Turkey with a side of irony

Shirlie White
Staff Writer

I believe that Thanksgiving is a time where families sit down at a table, eat dinner together, and give thanks. A time where everyone enjoys each others presence, and eat lots of food. Junior Luke Reynolds only eats cereal in the morning until his huge Thanksgiving feast with his family.
“I wake up, I eat cereal before dinner,” said Reynolds. “Sometimes I go outside enjoy the Thanksgiving sunrise, by the time I come in my mom starts dinner. Dinner starts around 5pm I get a huge plate of turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, biscuits, cornbread, and cranberry sauce, I always have apple cider to drink this all down. I watch some football after with family, then I take a huge nap, when I wake up I throw on my Christmas sweater, best Thanksgiving ever.”
The day after Thanksgiving we stop thinking about giving thanks and buy a whole bunch of stuff, because Black Friday has come! Sophomore Deejae Yalung goes online shopping and goes to Walmart after.
“I go online shopping on Black Friday, I go to Walmart after online shopping, I check out their deals,” said Yalung. “During Black Friday I usually look for electronics, like game consoles, televisions, boomboxes, and I go online shopping on PacSun for the black Friday deals for clothes.”
The irony that Thanksgiving is before Black Friday is that we all give thanks and the day after, we spend a whole bunch of our money to buy things that are on sale. I believe that having Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving insults the point of having Thanksgiving. It’s just another event that makes every price super low so we can be selfish and buy anything we couldn’t afford before. I understand that Black Friday makes prices low so parents can get ahead on Christmas shopping but, it should not be the day after Thanksgiving. It makes it so one day we are giving thanks and then the next, we are back to being our greedy selves.

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