Staff Picks

Staff Picks:  What is the best outdoors brand?

Jackson Pool: Grundens is the best outdoor brand. It’s the perfect gear for rugged Alaskans. Grundens gear keeps you dry and warm, while also being comfortable. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, or hiking, I always have my rain coat, rain pants, and my favorite hat, which all happen to be Grundens. As long as I live, I’ll be sporting my Grundens.

Alec Simmons: Sitka Gear hands down is the best outdoor gear money can buy. It’s able to handle the weather in Alaska, as well as in warmer conditions, where it enables comfort to users. I have had no problems with the gear over the years. I have the Timberline pants as my outdoors pant. The Gore-Tex knee pads are rugged and are perfect for the timber or alpine. The Kelvin Lite hoody and an underlayer coat called a core lightweight hoody which match well while I sport my Timberline pants. With the gear I have comfort has never been a problem and it has kept me warm in my time wearing them outdoors.

Jack Carson: The best outdoor brand is no doubt Patagonia. I have used plenty of Patagonia in the past years whether it is fishing, hiking, or backcountry skiing. Patagonia beats The North Face or REI because Patagonia has more to offer on several different levels of outdoors. North Face is great, I love it, but they don’t have a fishing section or make waders like Patagonia does, that’s why Patagonia has the one up on North Face.  It’s always a great feeling knowing that your gear you wear won’t you down, and that’s why I wear Patagonia.  

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