Staff Picks

What do you expect to happen during Trump’s Presidency?

Jackson Pool:
Today is the start of a new era for America. Maybe. After eight years with a Democrat at the top, Republican Donald J. Trump will start his four year tenure as POTUS. Honestly, I’m not sure what to expect. What I do know is that America shouldn’t freak out, because, hopefully, he will be fine as president. I would expect a new attitude overall, a more constructive one. More foreign relations, new healthcare systems, and immigration policies are at the top of the list. Expect Trump to attempt to get America moving forward again.
Kody Malouf:
I expect a huge change from what we’ve seen over the past eight years, both in policy and overall demeanor. I think we can expect almost all of Barack Obama’s legacy to be wiped away, almost as if it never existed. I expect Trump to undo the executive orders that granted amnesty to thousands of illegal immigrants and removed economic sanctions from Iran, among many others. Trump and the rest of the Republican party are also committed to repealing and replacing Obamacare with something much better. Of course I realize that they haven’t come out with a specific plan yet, but I’m confident they will.

Jack Carson:
Today is the day that Donald Trump is finally going to be in the White House. I think Donald Trump is going to achieve his goals and he is going to back up what he said he’s going to accomplish. He is going to provide jobs for all Americans. I think that America is going to see an economic change in a good way, maybe Trump has said some stupid things on Twitter but I think if people think he is a bad speaker or he says too much that he might not back up I disagree, Trump is going to back himself up.
Alec Simmons: America is going to see a big change now with a Republican president taking the place of a Democrat. There will be some big changes, I’m sure Donald Trump will be a great president to take Obama’s place. America was at a stand still with Obama as president but now with Trump we will prosper and spring into action. The thing that makes me believe Donald Trump will be a good president is that I will be keeping my guns, being able to go hunting and enjoy being outside.

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