Staff Picks

Are you on top of your college deadlines?

Avery Olson:
Of course not. Am I ever actually “on top” of anything? In the end it will be okay, and I will have things worked out and smoothed over. But in the meantime my college preparation is a messy mountain of potential and procrastination. I work my butt off but somehow, it’s never enough. Essays, scholarships, and early applications.. Oh my. The never ending work and perfect student standards role I am pressured to meet is hard to fill in the life of a busy, and lazy teenager. Once I’m sitting in my dorm eating Ramen Noodles, I’ll know I have finally made it.

Pablo Orta:
I would really like to say that I am on track with all of my college deadlines and that I’m flying through college applications and getting scholarships left and right but in all honesty, I just found out this morning that today is the early action deadline. I guess I’m not truly behind since most final deadlines are still a few weeks away but I’m still not where I thought I would be or where I would like to be. I seriously need to get my butt to work because if I keep putting things off, there’s no way I’m going to be attending college next year.

Kyra Welker:
On top of my college deadlines? Sure. Am I where my school counselor thinks I should be? No. I missed two early action deadlines for colleges I could have and probably should have just applied to. I definitely did not end up apply to the three scholarships that I was hounded about for weeks either. It might seem as if I’m slacking, but I think that being accepted into one university by this time of the year is progress, and for now it’s good enough for me!

Jacob Smith:
Gosh, I wish I was. Senior year is flying by, and it will only get harder because basketball season is starting. I really wish I knew where and when I was going, but I don’t. I’m not even close to being ready for school. I had the epiphany today about what I actually want to do. Yeah I am behind, but am I? It’s not like I’m totally bailing on college to live in the basement and play Call of Duty while drinking Mountain Dew until I’m 36. Things will fall into place, and everything will be okay.

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