DDF seniors Kistler and Dossett go undefeated

Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi debators Audrey Kistler and Luke Dossett won the final debate, going undefeated throughout the home tournament 7-0.
“I felt the meet went well and a lot of our debaters, actors, and speakers found success in different areas,” said Dossett. “We have seen a lot of improvement this year from our new members as well as our older members. I am excited and blessed to have won the final debate. I feel Audrey and I put a lot of effort into this meet and preparing for it, the results truly show how much we cared about doing our best.”
The teams of Piper Cooper and Madyson Traudt, and Seth Chernick and Shania Olsen were both 4-2.

Meet Results:
Speaker Points- Audrey 2nd place, Cooper 4th, Malouf 5th, Coss 8th, and Dossett 10th
Reader’s Theater with Command Performance- Dossett, Thomas Brooks, Frances Barry, Arick Mattson and Chernick took 1st
Humorous Interpretation- Mattson 2nd
Duo Interpretation- Cooper and Brooks 2nd
Original Oration- Rachael O’Conner 2nd and Ellowyn Wood 3rd
Extemporaneous Commentary- Mattson 2nd and Karri Montero 6th
Dramatic Interpretation- Orion Denny 5th


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