from the title of being a politician. We need a real leader again. Trudeau, 2016.

Pablo Orta: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump get lost on a deserted island, who stays safe? America!!! I’m glad I ended up having to work so I could avoid watching this whole debate; because after the first thirty minutes of what I would consider to be childish bickering, I lost complete faith in the future of America. I’d rather have Gary Busey as president than have to pick one of these two oafs.

Mey Tuinei: Who won the presidential debate? Those of us who kept the television shut off. To be capable of leading a country, being civilized role models is a given. Social media and these debates perceive Hilary and Donald to be the complete opposite. I stopped caring about the election a long time ago when real candidates crumbled under “Make America Great Again” slogans and a woman whom I would send complaint emails to but we all know how’d that turn out.

Sports Recaps

Cross Country
Six Kayhi runners finished in the top ten at regionals in Sitka and will continue on to the state competition. Senior Desiree De Mello (21:27), sophomore Elizabeth Knight (21:30), and senior Tori Seley (21:58) all qualified for the girls. For the boys, junior John Coss (17:39), sophomore Leif Stephens (17:50), and junior Paul Allmendinger (17:51) qualified. The boys team placed second by beating Thunder Mountain, while the girls team placed third.

The Thunder Mountain Falcons (5-2, 2-0) dominated the Kayhi Kings (2-5, 0-2) winning 80-6. The loss for the Kings means that they will not make it to the playoffs. Kayhi seniors Trevor Brock, Nico Deguzman, Dallas Dillard, Luke Dossett, Zack Eichner, Michael Greer, Kenny Hage, Larsen Nebl, Trevor Ortiz, Darian Sharp, Cody Workman, and Caleb Zartman played their final home game for the Kings, but the team has one last game this season.

 Lady Kings volleyball lost all five of its games on Friday at the Spiketacular Tournament (Wasilla 25-9, Bartlett 25-13, East 25-20, Barrow 25-17, Soldotna, 25-20). On Saturday, Kayhi lost against Palmer (25-20), but won against West Valley (25-19) and Grace Christian (25-23). After two days of pool-play the Lady Kings were placed in the silver bracket and lost to Juneau Douglas (25-20, 25-18). The loss to Juneau Douglas eliminated Kayhi from the tournament.

Cross Country off to regionals

By Izaak Jensen
Staff Writer

Kayhi cross country is competing in the Southeast regional race in Sitka this Saturday. The girls race begins at 11:45 a.m. and the boys at 1:15 p.m. The competition for the region V tournament in 4A division are  Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain. For most runners this is their last race, but for state qualifiers they still have to prepare for the state race.
The top ten runners in the 4a Region V boys and girls races will qualify for the state championship race the following week.
Based on season results, Kayhi will likely finish third.
Kayhi’s top three male runners have a chance to qualify for state – junior John Coss with 18:15, junior Paul Allmendinger with 18:19, sophomore Leif Stephens with 18:44.
Three Kayhi girls are likely to qualify for state as well  – sophomore Elizabeth Knight 22:13, senior Desiree De Mello 23:08, and senior Tori Seley 23:20 who is in the mix of qualifiers.
Coach Woodward said she thinks the team is ready.
“They are in top shape. We spent this past week doing low miles and fast bursts, so they are sufficiently rested and ready to come out strong at regions. I anticipate PR’s”.

Football Hosts Thunder Mountain for Senior Night

By Joey Karlik and Nate Eisenhower
Staff Writers

The Kayhi Kings (2-4, 0-1) will host its final home game of the season against the Thunder Mountain Falcons (4-2, 1-0). Kayhi will play at 1 p.m. Saturday, on the Esther Shea field. In order to keep playoff hopes alive, the Kings must win this game.The Kings and the Falcons have already played once before, which resulted in a forfeit.
The Kings will honor Ryan Mayhew, a Thunder Mountain senior who passed away last week in addition to the Kayhi seniors at 12:45 p.m. before the game.
Senior Larsen Nebl is looking to end his last game going out strong.
“There’s a lot of pressure. You want to give your home crowd a good show, because it’s your family and friends that are watching. You want to end your career on a high note”.


Sneaker Culture


Carlos Orta
Staff Writer

As Spike Lee once said, “it’s gotta be the shoes” . Back in 1990 Nike implanted the idea into consumers that Michael Jordan’s success was derived from the shoes he wore. Fast forward to 2016, it’s all about the shoes. Of course back in the 80’s and 90’s everyone wanted to wear the same shoe as the best basketball player in the world and that’s why they were so iconic. The question is, why are shoes even more popular now than they were back then? Every so often shoe brands release sneakers that are said to be limited in amount and are often backed up by pop culture or athletic phenomenons, which therefore makes them more popular and more valuable.
“Everybody wants to feel original,” sophomore Cody Kemble said. “Having things that not many others have is another way to do that”.
Largely in part to hip hop star Kanye West and his line of Yeezy sneakers, Adidas is currently one of the most talked about brands. It’s people like Kanye that are the reason why shoes are such a big part of the fashion world and our community now. His fanbase is so big, it has introduced different people and generations to the sneaker culture.
“Fans will purchase almost anything that their role models are promoting or selling,” sophomore Chris Smith said. “Regardless of whether or not they know it’s really worth it”.
For some people, rare and expensive shoes are just another way of expressing themselves and presenting their exclusivity, much like jewelry. Shoes are very valuable to people nowadays and “sneakerheads” will not stop paying steep prices to get their hands on limited edition kicks.
“The sneaker culture is all about who has the coolest kicks and who can receive the most ooh’s and ahh’s,” sophomore Kyle Smith said.
Sneaker culture continues to grow every day and as the demand increases so will the prices as people realize it’s more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle.