Kayhi Boys Basketball Hosts South Anchorage

The Kayhi Kings varsity basketball team will host South Anchorage this weekend for their first home games. Games will be tonight and Saturday at 7:15 PM. Last time the Kings played South Anchorage was Jan. 16, which Kayhi won 71-67. The Kings graduated 5 seniors from last year, and have five again this year including Jake Smith, Brent Taylor, Shakim Bauer, Randy Estrin, and Noah King.

Kayhi Varsity Basketball Team
Jake Smith – 12th grade
Marcus Lee – 10th grade
Chris Lee – 9th grade
Brent Taylor – 12th grade
Shakim Bauer – 12th grade
Randy Estrin – 12th grade
Noah King – 12th grade
Kyle Smith – 10th grade
Robert Seludo – 10th grade

Kayhi wrestling sends 20 to State

Izaak Jensen

Staff Writer

Twenty Kayhi wrestlers will compete in the state tournament at the Alaska Airlines Center in Anchorage. Weigh-ins begin at 7 a.m. on Friday with matches beginning at 8 a.m. and continuing on Saturday with finals beginning at 6 p.m.
Head coach Rick Collins is confident in his team’s ability to succeed this year and next year.
“I think we have a great team,” Collins said. “The state tournament is a meat grinder, it’s a tough tournament with lots of emotional swings, and ups and downs, but I feel very confident we have a very good team. This team is one of the best ones in school history and it’s a young group. We only have two seniors traveling to state with us so that should make us that much better next year.”
This year is also the first time a girl will travel to the state tournament for wrestling in school history. Freshman Haylee Stewart is wrestling in the 113 weight class in the girls bracket.
“I’m excited to go to state, but I’m also nervous,” Stewart said. “I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard this season so I’m prepared.”
Sophomore Matthew Rodriguez is seeded 1st in state this season and is confident he can win.
“Yeah I’m nervous, but I’m ready. I’ve beat both people that are expected to go to finals with me and I’ve never lost a match at a state tournament in my wrestling career so I’m expecting a good outcome,” Rodriguez said.

Staff Picks – Holiday Edition

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

Lezille Sagrado:
My favorite Christmas tradition would have to be flying over to Juneau to be with all my family. Everyone cooks, and I mean everyone. There’s so much food made that there’s leftovers for a week, it’s amazing. Another tradition that I enjoy is when the whole family plays games together and you could just see how much fun all the kids and adults are having. My cousins and I plan to wear the same pajamas just because it’s always been our tradition since we were little. Another obvious favorite tradition is opening gifts, but since I’m getting older I usually just receive money, and I’m totally okay with that. You also can’t forget about the hot chocolate and watching classic Christmas movies on Netflix.

Nate Eisenhower:
My favorite Christmas tradition is all the desserts and egg nog that I can eat after the months of eating healthy for wrestling season. It’s special because my mom bakes all these desserts for my brothers and me. The desserts that we help make are the gingerbread cookies, donuts, and buckeye balls. Whoever helps my mom the most when we make desserts gets to have preference on what cookies they want. Some of my favorite desserts are double decker fudge, buckeye balls, sugar cookies, pumpkin pie, gingerbread cookies, frosted pumpkin cookies, brownie mint pie, and homemade donuts. I don’t want to drink anything except egg nog in this season. All of these delicious foods and egg nog go great with classic Christmas movies, my favorite being Polar Express.  

Kody Malouf:
My favorite Christmas tradition was not being in town for Christmas. For 14 years in a row, my family and I had been on vacation with my dad’s family. We went all over the place, Mexico multiple times, the Bahamas twice, Belize, and Puerto Rico. Those were some of my favorites. Those trips were always so much fun, but last year my brothers and I convinced my mom to let the family stay home for Christmas, since we always missed the Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic and couldn’t remember what Christmas at home was like. Last year we broke the streak and this will be our second year in a row, due mostly to the Clarke Cochrane, my obligation to the pep club and my dank sign duties. My mom is constantly trying to convince me to go on Christmas vacations again, because she refuses to go without me. I keep telling her I’ll go if she’ll work the vacation around the Clarke. I missed out on it for 14 years, I refuse to miss any more.  

Thomas Brooks:
My favorite Christmas tradition is my family’s annual Christmas Eve party. Each year on Christmas Eve, all of my family comes to my parents’ house and we watch family videos, pig out on great food, and play our favorite games. This year there is going to be about 28 of us all under one roof. It’s great to keep up with the friends and family because we always seem too busy throughout the year. The doors are open to all of our neighbors and friends. This is also the time we give gifts to each other so we don’t have to go anywhere on Christmas day. I love the fact that we prepare so much food that we don’t have to cook for days. My family always looks forward to my homemade deep dish apple pie. My older brother Chris used to be in charge of pies, but now that he moved away it’s been my official job. With each and every winter season I definitely look forward to this party because of the joy, family, and big bellies.

DDF seniors Kistler and Dossett go undefeated

Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi debators Audrey Kistler and Luke Dossett won the final debate, going undefeated throughout the home tournament 7-0.
“I felt the meet went well and a lot of our debaters, actors, and speakers found success in different areas,” said Dossett. “We have seen a lot of improvement this year from our new members as well as our older members. I am excited and blessed to have won the final debate. I feel Audrey and I put a lot of effort into this meet and preparing for it, the results truly show how much we cared about doing our best.”
The teams of Piper Cooper and Madyson Traudt, and Seth Chernick and Shania Olsen were both 4-2.

