Volleyball season comes to an end

Shirlie White
Staff Writer

Kayhi’s defense of the Region V volleyball championship didn’t go as planned. The Kings  dropped both matches at regions and finished a disappointing third.
Senior Kassi Montero was happy to be at regions, but wasn’t happy that her team was placed third.
“It felt pretty good to be at regions, I wasn’t planning on us to be placed third, so i’m disappointed in that, but it is what it is I also hope the girls next year do better than how we did this year,” said Montero.
It was the last game for five Kayhi seniors, including Kreylynn Johnson and Havalah Clark who were named All-Conference.
Senior Havalah Clark worked hard for this award.
“I feel really good about getting this award,” Clark said.  “I’ve definitely been working for this all season. I treated practices like games and I think it made me a better player and I think that’s why I got this award.”
Next season will be a rebuilding year as Kayhi will lose its top five players. Senior Sherrine Bautista will miss playing with her high school team, and thinks that next year will be a whole new team.
“I’m definitely going to miss playing with the team, my favorite trip was the Juneau Jive Tournament trip, but my favorite game was the final one against Juneau-Douglas,” Bautista said. “But next year the team is going to be a completely different team since all starting six will not be here anymore.”

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