Staff Picks

What’s your reaction to the presidential election?

Jackson Pool:
Such a surprising outcome, but a very beneficial one for America. Trump taking some of the usual democratic states was extremely unexpected. The secret Trump voters that were too ashamed to express it publicly came through in the end. But the social media today, especially Twitter, is so hostile and entertaining. Hashtags like ‘#NotMyPresident’ and ‘#Trump’, and people saying that Trump supporters support rape and sexual assault? This is what America has come to without even having Trump in the White House, they’re not giving him a chance and comparing him to Hitler. Americans don’t realize how much power Congress has along with the House of Representatives. Trust the process.

Max Collins:
I didn’t like either candidate but I was pretty sure Clinton would win. When Donald Trump won Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin from there I knew he had sealed the deal. It was crazy. The strange thing was that many of the counties that once voted Obama turned to Donald Trump’s side this year and it was a major key to his success.  America is changing and it definitely will in the next four years. Even without choosing any sides, I was still nervous myself. Maybe Trump will not do as bad as I think with the stocks still being relatively steady. Let’s make America great again.        

Jack Carson:
I am surprised with this outcome because going into this election no one thought that Trump was going to win. All the polls and the news stations were saying that Clinton was way ahead of trump and that she was going to run away with the presidency. The thing is that when people came out from the polls they said they voted for Clinton because they were probably scared to say they voted for Trump, which was exactly what they did and look who ended up winning the presidency. Some people said that “Oh, i’m not going to vote because Clinton is already going to win” so they didn’t vote, then turns out Trump wins so now what are those guys thinking. Donald Trump. New president.  

Joey Karlik:
Another true underdog story was just made last night and I was happy. I’ve never been a political person, I didn’t really have a side mostly because I am 16. All the polls were around 80% in Hillary’s favor but that quickly changed. It started with the biggest key state, Florida, where he won by 1.3% and sent him off and running. Everyone in my household was nervous. My grandparents are Republicans, my dad is Independent, and my mom is the Democrat. Any other day she would have been hated on, but it happened to be her birthday… birthday well spent right? I certainly thought so.

Nate Eisenhower:
Either way people were going to be upset with the election, but he’s not even in office yet so we should be patient before stating the pros and cons. Hillary supporters claimed they supported America, yet protesters are outside the White House yelling expletives at Trump and burning flags then posting videos of it on social media. With every candidate there will be pros and cons. I’m happy Trump won and will patiently wait to see if he really is going to do some of the bad things he’s said. A true business man will listen to the people around him, so if America wants something different from what he originally came up with, he won’t be ignorant like Hillary. She thought everything she believed was so right and nothing could be better than her policies, that’s not democracy, that’s insanity. Time will only tell what America can be.

Kody Malouf :
President Trump, it sounds weird actually saying it. Nobody gave Donald Trump a chance, from the very beginning he led every poll, but all of the news organizations brushed it off, “those poll numbers don’t translate into success in the primaries”, they said. “Trump will implode in a matter of months.” Then, after Trump proved everyone wrong and won almost every primary and secured the nomination, people once again started saying how he couldn’t beat the Clinton machine, yet he went toe to toe with her in polling for a long time and in three debates. But everyone still counted him out, they just couldn’t get their minds around a Trump presidency. Every polling organization had Trump down and out, even up until Monday! Yet once again, Trump has proven everyone wrong and pulled off the biggest political upset in history, except I expected it all along.

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