Meet Results:
Speaker Points- Audrey 2nd place, Cooper 4th, Malouf 5th, Coss 8th, and Dossett 10th
Reader’s Theater with Command Performance- Dossett, Thomas Brooks, Frances Barry, Arick Mattson and Chernick took 1st
Humorous Interpretation- Mattson 2nd
Duo Interpretation- Cooper and Brooks 2nd
Original Oration- Rachael O’Conner 2nd and Ellowyn Wood 3rd
Extemporaneous Commentary- Mattson 2nd and Karri Montero 6th
Dramatic Interpretation- Orion Denny 5th


Wrestling wins 9th straight Region V title

Izaak Jensen
Staff Writer

The wrestling team won its ninth consecutive region title along with the team sportsmanship award at Mt. Edgecumbe over the weekend. On top of an individual region title, sophomore Brayden Linne was named the Outstanding Wrestler for 4A Southeast Tournament. Haylee Stewart was the first Kayhi wrestler to compete in an All Girls Southeast Wrestling Tournament, she will compete in the All Girls State Tournament.
“Our overall performance was pretty impressive,” said junior Max Collins, who won his third-straight regional title. “We have worked hard all season, so it was nice being able to showcase our abilities at the Region tournament. I’m ready to go to state and compete hard along with my teammates.”
Kayhi had 20 state qualifiers that will compete at the state tournament. Of the 20 state qualifiers, 11 won individual region titles.

Region champions:
Connor McCormick 98
Matthew Rodriguez 106
Vince Tenebro 113
Brayden Linne 120
Sean Tavares 126
Troy Harris 132
Tim Rodriguez 138
Max Collins 145
Grant Collins 152
Brandon Wieber 170
Cameron Harris 182

Kayhi wrestling heads to regions


Izaak Jensen
Staff Writer

Kayhi Wrestlers will compete in the Region V tournament in Sitka on Saturday starting at 7:30 a.m. With no tournament last weekend, the team has been practicing for two weeks with no competition.
“I think it’s going to be a close match-up, Juneau has some really talented wrestlers and I think we are in pretty good shape to win a few Region V titles,” said Coach Rick Collins.
Sophomores Matthew Rodriguez (106) and Brayden Linne (120) both hold a record of 19-3, while junior Vince Tenebro (113) holds a record of 13-3. All three are likely to qualify for state again this year.
Junior Max Collins (145, 21-4), a two time region champion, is competing to gain another title.
“I’ve never lost in a region match, so I expect to do very well,” said Max.
Kayhi wrestling has won eight consecutive region titles and is going for the ninth. This weekend’s finalists will compete at the State Tournament held at the Alaska Airlines Center in Anchorage next weekend.

“Time Wasting” Fantasy Football

Joey Karlik
Staff Writer

Every football fan’s dream is that their team dominates the regular season, mows through the playoffs and wins that Lombardi Trophy. In order to do that, the team needs to do the research, practice hard, pick out their best roster, and come up with the ultimate strategy. Well now in Fantasy Football, you are the general manager AND the coach. You draft the best players in the NFL and then you compete with other people’s lineup on a weekly basis. Their on-field performance drives your fantasy point total and overall success.
People ask me, “What’s the point?” or “What do you get out of it?” Honestly, there is nothing you get out of it, it’s just entertaining. It’s fun because you make the ultimate dream team of the best players. It also makes you follow along the injury reports and gets you more focused on what truly happens throughout the season.
Personally, it gets me away from real life sometimes. When I go 0-2 in a wrestling tournament on Saturday and feel awful on Sunday because of it, Fantasy Football gets my mind off of it as I watch my fantasy score go up and beat my rival. From then on, I become happy the rest of the day and I forget about everything else.
Now with that statement, it also ruins some people’s day too. The biggest fear for every Fantasy Football player is whether to choose between fantasy smarts or personal morales. My mom chooses personal morales – for example, choosing way too many Seahawks because that’s her favorite team. When we finished our fantasy draft, she got her draft grade. Her grade comments said, “The fantasy hopes of ‘JuanitaCrushYou’ rest heavily on the fortunes of Pete Carroll and crew, as they loaded up with four Seahawks on their roster.”
Whenever Seattle does well, she does well. Whenever Seattle does bad, she does bad. It’s not the best strategy and it’s also the riskiest strategy. She also doesn’t draft someone if they’ve done bad things. For example, she passed up on Golden Tate because he stole Russell Wilson’s first wife. Last week he got 22 fantasy points. I bet she wishes she had him now.
The craziest thing about fantasy football is the way you look at the rest of the teams in the league. This past week I had to root for the Baltimore Ravens to have a low scoring game because I had their defense. I had to root for them even though they are the Pittsburgh Steelers arch rival and as a fan of the Steelers, I want the Ravens to lose in order to have a better chance of making the playoffs. It was a real moral dilemma. I got what I needed and Baltimore got me 18 fantasy points. My best player is DeMarco Murray, the running back for the Tennessee Titans. I never thought I would ever root for the Tennessee Titans, ever. Thanks to Fantasy Football, I pay attention to a lot of teams that I never thought I would. I even payed attention to the Cleveland Browns once because I used to have a wide receiver from there.
Fantasy Football is great. It brings people together. It’s what you and your buddies talk about on that hated monday morning at school or work. At this rate, I’m on my way to having the worst team in my league and having to wear a dress at the next draft. If you ever want to think of playing Fantasy Football or any type of fantasy sport at all, just know that it will suck you into the world of sports. In order to be the best, you gotta think like the best. Trust me, it’s totally worth it.