Marshall looks forward to his second year

Students walking to class during passing period.


By Henning Pankow
Staff Writer

Class is now in session at Ketchikan High School and Principal Bob Marshall has plans for a strict on time schedule and open environment with staff and students.
This is Marshall’s second year being principal at Kayhi and he feels a lot more comfortable and confident. Last year he hardly knew any of the staff or students. He couldn’t even answer questions to where things were in the school. Marshall is now set for what the year has in store for him.
“I know the staff and I know a lot of the students by name now which makes a big difference,” said Marshall. “I definitely noticed it the first day because last year, no one talked to me.”
Marshall and the staff will be putting extra attention on attendance this year keeping students in school. He wants students in class learning and in a safe environment. Last year there was a major problem of students leaving school during classes to go get food. Marshall’s hope to keep kids safe can only be achieved if students are in school, and if kids are not in school he has no ability to do so.
“One of the things I have been talking to our staff about is just helping reduce some of the tardies and focus on absences,” said Marshall. “I just want to make sure kids are in class, they are on time, and they’re not leaving campus to go get coffee”.
Another focus of Marshall’s is a comfortable environment for students. He wants students to be able to talk with him if they have any problems inside or outside of school so they have a personal connection. This is already going well because students have known Marshall for a year now. On the first day of school Marshall had four students come up to him right at 7 o’clock with questions about the year. Another goal for this year is good communication. The school opened a facebook page and a twitter in hopes to get important information out to the community.
“My goal every year is to build relationships with students.”
With good relationships and connections, it’ll make for a successful year for students, parents and staff here at Kayhi.



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