Staff Picks

What are you looking forward to this winter?

Thomas Brooks:
The only thing I get excited about in winter is long nights on the couch with Netflix, egg nog, and the portable fireplace running. Besides when it’s raining, the winter is the only time I have an excuse to do just about nothing. As a kid, the winter used to be my favorite season but as I’ve grown up, winter has lost some of its appeal. The snow makes for some terrible driving conditions, but there are some perks such as my family’s Christmas Eve party, Christmas, and of course, New Year’s Eve. So overall I’d say I don’t enjoy the snows of winter, but the time of year is always a good time to spend with friends, family, and Netflix.

Lezille Sagrado:
The holidays for me usually consist of reuniting with “long-time-no-see” family members, a BUNCH of food, Christmas movies, and basketball. I’m especially excited about all the great traditional Filipino food I’m going to have. You’ll probably catch me staying inside the whole winter as I’m not really the biggest fan of the snow. Christmas time also means a lot of basketball! I’m looking forward to playing and watching basketball games at the Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic this year since I wasn’t able to go for the past couple years due to Christmas vacations. Hope 2017 is good to me!

Justin Albecker:
There is nothing like winter time in Southeast Alaska. One day it will be snowing, then the very next it will turn into a slushy mess. That means it is prime time to lay down, ruin a diet, wear big sweaters, catch up on much needed sleep, and be forced to listen to the same boring Christmas songs over and over again. Winter is the offseason for me, so I will actually have a free weekend for once! Overall, this winter will be a time for relaxation, so nobody better wake me up until school starts up again.

Kody Malouf:
Everyone knows that the best thing about winter in Ketchikan is the Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic. It’s the most prestigious basketball tournament in Alaska and it’s always so much fun. I’m looking forward to making some dank signs and making the student section lit as usual. I hope I don’t have to carry the pep club too much this year; but regardless of what everyone else does, I’m going all out. I’m going to make it my personal mission that everyone in pep club knows the cheers and participates in them. So if you’re not going to cheer, don’t sit in the pep section.

Max Collins:
I always get excited in the winter time for the snow to start falling. Summer is a great thing for our community, but I really like to ski. I have skied my entire life and it has become a major hobby for myself. Winter is the time to chill with your family and enjoy relaxation. I am looking forward to eating lots of food and spending time with great people. It is always an enjoyable feeling to do nothing especially after having a long tiring wrestling season. Skiing, eating, and spending time with family is what I’m impatiently waiting for.

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