Staff Picks

Who wins the World Series?

Tug Olson: Indians
Cubs, Indians. Game 7. Winner takes it all. That winner is going to be the Cleveland Indians. They’ve got a ruthless bullpen with THE Andrew Miller, who has only allowed one run this entire postseason and has racked up 29 strikeouts. We may not even see the Indians bullpen because they are putting Corey Kluber on the mound, who is looking to be the first starting pitcher to win three games in the World Series in 48 years. These aren’t the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors, they won’t blow their 3-1 series lead.

Gabe Bowlen: Cubs
Kyle Hendricks is starting on the mound tonight for the Chicago Cubs, and will pitch until the ninth inning with a shutout. Then, Aroldis Chapman is going to relieve tonight and throw nine pitches for three outs to win it. All those college gameday signs will say “Cleveland blew a 3-1 series lead,” and not say “Warriors blew a 3-1 series lead.” Cleveland will get Clevelanded. Lebron can’t save the Indians.

Jack Carson: Indians
The Indians are going to win game 7 because Corey Kluber is lights out. The Indians have a big home advantage and they will be all pumped up ready to go. I think that the Indians bats are gonna come out tonight and they are going to put up some big numbers in the World Series. The Indians are going to blow out the Cubs. I also want the Indians to win because the Cubs beat the Dodgers and that sucked.

Max Collins: Indians
Pitching usually rules the game and I think it will tonight. Corey Kluber from the Indians has had a tremendous season and could give the Cubs a hard time. The Indians have to pay attention to Kyle Hendricks who is starting on mound for the Cubs. Cleveland was the drought city of all sports – until the Cavs won the NBA Finals. It would be cool to see them walk off with the the series. The last time the Cubs won was 108 years ago so as fans we are very fortunate to have two franchises that deserve this victory. The Cubs won the last two and it has come down to the wire, but I still have faith in the Indians.  

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