“Time Wasting” Fantasy Football

Joey Karlik
Staff Writer

Every football fan’s dream is that their team dominates the regular season, mows through the playoffs and wins that Lombardi Trophy. In order to do that, the team needs to do the research, practice hard, pick out their best roster, and come up with the ultimate strategy. Well now in Fantasy Football, you are the general manager AND the coach. You draft the best players in the NFL and then you compete with other people’s lineup on a weekly basis. Their on-field performance drives your fantasy point total and overall success.
People ask me, “What’s the point?” or “What do you get out of it?” Honestly, there is nothing you get out of it, it’s just entertaining. It’s fun because you make the ultimate dream team of the best players. It also makes you follow along the injury reports and gets you more focused on what truly happens throughout the season.
Personally, it gets me away from real life sometimes. When I go 0-2 in a wrestling tournament on Saturday and feel awful on Sunday because of it, Fantasy Football gets my mind off of it as I watch my fantasy score go up and beat my rival. From then on, I become happy the rest of the day and I forget about everything else.
Now with that statement, it also ruins some people’s day too. The biggest fear for every Fantasy Football player is whether to choose between fantasy smarts or personal morales. My mom chooses personal morales – for example, choosing way too many Seahawks because that’s her favorite team. When we finished our fantasy draft, she got her draft grade. Her grade comments said, “The fantasy hopes of ‘JuanitaCrushYou’ rest heavily on the fortunes of Pete Carroll and crew, as they loaded up with four Seahawks on their roster.”
Whenever Seattle does well, she does well. Whenever Seattle does bad, she does bad. It’s not the best strategy and it’s also the riskiest strategy. She also doesn’t draft someone if they’ve done bad things. For example, she passed up on Golden Tate because he stole Russell Wilson’s first wife. Last week he got 22 fantasy points. I bet she wishes she had him now.
The craziest thing about fantasy football is the way you look at the rest of the teams in the league. This past week I had to root for the Baltimore Ravens to have a low scoring game because I had their defense. I had to root for them even though they are the Pittsburgh Steelers arch rival and as a fan of the Steelers, I want the Ravens to lose in order to have a better chance of making the playoffs. It was a real moral dilemma. I got what I needed and Baltimore got me 18 fantasy points. My best player is DeMarco Murray, the running back for the Tennessee Titans. I never thought I would ever root for the Tennessee Titans, ever. Thanks to Fantasy Football, I pay attention to a lot of teams that I never thought I would. I even payed attention to the Cleveland Browns once because I used to have a wide receiver from there.
Fantasy Football is great. It brings people together. It’s what you and your buddies talk about on that hated monday morning at school or work. At this rate, I’m on my way to having the worst team in my league and having to wear a dress at the next draft. If you ever want to think of playing Fantasy Football or any type of fantasy sport at all, just know that it will suck you into the world of sports. In order to be the best, you gotta think like the best. Trust me, it’s totally worth it.

2 thoughts on ““Time Wasting” Fantasy Football”

  1. I love yelling at the TV to have the team with my fantasy football kicker to NOT get a first down so my kicker can kick a field goal!!!!
    Nice article Joey!!!!

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