College Fair Provides Opportunities For Kayhi Students

By Kody Malouf
Staff Writer

Kayhi hosted over 50 schools Wednesday at the College Fair.
The goal was for students to help educate students about the wide variety of college options there are as well as which colleges offer what. From Eastern Washington University to the U.S. Military, the college fair had it all.
Senior Kinani Halvorsen said she valued the experience.
“I’ve known where I wanted to go for a few months already, but the college fair has definitely given me a better perspective on college as a whole and I’ve also decided on my second choice because of the college fair,” she said.
The University of Montana has been coming to the college fair here at Kayhi for 11 years. The school has seen a huge increase in Alaskan students enrolling in their school throughout this time.
“Our school is relatable for kids from Alaska because our campus is in a small town, and it’s very outdoors oriented,” said UM representative Martha Johnson. “It offers a smooth, easy transition for kids coming from small town Alaska.”
The representative for the University of Colorado Mesa agreed that the fair is very useful for colleges to gain the attention of Alaskan students.
“The college fair is a great tool for us to recruit kids from Alaska, we actually enrolled 12 kids last year just from this college fair,” said representative Dave Hernandez.
“Kids don’t necessarily make up their mind at a college fair,” said Washington State representative Juan Corona. “It’s more of a tool for kids to use in order to compile a list of schools that they’re interested in, and go from there.”

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