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Are you on top of your college deadlines?

Avery Olson:
Of course not. Am I ever actually “on top” of anything? In the end it will be okay, and I will have things worked out and smoothed over. But in the meantime my college preparation is a messy mountain of potential and procrastination. I work my butt off but somehow, it’s never enough. Essays, scholarships, and early applications.. Oh my. The never ending work and perfect student standards role I am pressured to meet is hard to fill in the life of a busy, and lazy teenager. Once I’m sitting in my dorm eating Ramen Noodles, I’ll know I have finally made it.

Pablo Orta:
I would really like to say that I am on track with all of my college deadlines and that I’m flying through college applications and getting scholarships left and right but in all honesty, I just found out this morning that today is the early action deadline. I guess I’m not truly behind since most final deadlines are still a few weeks away but I’m still not where I thought I would be or where I would like to be. I seriously need to get my butt to work because if I keep putting things off, there’s no way I’m going to be attending college next year.

Kyra Welker:
On top of my college deadlines? Sure. Am I where my school counselor thinks I should be? No. I missed two early action deadlines for colleges I could have and probably should have just applied to. I definitely did not end up apply to the three scholarships that I was hounded about for weeks either. It might seem as if I’m slacking, but I think that being accepted into one university by this time of the year is progress, and for now it’s good enough for me!

Jacob Smith:
Gosh, I wish I was. Senior year is flying by, and it will only get harder because basketball season is starting. I really wish I knew where and when I was going, but I don’t. I’m not even close to being ready for school. I had the epiphany today about what I actually want to do. Yeah I am behind, but am I? It’s not like I’m totally bailing on college to live in the basement and play Call of Duty while drinking Mountain Dew until I’m 36. Things will fall into place, and everything will be okay.

Staff Picks

Wrestler’s Guide to Thanksgiving

Max Collins:
Every year I am restricted the amount of food I can have on Thanksgiving day. Unfortunately, my family members around the table really don’t understand how managing weight is so important to the sport of wrestling. My grandma is always trying to stuff me with all these pies she makes and it makes Thanksgiving the most torturing day of my life. My freshman year, I remember sneaking food past my dad/coach and eating it in the garage. The next day of practice I weighed close to 130 pounds and had to get back down to 120 just 4 days later. Learning from my mistakes, I have definitely been more careful about what I eat. Holding myself back during the holidays is worth my achievements towards the end of the season.    

Justin Albecker:
Weight cutting is a real pain in the butt, so I avoid it as much as possible. Every season I have to power through my birthday and Thanksgiving dinner. I have a technique of how to handle the notorious dinner and not have to sweat my soul out the next weekend. I eat my last dinner Sunday night, then only eat bagels, fruit, eggs, and multi-vitamins for the rest of the week. I do not eat anything the day of the feast, then I demolish the diet throughout the night. The next morning, it’s my priority to burn all of the calories I consumed therefore I set up an exercise bike in front of the TV and bike for a good hour. I continue the strict diet until the next Wednesday to be sure my body is set to it’s normal state. Very few people have the determination to diet during Thanksgiving week, but I’ll do anything to not cut weight.

Joey Karlik:
Not only do I have the pleasure of having to manage my weight, but I have a coach/dad watching every bite of food that enters my shrunken up stomach making sure I don’t screw it up. Most people think Thanksgiving is our golden ticket to eat as much as we can, but as the famous Star Wars line, “IT’S A TRAP!” I start this holiday off with a Pre-Thanksgiving run before the actual festival of eating begins. I only get one plate full of salty food and a little bit of football. I then have to try to run most of it off, between short and long runs that take me the entire weekend. For all those non-wrestlers out there, be thankful for having the glory of not needing to manage your weight.

Nate Eisenhower:
My philosophy in wrestling is that I stick to the weight class I’m in at the beginning of the season. I don’t believe in cutting weight but more so managing it responsibly. Most of my teammates are used to cutting weight, and it’s interesting to see everyone’s different methods. Personally, my mom, brother, and I eat rice and beans all week, end it with a run around Ward Lake to get our appetites up and ready for the big feast. This allows my weight to not fluctuate during these times and thankfully, I’ve yet to be forced into cutting back on Thanksgiving.

Turkey with a side of irony

Shirlie White
Staff Writer

I believe that Thanksgiving is a time where families sit down at a table, eat dinner together, and give thanks. A time where everyone enjoys each others presence, and eat lots of food. Junior Luke Reynolds only eats cereal in the morning until his huge Thanksgiving feast with his family.
“I wake up, I eat cereal before dinner,” said Reynolds. “Sometimes I go outside enjoy the Thanksgiving sunrise, by the time I come in my mom starts dinner. Dinner starts around 5pm I get a huge plate of turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, biscuits, cornbread, and cranberry sauce, I always have apple cider to drink this all down. I watch some football after with family, then I take a huge nap, when I wake up I throw on my Christmas sweater, best Thanksgiving ever.”
The day after Thanksgiving we stop thinking about giving thanks and buy a whole bunch of stuff, because Black Friday has come! Sophomore Deejae Yalung goes online shopping and goes to Walmart after.
“I go online shopping on Black Friday, I go to Walmart after online shopping, I check out their deals,” said Yalung. “During Black Friday I usually look for electronics, like game consoles, televisions, boomboxes, and I go online shopping on PacSun for the black Friday deals for clothes.”
The irony that Thanksgiving is before Black Friday is that we all give thanks and the day after, we spend a whole bunch of our money to buy things that are on sale. I believe that having Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving insults the point of having Thanksgiving. It’s just another event that makes every price super low so we can be selfish and buy anything we couldn’t afford before. I understand that Black Friday makes prices low so parents can get ahead on Christmas shopping but, it should not be the day after Thanksgiving. It makes it so one day we are giving thanks and then the next, we are back to being our greedy selves.

Two Wrestlers Take First At Lancer Smith Tournament

Kayhi Wrestling took 7th place out of 30 at the Lancer Smith Tournament in Palmer. Kayhi had five finalists – sophomore Brayden Linne (120), junior Vince Tenebro (113), junior Justin Albecker (145), junior Paul Allmendinger (126), and junior Joey Karlik (138). Karlik and Albecker took first in their respective JV brackets.
“It feels good to win the tournament up in Wasilla,” Albecker said.  “A lot of kids call it the ‘JV Scrub Scramble,’ not gonna lie I had called it that myself. Even though it was a JV tournament as well as a varsity competition, I still feel quite good on how I performed.”

Kayhi NHS Inducts New Members

Tug Olson
Staff  Writer

Thirty-four students were inducted into National Honor Society Tuesday night.
Kayhi Chapter Adviser Sarah Campbell said she is very pleased with this year’s inductees.
“Overall I was really proud of the students, and proud of them for conducting themselves with confidence, poise, and kindness,” she said. “The strength of any group is the power of its members.”
NHS was founded in 1921 as an organization to recognize outstanding juniors and seniors. The four pillars that represent NHS members are scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Senior Sarah McClennan claimed it an honor and something she wants to include on her resume.
“Last year, because I was rejected, it gave me something to work for and look forward to for this year,” she said. “It’s cool to finally be recognized for something that is your own doing”.