Kayhi ACDC performs well in Juneau

Kayhi decathletes placed first in four out of ten events at the first regional meet of the year in Juneau this weekend.
“I was really happy with the results. We have a lot of new recruits this year who are very serious and are committed to the team,” said coach Peter Stanton. “For example, I was impressed with freshman Campbell Sande because she placed first in music out of everyone in the meet. The returning decathletes Max Varela, Largim Zhuta, Ingrid Anzueto, and others also did really well.”

Meet Results
Junior Max Varela 1st in economics, 1st in social science, 2nd in essay, and highest overall score in the meet.
Junior Largim Zhuta 1st in economics, 1st in mathematics, 5th in social science, and 6th place overall.
Senior Ingrid Anzueto 2nd in interview, 3rd in social science, 4th in economics, and 5th in music.
Campbell Sande 1st in music and 4th in literature.
Sophomore Daniel Neufeldt 3rd in science.
Junior Charisma Manalo 4th in mathematics.
Junior Mackenzie Fousel 4th in music.
Junior Lydia Sumrall 4th in science.
Senior Gabrielle Canfield 5th in economics.
Sophomore Franklyn Correa 5th in science.
Junior Emme Anderson 5th in music.

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