Drive to Succeed

By Verona Kamberi
Staff Writer

Largim Zhuta thinks about his future all the time. He draws a picture of it at lunch. It’s the two towered building that houses Zhuta Enterprises. He even has a logo already picked out. He wants to take over the world, but not in some dystopian novel sort of way. Zhuta isn’t your average 16 year old teenager. His actual age fails to match up with his intelligent 25 year old mind. Zhuta takes a liking to picturing himself one day walking into his own empire and every time, feeling that sense of accomplishment.  Zhuta’s main goal in life right now is to get all the knowledge, and later on use it to build his billion dollar empire. So, how exactly does Zhuta do it?
As soon as Zhuta gets home, he walks through the kitchen, retrieves his backpack, sits on the couch, and gets to work. He asks himself, ‘Do I have time to work out and do my homework or should I just focus on my work?’
Having advanced classes has been great for Zhuta. Some might freak out when hearing the word AP, but for him the word AP is just a prefix.
    “Having AP classes isn’t horrible at all, it’s just a normal class where you learn more in depth of the criteria,” Zhuta said. “As long as you pay attention in class you’ll be fine.”
School is the biggest stress factor of a student’s life. Stressing out before tests or whether or not the homework is going to get turned in on time could boost up the stress levels. When asked about if stress is a major problem in his life, Zhuta shook his head.
       “I maintain a positive attitude towards everything and I know stress is something of the mind,” Zhuta said. “My life is good, there’s no need to stress out about small things that are able to get done.”
It isn’t just work and more work for Zhuta. Believe it or not he finds time to stay active in Academic Decathlon, soccer, and basketball.
       “You need to balance different aspects of your life, the mental and emotional,” Zhuta said.
 Zhuta understands the value of time and knows how to manage it very well. What teenager uses their device to look at stocks instead of going on social media and posting something? Well, apparently Zhuta does.
      “For the most part social media is a waste of time,” Zhuta said. “There are more productive things you could be doing rather than seeing what other people post about their lives,”
 Zhuta has very big dreams that he wants to achieve some day, and he won’t accomplish them by sitting around doing nothing.
     “The hard work that I’m doing right now, I’m doing it to set my future self up for success.”

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