How to Fix your Procrastination Problem

                                                        Illustration by Rachel Winburn

By Adrian Ronquillo
Staff Writer

Last night I spent the whole night in the YouTube vortex. You know when you click on a video, then the recommended video, then the recommended video, then the recommended video.
The next day, my English teacher is asking where my 5-paragraph essay is. Let’s all be honest here, we all procrastinate. From the smallest job like throwing out the trash to something big such as studying for a test.
Procrastination is annoying, and you end up regretting the time you’ve wasted. In my case, it was a waste of time, and a solid F on my Powerschool. Anyways, you might be wondering how to stop this bad habit. Well first, let’s look at why we procrastinate in the first place.

Why do we procrastinate?
According to, people feel that they work better under pressure, so they procrastinate until they feel the danger of a due assignment. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll do good on the assignment, it just means they are more inclined to finish it.
Other people want pleasure from the activities they do, so they stop doing their task completely in favor of checking their Instagram page for likes every 10 seconds. So now you must be thinking, “Wow, this article needs to get to the point so I can go and do my homework”.

What can you do to stop the habit?
The writers at had many different methods to stop being a lazy bum.
Two of the methods I found very helpful.
The first is to analyze the task and break it down into smaller parts. For example, let’s say you need to read a page of a book and then answer some questions. Read the page twice to get a good understanding. That makes the task less daunting. After that, answering the questions should be slightly easier.
The second method includes doing the most difficult problems first. You usually want to do this while your mind is fresh. If you solve the problem, you’ll feel accomplished, which leads to a sense of confidence. Everything from there should be much easier. If you try these methods, you’ll be finishing your assignments in no time!


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