Sneaker Culture


Carlos Orta
Staff Writer

As Spike Lee once said, “it’s gotta be the shoes” . Back in 1990 Nike implanted the idea into consumers that Michael Jordan’s success was derived from the shoes he wore. Fast forward to 2016, it’s all about the shoes. Of course back in the 80’s and 90’s everyone wanted to wear the same shoe as the best basketball player in the world and that’s why they were so iconic. The question is, why are shoes even more popular now than they were back then? Every so often shoe brands release sneakers that are said to be limited in amount and are often backed up by pop culture or athletic phenomenons, which therefore makes them more popular and more valuable.
“Everybody wants to feel original,” sophomore Cody Kemble said. “Having things that not many others have is another way to do that”.
Largely in part to hip hop star Kanye West and his line of Yeezy sneakers, Adidas is currently one of the most talked about brands. It’s people like Kanye that are the reason why shoes are such a big part of the fashion world and our community now. His fanbase is so big, it has introduced different people and generations to the sneaker culture.
“Fans will purchase almost anything that their role models are promoting or selling,” sophomore Chris Smith said. “Regardless of whether or not they know it’s really worth it”.
For some people, rare and expensive shoes are just another way of expressing themselves and presenting their exclusivity, much like jewelry. Shoes are very valuable to people nowadays and “sneakerheads” will not stop paying steep prices to get their hands on limited edition kicks.
“The sneaker culture is all about who has the coolest kicks and who can receive the most ooh’s and ahh’s,” sophomore Kyle Smith said.
Sneaker culture continues to grow every day and as the demand increases so will the prices as people realize it’s more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle.

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