Sports Recap

The Kayhi boys and girls swim teams placed 5th at Thunder Mountain High School in Juneau on Saturday. The boys finished with 75 points and the girls finished with 51.5 points. The boys’ side of the meet was dominated by Thunder Mountain, with a total score of 139 points. Petersburg was second with 104, Sitka in third with 87, Juneau-Douglas in fourth with 81, Kayhi in fifth with 75, and Craig in sixth place with 5 points. Juneau-Douglas girls took first with 187.5 points. Sitka followed with 127, Thunder Mountain with 103, Petersburg with 67, Kayhi with 51.5, and Craig with 2.
Regions will be hosted by Kayhi on Oct. 27-29.

Twelve Kayhi wrestlers went undefeated at the Petersburg Invitational. Rather than a regular tournament, wrestlers were placed in pools by the coaches based on their skills and technique. Coach Rick Collins showed recognition towards junior Max Collins and sophomore Brayden Linne. Linne had two consecutive wins against Jacob Gagner, a previous state runner-up from Sitka. Collins won 3 matches by major decision and one by decision resulting in a 4-0 record for the weekend.

The Lady Kings volleyball team placed fourth in the Juneau Jive Tournament last weekend. Kayhi defeated Sitka 25-17, Wrangell 25-21, Thunder Mountain 25-22 and 25-21, while losing to Craig 22-25 and Mt. Edgecumbe 19-25. On Saturday the Lady Kings placed second in the pool playing and qualified for the Golden bracket. Kayhi lost to Mt. Edgecumbe in three sets placed

Friday Statistics
Serving: Havalah Clark 26/26, Kreylynn Johnson 21/24, Kassi Montero 24/31, Grace Clark 19/21, Leah Benning 17/19
Aces: Montero 5, Grace Clark 3, Johnson 3
Digs: Sherrine Bautista 37, Havalah Clark 20, Montero 7, Johnson 7, Grace Clark 3, Benning 3
Assists: Johnson 25, Benning 24
Kills: Havalah Clark 25, Johnson 19, Megan Webb 7, Grace Clark 9, Kinani Halvorsen 6, Benning 2
Blocks: Grace Clark 7, Halvorsen 6, Webb 3, Havalah Clark 2, Johnson 1, Benning 1
Top Passers: Bautista, Montero, Benning

Saturday Statistics
Kayloni Bermudez 20/24, Havalah Clark 26/27, Johnson 10/13, Bautista 44/45, Montero 5/9, Grace Clark 33/37, Benning 31/33, Alanna Berry 5/6 , Lezille Sagrado 4/5
Aces: Bautista 6, Montero 1, Bermudez 1, Grace Clark 1.
Digs: Bautista 87, Montero 22, Havalah Clark 32, Bermudez 3, Johnson 18, Benning 9, Sagrado 1, Grace Clark 13.
Assists: Johnson 19, Benning 46
Blocks: Havalah Clark 6, Halvorsen 15, Johnson 8, Grace Clark 17, Benning 4
Kills: Havalah Clark 38, Johnson 28, Halvorsen 15, Grace Clark 9, Benning 4
Top Passers: Bautista, Montero

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