The Dream Life

By Jack Carson
Staff Writer

Whether it’s on fly fishing, hunting, or even winter pow, do you ever find yourself just sitting in bed, class, or wherever watching Youtube videos and dreaming? The videos you’re watching make you wish that you are the star of the video. These are the videos that get you all hyped up for the upcoming season. You wish you were somewhere else and you wish you were someone else.
I love watching fly fishing videos, those always get me excited, but what really fires me up is watching skiing and snowboarding videos. The videos are legit, watching them toss powder, ducking through trees, and hitting kickers. The open mouth skiing is crazy, watching Tanner Hall and sponsored skiers shredding all that powder is just something else, almost unrealistic.
The pros get to travel to any and all of the snow covered terrain that their hearts desire, that life would be freakin’ sweet.
The guys that are getting videotaped and being put on commercials doing double corks, 360s, 540s, ski grab twists, and board grabs are all things you wish you could pull off, and they’re even getting paid to do it. These guys like Sean Pettit (24) and Travis Rice (34) have been doing this for their whole life. Pettit even has a pair of skis named after him, called Pettitor Skis (created by K2). He first became sponsored at 12 years old and has been a pro ever since.
They say go be what you want to be, go follow your dream, but it’s not always that easy. In this case you need to have a lot of money or have to live in the right spot. Most of the people that are pro skiers or pro boarders were born in Canada or major skiing towns where if you don’t do that, what do you do? Sean Pettit once said “I grew up in a skiing town, went to a small school, and everybody in that school was either sponsored by someone or almost getting their sponsorship for skiing or snowboarding.”
I wonder if all those pro skiers or snowboarders get bored or tired of shredding all the time, because some people say, “too much of a good thing is bad,” but I don’t see how skiing could be bad. The pros get to travel to tons of places to hunt the snow down and find different places to tear it up. So, I’ll keep sitting in bed or in class watching these videos and dream of being one of the pros. And until I go pro, I’m gonna stick to getting as many ski days as I can during the year and enjoy every day I do so.



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