DDF performs well, Dossett and Kistler go 5-1

Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi seniors Luke Dossett and Audrey Kistler finished 5-1 and 3rd overall at the final debate meet of the season held in Juneau. Dossett felt like the team weren’t as prepared as they could’ve been.
“I believe everyone felt slightly unprepared going in with only two weeks of research,” said Dossett. “However we were still able to end with two Kayhi teams at 5-1, Audrey Kistler and myself, and Frances Barry and Maddyson Traudt. I think everyone will use the input of the judges and fellow debaters to better improve our cases for state. This meet was great practice to try out our arguments so we could know what to use and what not to use at state.”
Juniors Frances Barry and Maddyson Traudt (4th overall) also went 5-1. Juniors John Coss and Piper Cooper were 3-3.
Seniors Kistler and Dossett, and juniors Arick Mattson, Kody Malouf, Cooper, Traudt, and Coss will finish their season at state in Anchorage on Feb. 22nd – 25th.
Meet Results
Dossett and Kistler 5-1 overall
Barry and Traudt 5-1 overall
Coss and Cooper 3-3 overall
Kistler 1st, Cooper 3rd, and Barry 4th in Speaker points
Coss 2nd in Original Oration
Mattson 3rd in Humorous Interpretation

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