Staff Picks

Why is KDL so great?

Jackson Pool:
KDL is money, not only is it the most hyped up local league, but we get a large fan base. With the large amount of former Kayhi basketball players, the league is highly competitive. Six former varsity players, and 15 former Kayhi players overall make for some great games. We had six teams in the league last year, and are expecting 7-9 this year. Some people take it as a joke, but once they join the league, they feel the hype.

Nate Eisenhower:
KDL is fantastic because it’s city league basketball so you don’t have to attend practices everyday after school. Everyone in the league has fun with energy and intensity, it’s gained a lot of popularity in the past few years so there’s a lot of teams to play against. In KDL, you get more playing time and don’t have the pressure of performing your best unlike at Kayhi. It’s really relaxing to play and just have fun with your pals from Kayhi.

Kody Malouf:
KDL is the greatest sporting organization in Ketchikan history. It’s so much fun to be a part of because there is no pressure to be good. You can play much more freely than you can on the Kayhi team. You can play how you want and actually have fun. The growing hype around the league and the influx of players joining is making KDL even better. Having @KDLGotNext on twitter documenting games, keeping track of stats, and making player highlight tapes just makes the league even more fun and interactive for the players.

Alec Simmons:
The thing about KDL is that it is a sport where the community can come together and be a whole. People are more engaged in a sport where you can have fun and mess around and not take the sport as seriously as one would during a Kayhi basketball game. Your playing time will be outrageous and will advance your playing capability against the former Kayhi players who have joined KDL this season.

Jack Carson:
The thing that makes KDL so great is all the hype that is involved in it. KDL season last year had six teams in the league, this year there are supposed to be either eight or nine teams which means that’s about 30 more people added to the league. The games are always packed and everyone is always into the game and having a good time. The game gets intense once you step on that Saxman court and everyone knows, it’s about to go down.

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